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Miss Wilkinson's Friday Assembly 

Please follow the link to watch Friday's Assembly: Pope's Prayer Intention Assembly WB 11th January - YouTube

However, due to technically difficulties the video of the Good Samaritan at the end of the assembly doesn't show on the video. So, please follow this link to watch:


Thank you! 

11-15 January 2021

Good Morning All,  Hope you are all well and working hard.  Please don't forget that we are here to help and support all of you, whenever, you need us.  Although we are still in school, we will try to get back to you via email as quickly as we can.  If it is urgent and we have not responded then please ring the school office and they will pass your messages to us.


Thank you for the work that you have sent so far, just a reminder that Wednesday and Friday are the official days for sending in work, which we will then provide you with feedback from.  It will say on the daily overview which pieces we would like you to send.  This does not mean that you only have to do work on these days, as very often the lessons will link to each other from day to day!


Thanks everyone,



Mrs BL & Miss Blair


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If you are happy for the SNOW DAY pictures that you have emailed us to be added to our gallery please let us know!  We'd love to share them but would like your permission first! 

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Last week in literacy we learned all about Sheherazade and her plan to escape the fate of all of the Shah's previous brides.  Her plan worked and through the power of her storytelling she remained alive and well, captivating the heart of the Shah forever!  We thought that you may like to read some of these stories and so here we have the first in a collection of adventures of Sinbad the sailor.  You may already be familiar with this character.  We hope that you enjoy reading this!  

Your reading activities this week will all be linked to this story and there are suggested pages to read each day, however you are more than welcome to read this all in one go!

Friday's Overview 

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Thursday's Overview

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Wednesday's Overview

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Tuesday's Overview

Tuesday's Resources

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Monday's Overview

Monday's Resources

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