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Year 1- Home Learning

Week Beginning 8th February

Friday 12th February

Wooooooo! Well done everyone you have completed 6 weeks of home learning. Mrs Tunstall and I are very proud of all of you. 

I hope you have a well earned rest next week- you deserve it (adults as well). 

I will see you back here on Monday 22nd February. 

Love Miss Cooper 


Miss Wilkinson's Friday Assembly

Reading/ Science

Comprehension: to show understanding of a text. 

Read the text all about Winter and answer the questions in your home learning book. 

Don't look at the answers until the end.


PV: Order numbers

Practise your number bonds to 10/20 to start today's lesson: 

Today's activity is to order numbers from smallest to greatest. Count the tens and ones in the different representations and then order them from smallest to largest. 


Please check your emails for your pre-recorded lesson.

Valentine's Day Craft

It is Valentine's Day on Sunday. Please spend some time making a card/ picture for somebody who loves and cares for you. 

I have put some ideas and pictures below- but just be creative!

Thursday 11th February

Hello Year 1

I hope you enjoyed our game of bingo yesterday- it was fab to see you all. 

I went for a walk yesterday afternoon and came across a little robin. I managed to get my phone out really quietly to take a photo; look how close it came!

Have a good day everyone. 

Love Miss Cooper 



Punctuation: to use capital letters and full stops accurately.

Write the sentences from the document below into your home learning book but make sure to add a capital letters and a full stop.


PV: Compare numbers within 50

Use the link below for a pre-recorded lesson where I will guide you through today's activities. 

Remember to pause the video as and when you need to. 

Either print the document below or write your answers into your home learning book. 


Please check your emails for your pre-recorded lesson.


This afternoon, I would like you to take part in some PE/ exercise. I have put some suggestions below but maybe you would prefer to go out for a walk, ride your bike, play football in your garden. 




I have added some new activities on imoves for you to try. 

PE Lessons & Cross-Curricular Active Learning in Schools | imoves

Login at using your class ID: 35984 & password: puppy


Wednesday 10th February

Good morning everyone. 

Mrs Tunstall and I are looking forward to seeing you all at 11am for our class zoom. Remember to have your bingo cards ready!

I would also like you to email me some work today. Please send your English and Maths work. Thank you.

See you all soon. 

Miss Cooper 



Reading Focus: Using a non-fiction book.

 Today, I would like you to read the non-fiction book all about Elephants.  Then use the contents page and glossary to help you answer the questions into your home learning book.


PV: One more and one less

 Play (One more and One less 1-50): 

Complete the worksheet:

I would like you to write a set of clues to describe a number and then email it to me to see if I can guess correctly!


Please check your emails for your pre-recorded lesson.


Beliefs and Values: Jesus at the Temple.

We are going to focus on another story from Luke's Gospel this week. It tells the story of another journey Jesus, Mary and Joseph made to the Temple when Jesus was twelve years old.

Please read through the document below and then answer the questions. You can either discuss the answers with an adult or write the answers in your home learning book. 

Tuesday 9th February

Wow! What a fantastic topic for yesterday's whole school learning activities! I got some excellent poems about your favourite foods- well done. 

I have emailed you all with this week's class zoom details so please make sure you check and let me know if you can't make it. The time is slightly later than normal. There is also a little task that you will need to prepare beforehand. 

Have a good day everyone. 

Miss Cooper 



Reading Focus: to identify the difference between fiction and non-fiction books.


Use the link below for a pre-recorded lesson where I will guide you through todays task. 


PV: Represent numbers to 50

Watch the pre-recorded lesson where I will guide you through the lesson. 

Activity: Pick 4/ 5 numbers to represent in different ways.

Represent by:



-tens frame/ counters

-Part-part whole (draw tens and ones)


Please check your emails for your pre-recorded lesson.

Internet Safety Day

Today is Safer Internet Day. This year the theme is an internet we trust: exploring reliability in the online world. Please use the powerpoint below and discuss the questions. 


Read/ watch the story about Detective DigiDuck. 


Parents/ adults please take the opportunity today to make sure your children are safe on their phones, tablets, PlayStation, X-Box and any other devices and make sure that they know what to do if they have a problem. 

Monday 8th February

Good morning everyone. 

I hope you are all well and have had a nice weekend. 


Today's theme is all about chocolate. Follow the link below to find your activities for today. 

Have a good day everyone. 

Love Miss Cooper