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Each week, there will now be a tab on the drop down menu of the year 3 page for home learning. This is to allow us to keep each week's work organised and for it to be easily followed. 

The steps to find the pages are: CLASS PAGES/ HOME LEARNING/ YEAR 3/ 11 - 15 JANUARY


We will be regularly sending you emails with little video messages, links to zoom meetings etc so please can you check your school emails regularly!  If you can not access your school email account then please let school know as soon as possible!!


Mrs Benson-Lester's Email:


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Today's Learning Overview

Friday 8th January 2021


Please follow the link below to an assembly from Miss Wilkinson.

Class 6 - Thank you for all of the work that you have sent in so far.  I have now replied to everyone who has submitted work.  If you have sent work in and not had any response from me then please let me know!!  Try to do this ASAP as I will be making phone calls home on Monday just to check in on those children who haven't sent in any work as yet.  

Please remember to try your best to present your work to the same standards that we would expect in school!!!

Miss you all, Mrs B-L xx

Class 7 - Over the past few days, I have replied to everyone who has submitted the work that was requested. If not, please let me know! 

I just want to say a big thank you to all the parents for the support you are giving your child, as well as the support and kindness you have given to the teachers. We are truly grateful! 

Keep working hard and remember to keep the standards high like we do in school. Think about: presentation, quality of work and handwriting!

Please email me this weeks work by the end of today if you haven't already. I will be making phone calls home on Tuesday to check on the children who haven't sent in any work.

Missing all your smiles and giggles, Miss Blair x 

Resources - Friday 8th January 2021

 Multiply by 3 Worksheet.pdfDownload
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Today's Learning Overview

Thursday 7th January 2021


Thank you to everyone who has submitted the work that was requested yesterday. We will be providing feedback to you all via your email address. 


Resources - Thursday 7th January 2021

 Divide by 10 - Thursday 7th Jan.pdfDownload
 Literacy -Thursday 7th Jan.pptxDownload
 What is Islam.pptxDownload
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Today's Learning Overview

Wednesday 6th January 2021

Resources - Wednesday 6th January 2021

 Epiphany image.jpgDownload
 Venn Diagram.pdfDownload
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Here is the link to the website 'Storynory' to listen to the '1001 Nights' story linked to the literacy lesson on Wednesday 6th January. This link will also be sent to your child's class email, along with the pre-recorded lesson. 

1001 Nights - Storynory



Today's Learning Overview

Tuesday 5th January 2021

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Read the story of Aladdin - Aladdin Reading Task.pdf You will be expected to carry out a daily reading task and this week these will all be linked to the story of Aladdin.

 Aladdin Reading Task.pdfDownload
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Everyday can you please practise your times tables on Times Table Rocks stars, we will be monitoring your progress! 

 Maths Tuesday Y3.pdfDownload
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Here is an example of how to present todays work.  If you can remember we did an activity like this when researching the Geographical features of Egypt!