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Year 1- Home Learning

Week Beginning 1st March

Friday 5th March

Well done everyone (parents as well), today is our final day of home school. I'm so proud of all of your brilliant work and I am looking forward to seeing you all on Monday. 

Please don't send any work to me today but please bring in your home learning books on Monday. 

Please also remember to bring back your reading folders and PE kits; this term we have gymnastics on Thursday mornings. 

Parents - The 'Return to School Handbook' has been put onto the school jotter app and home page of the website. Please make sure you have read it carefully as there are a few changes. For Year 1 you will still need to enter and exit via the far gate near to the church path. Please also wear a face mask whilst in the school grounds and keep to social distancing. Thank you as always. 

Have a lovely weekend and I will you see you all on Monday. 

Miss Cooper


Miss Wilkinson's Friday Assembly


Writing: to discuss the main events/characters in a story.

Read the PowerPoint and then complete the activity. Write some things you can do and one thing that you can't do... yet!


Time: Reasoning and Problem solving

Please use the following link to access the pre-recorded lesson and then complete the worksheet. 


Please check your emails for a pre-recorded lesson. 

Thursday 4th March

Good morning

Today, we are going to celebrate all the wonderful books in the world and our love for reading. Mrs Pritchard has planned a range of activities for you to do. Please follow the link below.

Have a great day and I will see you all tomorrow for our final day of home learning. 

Miss Cooper 


Wednesday 3rd March 

Hi Year 1

Today I would like you to send me your English and Maths work. Thank you. 

Have a good day. 

Miss Cooper



Reading Focus: to answer comprehension questions.

Listen to the story (link below) and then answer the questions. I have put a copy of the book below if you need to refer back to it. 

1. What words were used to describe Gerald's neck?

2. How was Gerald feeling when all the animals were laughing at him?

3.Explain how the cricket helped Gerald?

4. What musical instrument did the Cricket play for Gerald?

5. What does the word 'entranced' mean?

(Then one by one each animal who'd been there at the dance arrived while Gerald boogied on and watched him quite entranced).


Time: Drawing time to the half hour. 

Please use the following link to access the pre-recorded lesson and then either complete the worksheet or draw into your home learning book. 


Please check your emails for a pre-recorded lesson. 


Beliefs and Values: How can you change and make a new start in Lent?

Lent is a special time when the family of Jesus think about making a new start.  There are occasions when everyone wishes they could make a new start.  They wish they could do things differently and not have said or done something unkind, hurtful or silly.

 It is a time when the family of Jesus try to change and be more like Jesus.


Today, I would like you to complete the following sentences. Write them in your home learning book. 

I can think of others first by… 

I can do something extra by…

I can give up …

Tuesday 2nd March

Good morning everyone. 

It was lovely to see you all yesterday on zoom and you were all very knowledgeable!

Keep up the great work- today you are going to learn how to tell the time to half past the hour!

Miss Cooper xxxx


Grammar: to add the suffix 'ing'.

Read the PowerPoint about adding the suffix 'ing' then complete the worksheet below. 


Time: Writing time to the half hour

Please use the following link to access the pre-recorded lesson. 


Please check your emails for a pre-recorded lesson. 


Identification: What are the properties of everyday materials?

Read the PowerPoint first and then complete the activity.

Activity:  Choose 2 or 3 items from your home and write a sentence about the items properties. For example- The red chair is opaque and strong.

Monday 1st March

Today is the beginning of a new month... March and also our final week of home learning! 

Sorry for the short notice but we will also be having our class zoom today (1pm). Miss Wilkinson will be joining us for our final class zoom and to join in with our mini quiz on lots of different topics! 

Please find the link in your emails. 


Use the following link to find today's activities.  

Have a good day and I will see you all at 1pm. 

Miss Cooper