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1st - 5th March


Miss Wilkinson's Friday Assembly


Well done! You did it! | Congratulations quotes, Congrats quotes,  Congratulations quotes achievement

Our last week of home learning!


Time Banners | Teaching Ideas

Below you can find a pack of time resources that you can use to support you with our maths lessons, or to help you learn the time at home. 

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Maths/Numeracy Display Banners (SB2363) - SparkleBox


We are so glad that you enjoyed your weekly fluency task. Your multiplication mosaics look amazing!

Please send us any images if you would like to share them.



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Resource and Example - 'Jabberwocky' 





Home Learning | Charlton Horethorne CE Primary School

Friday's Overview

 Friday's Maths.pdfDownload
 Friday's Overview.pdfDownload
 Lewis Carroll Comprehension Questions.pdfDownload
 Lewis Carroll Comprehension Text.pdfDownload
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Thursday's Overview

World Book Day 5 March - Merritts Brook E-ACT Primary Academy

Follow the link to find out about your learning tasks for today: St. Patrick's Catholic Primary School - World Book Day 2021 (

Please try and complete as many as you can - don't forget to take lots of photographs and ask an adult to put them under our 'World Book Day' Facebook post.

Please don't forget about the reading challenge - to read in five unusual (but safe) places. Remember to try and get sponsored for this challenge.


Enjoy!! :) 



Wednesday's Overview

Reading Resource - 'The Deadly Jabberwocky'


 The Jabberwocky Non Chronological Report.pdfDownload
 Wednesday's Maths.pdfDownload
 Wednesday's Overview.pdfDownload
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Tuesday's Overview

 Emoji Maths.pdfDownload
 Maya Map.pdfDownload
 Maya Topic Lesson.pdfDownload
 Tuesday's Maths.pdfDownload
 Tuesday's Overview.pdfDownload
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