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Friday 26th February


WOW! It's Friday already!

Thank you for another fabulous week, only one more to go until we are back in school.

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Please can you send me your report about your African animal and your art work from today. Please could you add a little message to let me know how you are getting on with telling the time. 

Information For Our Focus Day Next Monday
Mrs Patrick has planned our focus day and one of the CHOICE activities will be baking! She has given you the links below to lots of cake recipes from the 'Phunky Foods' website, so you can get the ingredients beforehand if you wish to bake! You can of course use your own recipes but why not try a new healthier recipe instead!  The phunky foods website has a great range of recipes and meal ideas, have a search through the recipe section and try some out at home!

If you have time listen to Miss Wilkinson's story ....


Today I would like you to spend some time finishing off your report about your animal. Please can you send me a photo of your completed report.


Time: telling the time to 5 minutes

Please watch the video. Download the clock from the file list underneath before you begin the lesson. Then last of all complete the activity. We will continue this objective on Monday, so don't worry if your child is struggling with this to begin with. 

 CLOCK WITH TIMES FOR SUPPORT - last one.pdfDownload
 TIME TO 5 MINUTES 2021.pdfDownload
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Comprehension: Zebras

Read the information about zebras and then answer the questions verbally. There is no need to write down the answers today


Collage: An African sunset picture

If you haven't got any paint you can use coloured pencils or cut out different coloured paper instead.

Thursday 25th February

Good morning everyone


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Writing: Non-chronological report

Today I would like you to use your notes that you have made about your African animal, to begin to write your report. 

Remember to include the following:
Facts that are written in the present tense.
Include photos that are linked to your sentences
Extend your sentences by using conjunctions.


You should have thought of 5 sub-headings yesterday, so do the introduction and the first two

subheadings and then leave the other sub headings until tomorrow. You should have collected some

photographs yesterday to use in your writing.


If you are unsure, read the reports I have uploaded about Giraffes and Crocodiles. This should remind

you how to set out your report and give you a few ideas.

 GIRAFFE non chron report FEB 2021.pdfDownload
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Time: O'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to times    (recap)

I would like you to use the lesson today to revisit what we have learnt in the first two lessons. 

I have uploaded some matching cards for you to use. You can cut the cards out, separate them into clocks and written times and then match the written times to the clock.

You can also play snap with the cards

I would also like you to spend some time practicing reading different times by playing this game online:

Telling the Time in Words - Mathsframe


Mrs Lewthwaite's group

Mrs Smith's Group

Go onto Phonics Play website - username : jan21    password: home

  Choose a phase 5 game to play, have fun as you play and learn!

Mrs Blacklock's group


Famous scientists: Charles Mackintosh

Wednesday 24th February

Good morning everyone

Our zoom meeting is at 12.00pm today. I am sorry this is a little short notice.

I hope everyone can make that time. Looking forward to seeing you all. We will be having a logo quiz and I promised those that would like to share jokes will be able to do that too.

Please can you email me your literacy and maths work today.

Thank you


Planning: taking key notes 

 1. Giraffes.pptDownload
 3. Lions.pptDownload
 5. Crocodile.pptDownload
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 PHOTOS OF LIONS.pdfDownload
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Time: quarter past and quarter to the hour

Before you start this lesson please practice telling the time to the hour and half past the hour by playing this game on maths frame. Choose the second option: hour and half past the hour.

Telling the Time in Words - Mathsframe

Once you are confident with this then move onto todays lesson.


Map skills: Use compass points to navigate around a map

Tuesday 23rd February

Good morning everyone

I hope you enjoyed yesterdays whole school learning day.

I feel that we are nearing the end of learning at home, but don't give up children, keep positive and keep working hard.

Happy News for Make-up Artists and the wider creative industry


Grammar: apostrophes to show possession

Please watch the video and then complete the activity.

Enter text...


Time: O'clock and half past times

It would be useful if you can make your own clock using the template to help you practice making times before you start the video.


Mrs Lewthwaite's group

Mrs Smith's group

Phonics split digraph e-e

Mrs Blacklock's group


Knowledge: Ash Wednesday

Monday 22nd February

I hope everyone has enjoyed half term. I hope that you are all feeling positive and ready for a new half term of learning.


Today is our 'Whole School Learning Focus'.

Follow the link to complete today's tasks based on 'Our Earth': 

St. Patrick's Catholic Primary School - Whole school learning (




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