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Monday 1st March 

Hello everyone, here is todays whole school learning task. 

Here is the link below for the resources.


 School Jotter - Site (


Tuesday 2nd March

Good morning, I hope you all enjoyed yesterdays learning tasks. I thought the book was amazing and we are going to continue some work on it next week when we are back at school. Here is Joanna's art work and baking from yesterday (the cake looks delicious).

Here is Luca's cakes (with a cuppa) and his art work.

Image previewImage preview

Here is todays learning for you


Today I would like you to create a mythical character for your own myth story which you will be writing later on in the week. 


Today you are going to be looking at morning (am) and evening (pm).


We are going to leave the Creakers book where we are until we get back to school. So if you haven't listened up to chapter 4 make sure you catch up this week. So this week we are going to work on your comprehension skills by completing the reading tasks below. 


Today we are going to look at the Mayan temples. 

Wednesday 3rd March

Hello everyone, here is todays learning for you.



Today I would like you to plan your own myth story using the character you created yesterday.


Today I would like you to use your knowledge of what you have learnt about telling the time to convert the time into 24 hour clock.



Today we are continuing practising your comprehension skills. 


Today we are going to be building on what you learnt last week about sorting animals. Today we are going to be sorting them in a different way (more scientific).

Use the images attached to sort using as classification key. 

What is a vertebrate? - BBC Bitesize

Thursday 4th March

Hello everyone today is WORLD BOOK DAY! So today we are going to do activities like we do on a Monday.  Here is the link to see what activities there are today. Please also make sure you have listened to the first 4 chapters of the Creaker's as we are going to be continuing on Monday.  Have fun reading!!!!

How you can celebrate a very 2021 World Book Day on Thursday 4 March! |  National Literacy Trust

School Jotter - Site (

Friday 5th March 

Hello everyone, today is our last day of home learning before we return to school next week. I can't wait to see you all. I hope you all had a great day yesterday taking part in the world book day activities. 

Here is todays learning for you. 


Today I would like you to bring everything together to write your own myth using the previous lessons. Below is some prompts to help you. 


Today we are going to be continuing with telling the time. Here are the resources you will need. 


Today I would like you to continue practising colours in French.  Use google translate to help you draw and colour the monsters. 

French Colours | Teaching IdeasNEW! French Language School Poster - Words about Parts of the Body- Wa –  Long Bridge Publishing



Maths Fluency

Today we are going to spend some time practising your fluency in maths activities.

Spend some time practising your times tables on 'Times table Rockstar's' and play bingo (if you can).

Then here are some websites for you to practise telling the time.