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                                                                     Year 1

Hello! Please find below work that you need to do at home if you are isolating. Please email your work to either; or


Day 1-


Please read your school reading book- if you have left your book bag at school please read a book from home.  When you have finished draw one of the characters. Use some adjectives to describe your character. eg smelly, beautiful, scary.


Find 10 objects in your house- these can be anything! Use them to write your number bonds to 10- Can you see a pattern? If I say 4 do you know the missing number bond? Ask your parents to give you a number and tell them the missing bond.


Look at the picture below. Use the senses to think about and talk about what you can see, hear, feel, smell. Write 6 sentences about the picture. Remember your capital letters, full stops, good sounding out and cursive handwriting!

See the source image




Think carefully about the 4 seasons. What are they? Summer, Spring, Autumn and Winter! Draw a picture of each season and write a sentence for each picture to explain what happens. There is a link to a video that you can watch as well.

Seasons - Months of the Year - Science for Kids | Primary World - Bing video

See the source image



Day 2

Good morning, here is today's learning.


If you are in Mrs Casson/ Mrs Smith/ Mrs Campbell phase 5 group please watch -Year 1 Phonics- au - YouTube

If you are in Mrs Bell's phase 4 phonics group please watch-

If you are in Miss Cooper's phase 3 phonics group please watch- Year 1 Phonics- ow - YouTube

If you are in Mrs Tunstall/ Miss Woolaghan's phase 3 group please watch- Wednesday 10th Phonics Mrs Bell's group ee - YouTube



Following on from yesterday's learning we are going to be looking at fact families. Look at the sheet below and use the numbers to make the fact families. If you find this really easy have a go at making your own fact families. Remember, the numbers do not change they only move to different areas in the number sentences. 



How did you manage with the cursive handwriting yesterday? Did you start on the line? Did all your letters have their bottoms on the line? Don't worry, today we are going to practise forming the letters to make sure we are confident. On your paper, practice a line of each lower case letter.


What an exciting lesson we have planned! Tell your adult something about where you live. Do you know which Country we live in? Do you know which continent we live in? See if you can find where we live on a map / globe.  Look at all the continents, how many are there? write all 7 continents down or you can complete the sheet below.  Watch the video below to find out more about continents.

Day 3-

Good morning , please find below the learning for today. We hope you are listening to your adult!

Reading/ Spellings

Choose a story book from your house. Either have a go at reading some of the book or listen to an adult reading the story. See how many tricky words/ common exception words you can find. Write these down. Write them into sentences. Please find below the CEW list and the tricky words.

 St. Patrick's Catholic Primary School - Tricky Words (


 Our new living and learning statement is- Respectful of others and our differences, and they listen and discuss for deeper understanding. The parable linked to our living and learning statement is the story of Zaccheaus. Watch the video below and discuss;

What happened?

Why did Zaccheus climb the tree?

Why did Jesus help Zaccheus?

How can you be more respectful of others? What could you do to show this?

 Zaccheus meets Jesus - KS1 Religious Education - BBC Bitesize



Count forwards and backwards in 1s to 20. Was this easy?

Count forwards in 2s to 20-, now count backwards? Which was easier/ difficult?

Count to 50 in 10s - now count backwards. Do you notice a pattern?  

Colour in the 2s pattern in blue and the 10s pattern in red on the number square game.


Day 4

 Keep going! Isolation is nearly over with and we can't wait to see all your home learning.  


If you are in Mrs Casson/ Mrs Smith/ Mrs Campbell phase 5 group please watch -

If you are in Mrs Bell's phase 4 phonics group please watch-

If you are in Miss Cooper's phase 3 phonics group please watch-

If you are in Mrs Tunstall/ Miss Woolaghan's phase 3 group please watch-  Mrs Bell's group phonics Wednesday 3rd Feb - YouTube



Today we will be adding. Think about what happens to the answer when we add. If you want to use objects to help or a numberline that is fine!

4 + 7 =                  4 + 3 =            10 + 5 =

6 + 5 =                  6 + 4 =            13 + 3 =

8 + 3 =                  5 + 6 =            15 + 0 =

9 + 4 =                  3 + 2 =

8 + 6 =                        12 + 3 = 


Play on the hit the button game- addition. Hit the Button - Quick fire maths practise for 6-11 year olds (


Literacy/ spellings

Please log onto spelling frame and complete one of the spelling activities. Remember, every time you go on spelling frame you get points and get put on to the class leader board! The current leader board highest scorer in year one has over 2000 points, get spelling!


Art / RE:

Thinking about the story of Zaccheus, you are going to make a piece of art work. You can use collage, paint, pencils, felts anything you want! We would like you to draw a picture of Zaccheus in the tree. There are some ideas below.

 See the source imageSee the source image     See the source image


Day 5

Please find below your last day of work.



read a book of your choice. Read the whole of the book to your adult- see if you can use expression and read with fluency.



Today we would like you to answer the subtraction questions. Remember you are 'taking away' so your answers will be smaller than the whole number.

10 - 5 =              15 - 2 =

8 - 3 =               14 - 4 =

13 - 2 =              11 - 2 =

7 - 6 =                6 - 3 =

9 - 5 =               8 - 0 =


Look at the image below. Write 5 questions about what you can see. Remember to use capital letters, cursive handwriting and question marks.


See the source image


The other day you learnt about the 7 continents, you named them and identified them on a map/ globe. Today we would like you to learn the names of the 5 oceans. See if you can find them all on a map / globe. Can you find any interesting facts about any of the oceans? Write them down.


A big well done for working hard at home.

See you soon,

Love Mrs Bell and Miss Cooper xx