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Friday 15th January


I can't believe that it is Friday already. It was lovely to see everyone on zoom yesterday. Thank you for all your hard work and positivity. 

Today I would like you to email me your story writing about Lila and the secret of the rain and your maths work about making equal groups. 

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend, I will see you here on Monday morning.

Mrs Lewthwaite XXX


Today we will be writing the rest of the story of Lila and the secret of the rain.


Multiplication: Making equal groups

Please watch this video and then complete the worksheet.

Spr2.1.2 - Make equal groups on Vimeo

Art / Geography

An African rural village

Please watch the video. It is a story that is set in an Kenyan village. It will give you some idea what life is like for these people. We are going to be comparing our own lives to the life of people living in rural Africa next week. I then want you to draw your own interpretation of a rural African village. There is an example for you to look at.


Please choose a reading book from the Oxford Owl website to read.

Thursday 14th January


Don't forget our zoom meeting today at half past three. Remember to email me if you are unable to join us. We are playing the game called scattegories. You can print off the grid that I have uploaded, however a pencil and paper will be equally as good. Please read the zoom rules before the meeting. Thank you to all the children who emailed your work yesterday. I hope the feedback was useful. Keep up the hard work everyone.

Mrs Lewthwaite XX


Writing: The story of Lila and the Secret of rain.

Please watch the video. I have tried to make the expectations of your writing clear today. You will need to use your story map from Monday's lesson.


We are starting a new topic today .... multiplication! After working hard on your writing I think you will

find todays math's lesson quite straight forward.


Multiplication: Recognising equal groups

Please watch the video carefully and then complete the activity below. It will help if you use objects such as lego blocks, pasta shapes or counters to practice making equal groups of your own.


Every Tuesday and Thursday we will do a short phonics lesson. Please only complete your groups work. Please can Mrs Smith's and Mrs Blacklock's phonics groups call at school and collect your phonics books. Some work has been stuck in for you. Thank you

Mrs Lewthwaite's Phonic's group

Mrs Smith's Phonics group


Mrs Blacklock's Phonics group


Comprehension: Focus on retrieval questions

Today I would like you to read the text about Kenya again and then answer the questions in your home learning book. Sorry, I have just noticed I have not numbered the questions. Please can you do this.

Mrs Smith's and Mrs Blacklock's phonics groups please complete the second document I have uploaded.

Wednesday 13th January


Happy Wednesday

I have sent everybody an email with the details of our zoom meeting on Thursday at 3:30pm.

Keep working hard everyone. I hope the videos are helping.

Today I would like you to email me your grammar work, maths work and topic work about Kenya and I reply back to you with some feedback.

Remember to login to IMOVES and do a little bit of exercise.

Looking forward to speaking to you tomorrow.

Mrs Lewthwaite XX


Grammar: Past and present tense

Read the powerpoint carefully. Look at the activity below. Write the new sentences that you make in your home learning book. Please remember to write the date and learning object at the top and use your best handwriting.


Money: Two step problems


PLease work through the video presentation and complete the questions on the worksheet when it tells you to.

Access the video at

Autumn Week 11 - Measurement: Money | White Rose Maths


Locational Knowledge: Where is Kenya?


I would like you to read this text about Kenya after you have completed todays Geography lesson. Tomorrow I will be uploading some questions to answer about this text.

Tuesday 12th January


I have set up a home learning page to help you motivate yourself to exercise this week.

Use this link to access IMOVES. 

PE Lessons & Cross-Curricular Active Learning in Schools | imoves

Click on the home learning button and then type in

ID    15306

password       moose

This will be saved for the next time you use it. 

I hope this works for everyone.

Enjoy your day!


Spelling: adding suffixes to words ending in e

Please read the powerpoint carefully and then complete the worksheet. If you have time use the new words that you have made to write sentences of your own.


Money: Finding change

PLease work through the video presentation and complete the questions on the worksheet when it tells you to.

Access the video at

Autumn Week 11 - Measurement: Money | White Rose Maths

Choose the video called 'Find change'.


Beliefs and values: What can we learn about respect from Jesus' example?

Please listen to Miss Wilkinson's assembly which focuses on our living and learning statement for this half term:

“To be respectful of others and our differences, and to listen and discuss for deeper understanding.”

Then complete the activity I have uploaded for you.

Monday 11th January


I hope you have had lots of fun in the snow on Saturday.

Thank you for all your hard work last week. I am really proud of everyone. You will need to email your work on Wednesday and Friday this week. 

