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Friday 8th January 2021

Morning thank you for all the work you have emailed me. If you haven't had chance please email it all to me by tomorrow.  Here is your work for today.


I have sent an email to you with the youtube link for todays instalment of Mrs Casson reading part of chapter 2 for you. Hope you enjoy. 


Remember to email me your work today (1 piece of writing/1 piece of maths from this week). 



For todays lesson I have emailed you the lesson for todays activity on writing complex sentences with fronted adverbials. I would like you to email a copy of this task for me to mark and give you feedback. 


For todays lesson will be focusing on multiplying and dividing by 6, use your knowledge of your 3 times table to help you. 

Watch the video clip to help you complete the activity. 


Video link - Aut4.11.4 - Multiply and divide by 6 on Vimeo



Today could you please read chapter 4 of Rumpelstiltskin on Purple mash and complete the multiple choice questions.                               

 Now that we have seen Rumpelstiltskin react in a range of situations, create a character profile about him. Remember to use evidence from the story to support your opinions.                                


For your French lesson today we will be looking at the days of the week in French. Use the PowerPoint to help you. There are voice clips to help you with the pronunciation. Write down the days of the week in French and English and you could make some flash cards to help you practise matching them up. On the last slide is a range of games to play to practise the days of the week. 

Thursday 7th January 2021

Hello everyone I hope you are all working hard and have managed to email me your work for today (1 piece of English and maths) I will be checking my emails regularly and will be marking and giving you feedback as soon as I can. Thank you to everyone who has emailed me already.  Please make sure your school email is working as I will be sending you video links and details of the up coming zoom catch up via your email other wise you won't receive it and will struggle to complete the task. 

Here is your learning for today. Please can you complete each task to the standard you would in school, especially handwriting and the amount you are writing. 

Class Story Time

Myself and Mrs Casson will be taking it in turns to read you a story each week day. This is time for us to share a story to enjoy together.  We will be reading the chapter book The Danger Gang by Tom Fletcher (My favourite author).  Watch the you tube clip below for a sneak preview. 

The Danger Gang, Tom Fletcher - YouTube 

We will be emailing you the YouTube link with the story everyday so please check your email inbox.  So get a drink and a snack and put your feet up and listen to the story. We hope you enjoy it!!!!!!                                                                                                

This Weeks Assembly

Here is our assembly for this week by Miss Wilkinson.  Click below for the link.


Today I would like you to do some work on fronted adverbials. Use the Powerpoint below to help you. The task is to write as many fronted adverbial sentences as you can using the fairy tale images.  Remember to write in your neatest handwriting and present your work neatly.  


Yesterday you worked on dividing and multiplying by 3 so today I would like you to continue this with practising your 3 times table.

 For your starter please go on times table Rockstar's.

Then watch this video link to help you complete todays activity. Remember to  write the date and questions and answers in your home learning book. 

Video Link

Aut4.11.3 - The 3 times-table on Vimeo




Log on to purple mash and read chapter 3 of Rumpelstiltskin, complete the multiple choice questions and then write a conversation between the maiden and the king by writing 1-3 paragraphs not just 2 lines. Remember to use inverted commas in the correct place. 


This term we are starting our new topic of animals and humans. Our first lesson we are going to look at teeth and their functions. Use the PowerPoint to to help you and the video clip included. The task is on the last slide of the Power Point.

I want you to email a copy/photo of this work for me to mark and give you feedback by Friday. 

Wednesday  6th January 

Good morning boys and girls hope you are all well.  Please can you all make sure you can all access your own personal school emails account. Use Mrs Gillson's you tube video to help you if you are struggling.

 It's important to check your email every day as I will be emailing you some pre recorded videos to support your learning, sending you details for our weekly zoom class meetings for face to face catch up and other bits and pieces. 

Here is todays learning for you. Just a reminder to make sure you email1 piece of English, maths for Wednesday for me to mark and give you feedback and on Friday email  1 piece of writing, maths and our science lesson.  I can't wait to see what you have done.  If you need any help at all just email our class email. 




Yesterday you read the Grimm story of Cinderella. Today I would like you to read the Disney version and Yeh shen version of Cinderella and compare the similarities and differences. Use the example layout on the PowerPoint and write it in your home learning book. 



Yesterday you worked on dividing by 1 and itself.  Today I would like you to look at multiplying and dividing by 3 so you will need to use your knowledge of your 3 times table. Use the video link below and complete the activity questions in your learning book. Remember to write the date and learning focus so I know which lesson you are completing when you email them to me. 

Video Link - Aut4.11.2 - Multiply and divide by 3 on Vimeo and the PowerPoint to help you. 


Thank you so much for the work you have already submitted to me, if you haven't already please catch  up. 

Please log on to purple mash and read chapter 2 of Rumpelstiltskin and answer the multiple choice questions. Then your activity is to create a magazine article on purple mash by answering interview questions in the perspective of the miller. Make sure you do all 3 tasks set on the 2 do section on purple mash. 



This term we are beginning our new topic which is the Ancient Maya.  

For the first lesson use the Power Point to help you generate some historical questions about the topic to start our topic off. 




Tuesday 5th January

Good morning everyone and a happy new year to you all. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas holiday and are now ready to begin learning again although, this is going to be at home for the majority of you. All learning activities will be uploaded onto this page please record your work in your home learning book which you can collect from school. 

You all have your individual school email to keep in touch with me and to send copies/photos of your work to me so  I can give you individual feedback. If you have any problems with your email please contact school so we can help with any issues. 

Here is our class email -

I will be setting you work every day which will include an English, maths, reading and another subject area task. Please complete to the best standard and keep practising your neat handwriting and presentation. 


Here is you learning for today (Tuesday 5th January).



Over the next few weeks we are going to be studying fairy tales and our power of reading book is going to be the 'Tinderbox'. 

Today I would like you to read the Grimm's version of Cinderella. The focus is to identify any unfamiliar vocabulary and use a dictionary to find out what they mean to help with your understanding of the story.  Use the PPT (PowerPoint) below to help you with today's task.



Everyday can you please practise your times tables on Times Table Rocks stars, I will be monitoring your progress. 

Tuesday 5th January 2021

Today's learning is dividing by 1 and its self.

Use the PowerPoint and video link. to help you with your learning.  Your activity task to be completed is on the word document below.         



For the next two weeks I would like you to read the fairy tale of Rumpelstiltskin on Purple Mash. Log on to purple mash using your own login details and password and check the 2do folder for your tasks. Each day I would like you to read a chapter, then answer the comprehension quiz questions and complete a reading task related to what you have read.  

*If you need your purple mash login details use your class email to email me and I can give it to you.

Tuesday 5th January 2021

Today please logon to purple mash and read chapter 1 of Rumpelstiltskin. 


"Rumpelstiltskin looks into the flames and sees a girl crying in a room surrounded by straw."

Learning Activity.

Complete the 5 multiple choice questions set as a 2do on purple mash. 

Then complete the character description of Rumpelstiltskin using the clues in the 'think about box' to help you.  I can't wait to read your character descriptions. Remember to make them as detailed as possible using noun phrases, verbs, adverbs and similes.  




Tuesday 5th January 2021

On Wednesday it is Epiphany and it is a Christian festival that marks the day the three Wise Men went to visit the baby Jesus. Use the Power Point below to learn about the story and meaning of Epiphany and also how it is celebrated around the world.



Describe in as much detail as you can about what Epiphany is and any symbols and scripture that is linked. Then explain how it is celebrated around the world and make links to our beliefs, actions and the Bible. Remember to use your best handwriting and write the date and learning focus at the top of your work.