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Friday 5th February

Good morning Year Two

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to you!

Thank you to everyone for working so hard on your learning this week. I understand that each day it gets harder but you need to stay positive and keep going and try to wake up each morning with a smile on your face. It is getting closer to the time when we will all be back in class three learning together.

Please could you email me your notes about elephants and a photo of you wearing your funky glasses or hat.

Enjoy your weekend and try and do something different with your family.

Mrs Lewthwaite


Miss Wilkinson's Assembly

This week it has been mental health week and this is the focus of todays assembly.

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Planning: Making notes on elephants

Please watch the video and then use the elephant book to make some key notes about elephants ready to do your writing next week. I would also like you to watch some clips on you tube to give you some extra information.

There is no need to watch them all.

You may like to do some extra research of your own to find out even more about elephants.

Good luck!


Number: dividing by 2

Please follow this link to watch the video and then complete the activity sheet.

Spr2.4.1 - Divide by 2 on Vimeo

Phonics / spelling

common exception words

Art: to design a pair of funky glasses

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Thursday 4th February

Good morning Year Two

I am looking forward to seeing you all at half past nine today. I didn't ask you for any learning yesterday so could you please send me one piece of maths work that you have done this week and your topic work from yesterday about urban Kenya. Thank you!


Structure: Non-chronological reports


Number: Sharing and grouping

Please read the powerpoint and work through the tasks carefully.

For each picture on the worksheet write down as many division number sentences as you can. You will need to cut out and stick the pictures into your book. If you can write down the matching multiplication number sentence.


Mrs Lewthwaite's group

'dge' sound at the end of words

Mrs Blacklock's group


Mrs Smith's group

 Revise phase2 - phase 5 tricky words.


Knowledge: Understanding the gospels

Last week we spoke about what the Bible was and how we should treat it with reverence. This week we are going to learn about the four Gospels that are found in the New Testament. Please read the following information and then answer the questions. Once you have completed the questions read the two stories from Luke and John. Are these stories familiar to you? Discuss what happened in the stories with someone at home.

Wednesday 3rd February

Good morning Year Two

Our zoom meeting will be on Thursday this week. Details will come tomorrow. I would like you to spend some time reading the Elephant book today. It will help you for tomorrows literacy lesson.

Keep working hard children - I am really proud of the work you are producing.



Grammar: Using subordinating conjunctions


Number: Making equal groups

This video will consoldiate your learning from yesterday and also help you to understand how to use a number line to work out equal groups.

Spr2.3.4 - Make equal groups - grouping on Vimeo 


Place knowledge: What is it like to live in urban Kenya?

Tuesday 2nd February

Good morning Year Two

I hope you enjoyed yesterdays learning. I was in school and we found that the activities were very relaxing and enjoyable.

Enjoy todays lessons!

Funky Gifts Rainbow Smiley Face 25mm Button Badge: Toys &  Games

Guided reading: Using the contents and glossary pages

Please watch the video, down load the Elephant book and question sheet.


Number: Making equal groups

Please watch the video. You will need some equipment to help you with the practical tasks such as lego cubes, counters or pasta shapes.


Mrs Lewthwaite's group

The    's' sound - cy    

Please spend 10 minutes reading this powerpoint and practicing the spellings. You will need a piece of paper and pencil or whiteboard.

Mrs Blacklock's phonics group

Mrs Smith's Phonics group

Video Link:

 Phase 5 Phonics | Split Digraphs | Learn to Blend with Phonics - YouTube

Hello Children, in our phonics lesson today you will be introduced to the split diagraph vowel sounds. Remember to pause the video after each sound and practise reading and writing the sounds.


Observation: Changing the shape of materials

Monday 1st February


Good morning Year Two

I hope you have enjoyed your weekend. Our whole school learning this Monday is linked to mental health week. Be as creative as you can and have lots of fun today.

Well done to everyone for working hard last week. Did you see some of our work on face book?


Whole-school Learning Focus

In order to enhance our learning, and allow siblings to work together, we have decided that each Monday we will have a whole-school focus on an interesting topic. 

It is all linked to the curriculum and we have extended it for different ages, but we felt working together would support the learning process.

The tasks that have 'essential' next to them must be completed. Once the essential tasks have been completed, you can choose from the choice tasks. 

This week's theme is 'Express Yourself' linked to children's mental health week. Please click on the link that will take you to the whole school learning page.