I have created a class login for oxford owl reading. Please use the following login to access this website and choose an eBook to read today. You can choose a book from your current book band colour at school if you click on 'levels' at the right hand side of the screen and scroll down.

username:    stpatclass3

password:        year2


Planning: A story map


Money: Finding the difference

Please watch the video and then complete the work in your book. Move onto the push it if you have completed the work confidently and quickly.


We are starting a new science topic today all about materials and their uses. I would like you to read the powerpoint first of all, then look around your house and garden and observe what different materials are used for. Record in the table which objects are made from different things. Some objects may need to go in more than one column. 

Friday 8th January

Good Morning Year Two …. it's Friday already!

Please remember to log into the zoom meeting this morning. I'm sorry about the hiccup with the email but hopefully you all have the link now. Can you have a piece of paper handy and a pencil as we are doing a quiz about our learning this week - be prepared. Todays lessons will be maths, Literacy and topic.


 Today we are looking at other ways to find the total. Watch the video from whiterose first and then complete the worksheet.  



 If you didn't listen to the story of Lila yesterday you will need to do this today before you start this lesson. It may help if read the shortened version of the story as well before you started. You could ask an adult to read this to you.


Please could you read the story of Lila and the secret of the rain.



 Locational knowledge: The continents and oceans of the world

Geography | KS1 | KS2 | The world | BBC Teach - YouTube 

Please watch the youtube clip to find out about the continents and oceans of the world. Then label the map correctly. If you have time you can complete the extension task.

North America



Indian Ocean

South America


Pacific Ocean

Arctic Ocean



Atlantic Ocean

Southern Ocean

Thursday 7th January

Good morning Year Two

Thank you for emailing me your fabulous work about New Zealand yesterday. There were some really good pieces of work. There is no need to email any work today. Remember to get outside today for some fresh air and exercise ... it will make your brain work better.

Missing you at school.

Mrs Lewthwaite XX



Money: Finding the total

Please watch the video. Sorry it as at the top of the page. Then use the worksheet I have uploaded below. Do all the working out in your book. 


Today we are focusing on spelling work.

Spelling: adding suffixes to words ending in y

Read the powerpoint below. Then complete the worksheet. If you are unable to print out just write the new words you can make by adding different suffixes:

cry, cried, crying

happy. happier, happiest


Tomorrow we are starting some work on the book Lila and the secret of rain. Please can you follow the link and listen to the story.

Lila and the Secret of Rain - YouTube 


Knowledge: Why do we need to exercise?

Please read the powerpoint below. Then go outside and run or dance in the garden, jump up and down, kick a football or do something else to exercise your body. 

How does it make you feel? How are you helping your body to stay healthy?

I would like you to make a poster to encourage everyone in your house to exercise more. I have uploaded an example that may give you some ideas. Mine isn't very colourful though. Use felt pens to make it bright and eye catching. HAVE FUN!


I hope yesterdays home learning went well. Each week we will meet together on zoom to read stories, have a chat and other fun things. Our first one is this Friday and I have sent everyone an email that contains the login details. 

Today I would like you to email me your writing about New Zealand. I am looking forward to seeing who can create an interesting leaflet. Enjoy your day everyone.

Mrs Lewthwaite XX


Today I would like you to create a leaflet about New Zealand. Use the sub headings from the text that you read yesterday to help you organise your work. I have provided you with pictures that you can use to make your leaflet interesting and eye catching to look at. Look at how I have started to do my leaflet below.

Remember to stick pictures in neatly, use your best handwriting and remember your full stops and capital letters.

Download the pictures on the separate document that you can cut out and use, or you may prefer to find your own online.


Today we will be comparing amounts of money. Please click on the link and choose the video called compare money.   

Autumn Week 11 - Measurement: Money | White Rose Maths


Today is the Epiphany. Please read the powerpoint and then the information on the separate document. Answer the questions in your learning book.

Tuesday 5th January

Welcome back Year two. I hope you have enjoyed your Christmas holiday. Please click on the link to hear my not so good speech to you. It will get better … with practice! I hope you enjoy the learning I have put on for you today and I look forward to contacting you later in the week. 


We will be reading about New Zealand today and it will help us with our geography work for this week which is finding out about what life is like in New Zealand. 


We are continuing our work about money this week. Please click on the link to the white rose site and watch the video called 'make the same amount'.



We have found out about New Zealand today. Can you remember who were the first people to discover the island? Yes, it was the Maori people who arrived by canoe from Polynesia. These people were warriors and often painted their faces to make them look fierce. Look at the pictures and then draw your own design on the mask outline.

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