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Friday 22nd January

Miss Wilkinson's assembly video:

Mrs Woodburn's video part 9:

Please email me today's maths and writing - let me know by email if you need more time.

Zoom meeting: Next week will be Tuesday - details will be emailed out Monday.

Links for work:

Purple Mash:

Maths:   Remember to self mark yesterday's maths - answer sheet emailed out.


Have a relaxing weekend        Have a relaxing weekend         Have a relaxing weekend         Have a relaxing weekend

Thursday 21st January

Mrs Woodburn's video part 8:

Please email me Monday's RHE and yesterday's maths and literacy if you haven't already. If you are behind in work, that's OK please just email me to let me know.

Remember you can access the imoves and yesterday's PE Powerpoint anytime to give yourself (and parents a break). 

Links for work:

Purple Mash:

Computing video:


Wednesday 20th January

Mrs Woodburn's video part 7:

Mrs Gillson is in school Wed and Thurs this week - I will reply to emails as possible or you can phone the school.

Please email me today: Monday's RHE if you haven't already along with today's maths and literacy.

PE:  Have a brain break at some point in the day and try some of the PE challenges below.

Links for work:

Reading on Purple Mash:


Literacy 2nd link - The subjunctive form of verbs



Tuesday 19th January

Mrs Woodburn's video part 6:

Please make sure you are reading instructions carefully to fully complete tasks. 

Check your emails before you begin if possible.  Yesterday's maths answers in email for you to mark.

Links for work:

Reading on Purple Mash:

Literacy video:

Maths video:

Developing Experts for Science:

Mrs G's Science experiment video with guidance on Developing Experts if stuck:

Main Class - Sheet A below.

Mrs Woodburn's group - Sheet B below.

Monday 18th January

 Zoom meetings today - check your pupil email accounts for your invite.  

Email me your Friday's Maths and Writing if you haven't done so already.

If you are struggling with a book to read for pleasure, check out:

Mrs Woodburn's next video of The Diver's daughter:

Today's lessons are: Reading, Literacy, Maths and RHE (need to scroll onto page 2).

Links for today's work:

Reading - Purple Mash:

Literacy video version of Tuesday book: