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Friday 15th January

Game creator on Purple Mash:  Please do not hand in on Purple Mash, this is a 2-week project and you will have another lesson next week.  Makes sure you have a theme or story for your game and you adapt the images or create your own.  The videos will help.

Mrs Woodburn's video part 4

 Miss Wilkinson's assembly video 

Good Samaritan video Miss Wilkinson was watching

Remember to email today's Maths and Writing please to class email.

Links for today's work:




Thursday 14th January

Apologies, I have been sending emails to the whole class to discover after a week that they're not getting to you individually, this is due to how the accounts were set-up but I'm on it and will fix asap.  That'll be why you haven't received answer sheets for self-marking days or troubleshooting messages. 


Mrs Woodburn's video part 3 again (technical hitch yesterday)

Please email by lunchtime if you haven't already: Wednesday's Maths, Reading and Tuesday's Science investigation into the absorbency of different types of paper.

Links for work:





Get active and see if you could join the team!

Wednesday 13th January

Don't forget to watch Marcus Rashford today 10:05 on CBBC - see timetable on Tuesday for the week.

Mrs Woodburn's part 3 - The Diver's daughter

Email work today: Send me Maths and Reading from today and yesterday's Science investigation

Check your email this morning for resources if you want to work using Word rather than in books.

Links for today's work:

Literacy music video to watch in full:



Tuesday 12th January

It was lovely seeing you all on zoom yesterday. For those of you who missed it, join us next week.

Mrs Woodburn's next chapter of The Diver's Daughter - find out about life as a coloured servant during Tudor times - it gets gory and gruesome

Below you'll find the CBBC Lockdown timetable - have a look who the celebrity Supply Teacher is on WEDNESDAY!!!!

Link for work video


Please watch the video below for today's Literacy lesson - there is a technical glitch of about 30seconds of black screen after the music video, just keep watching.

Mrs Woodburn's group for Literacy only to use resource below.

Monday 11th Jan

Hope you all had a good weekend.  Don't forget our Zoom meeting today - see your pupil email account for your invitation link.

Mrs Woodburn has been very kind reading a story to you on video - The Diver's daughter by Patrice Lawrence.

A story of coloured servant girl set in Tudor times so click on the link below to watch.  There'll be a new video daily for you to enjoy and it'll help you get a real sense of life during Tudor times!