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Friday 12th February

The finish line is in sight - well-done everyone for all your hard work.

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You may remember me sharing about Hayley Carruthers,

 well she made it to the finish line

and so have we.


Remember to thank those who have helped you at home.


I'll see you here online Monday 22nd February.


Links for work:



Thursday 11th February

We're nearly there!

Please email me yesterday's literacy and maths if you haven't already done so.

Please email me today's RE lesson either today or tomorrow. 

Remember to scroll down on the resources below as there is more than 1 page.

Links for work:



RE:  and

Wednesday 10th February

Remember zoom today 10 or 10:15am, see your pupil accounts for details, and have paper and pen.

Email me today your literacy and maths please.


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This is a picture of Hayley Carruthers,

who collapsed near the finish line of the London Marathon in 2019. 

You are not alone in feeling tired, but we are near the finish line

of this half term so please don't give up yet. 

Together we can crawl one step at a time to the end of Friday,

then collapse and enjoy the half-term rest break.  



Links for work:


Scroll down to 2nd page on Maths.

Tuesday 9th February

Remember to send in your photos of your spring rolls from yesterday so we can share them with the school.


Reminder to set your alarm clocks for tomorrow - Class zoom session Wed 10am and 10:15am.


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We are all tired but we're nearly there at half term so keep plodding on until the end of Friday.

You have all been amazing (children and families). 


Links for work:



Reading: Check your email first to see if you have a different version, if not do this one below.

Task 1 Tudor Banquet - See your pupil email for this as the file can not be uploaded here.

Monday 8th February

Chocolate day - go to the Whole School Home learning page for today's post.

Greystoke Primary School - Phunky Foods

Remember to get cooking those Spring rolls with our live cooking class on zoom with Phunky Foods Chef.

Today at 2pm. See your pupil email for details. Send in your photos of your rolls.

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Class group zoom will be Wednesday

let me know if you'd like to lead an activity as I forgot to ask you last week.

I will be changing the groups after half term.