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Year 1- Home Learning

Week Beginning 18th January

Friday 22nd January 

Well done for another amazing week of home learning. It was lovely to see you all yesterday; I hope you enjoyed our game of what's in the box. 

Please can you send your Maths and Phonics work today. 

Have a lovely weekend everyone. 

Love Miss Cooper 



Spelling: to spell the days of the week correctly.

Read the book again, I have added Wednesday, Thursday and Friday's pages. 

How many Jackals can you spot hiding in the book?

Today's activity:

Use cursive handwriting and write the days of the week into your home learning book.

Can you spell them without looking?

Read, write, cover, check. 


Subtraction: Crossing 10

Please join me for today's maths lesson by using the link below. Then complete the worksheet in your home learning books 


Please check your emails for a  pre-recorded video. 

Assembly - The Parable of the Good Samaritan

Please join Miss Wilkinson for her Friday assembly. 

Discuss these questions with your child:

Do you always love your neighbour?

When is it difficult to love our neighbour?


Answer the question below in your home learning book.

Think of a time when you were like the Good Samaritan. What did you do?

Remember to practise our new prayers. 

Thursday 21st January

Good morning everyone

Don't forget we have a zoom class meeting this morning at 10am. If you can't make it please can you email me. 

See you all soon. 

Miss Cooper



Comprehension: to infer a character's thoughts and feelings.

Please watch this video where I will give you further instructions on today's activity. 

Activity: How do you think Sunny is feeling?



Subtraction: crossing 10.

Please watch the video and then complete the questions from the sheet below. 


Please check your emails for a  pre-recorded video. 


Beliefs and Values: What special things do these people offer us?

Our next topic in RE is the local Church and the community. 

Today, I would like us to explore special people in our lives who are there to help us. Have a look at the pictures below and brainstorm some ideas on how they help us. (Just write a list of ideas using bullet points).

For example:

Doctors- look after us, make us better. They are kind and caring.

Please remember to join in with our new prayers that we are learning this week. 

Wednesday 20th January

Hi Year 1

Today I will be sending you an email for tomorrow's Zoom class meeting- so make sure you check your emails. 

Please can you send a photo of your English, Maths and RHE work from today.

Thank you. 

Miss Cooper 



Writing: to make a prediction.

Please watch the video using the link below where I will give you further instructions on how to complete the task. 

Activity: Predict what Sunny's note to his family might say.


Subtraction: to subtract on a number line. 

Please watch the video and then answer the subtraction questions using the number line to count back. 

Below is a link to an online number line so that you don't have to draw a number line into your home learning book. If you are using a phone or tablet you could take a screenshot and then 'edit' using the pen tool to draw the jumps. 


Please check your emails for a  pre-recorded video. 

Relationships and Health Education


This is a baseline activity before starting the topic we will come back and evaluate at the end point. Please either use the worksheet below or write/ draw into your home learning book. 


 Ask your child to close their eyes and imagine God and spend a moment picturing what comes to mind. Then ask them to draw that picture in the space on the sheet. 

In the space titled, ‘I am important to God because…’ ask the children to complete that sentence in as many ways as they can.

 Then, in the space provided on the sheet, ask them to draw or write any words that help them explain what they think the ‘Kingdom of God’ is. Say that it doesn’t matter if they don’t know, they can just draw or write what they think it might mean.


Please take a photo of this piece of work and email back to me. Thank you.

Night Prayer

Please join in with the Night Prayer. 

Tuesday 19th January

Hello everyone. 

Please follow this link to join in with me for our new 'afternoon' prayer. 

Have a good day.

Miss Cooper 



Comprehension: to answer comprehension questions.

Activity: Watch and listen to the video and then answer the following questions in your home learning book. 

Vocabulary- What word tells you there are lots of meerkats?


Infer- How do the pictures show you how hot it is?


Explain- Why does the author write VERY in capital letters?



Where does Sunny live?

What do meerkats need to stay away from?


Subtraction: Not crossing 10.

Today we are moving onto Subtraction. Please watch the video and then answer the questions from the worksheet. 



Please check your emails for a  pre-recorded video. 

Who is ready to learn a new sound?


 Place Knowledge: How does my life compare to a child living in rural Kenya?

Please read the power point and then compare your life in Cleator Moor to a child's life in rural Kenya. What is similar? What is different?

Please see the last page on how to set your work out. 

Watch this short video clip: 

Monday 18th January

Good morning Year 1. 

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and managed to get outside and have some time away from school work. 

This weekend I managed to get 10,000 steps on both Saturday and Sunday. I also had a games night on Saturday- I lost! I think I will have a re-match next week. 

Have a good day everyone. 

Miss Cooper 


Relationships and Health Education

This term we are starting a new statutory curriculum called Relationships and Health Education- RHE for short!


Our first module is called 'Created and Loved by God' and explores the individual. 

Today, I would like you to share this prayer before starting your home learning activities for the day.

Remember children- put your hands together, be calm and be ready to speak to God, make the sign of the cross and say the prayer together (you might want to listen to your adult for the first time you will be able to join in with "Amen"), finish by making the sign of the cross again. 

You can join in with me by following this link: 

English- Miss Cooper's Phonics group

 Spelling: to spell words containing ay, ea, ou, ie digraphs.

Play flashcards- phase 3+5 

Complete worksheet in your home learning books.

English- Mrs Tunstall's Phonics group

Spelling: to write words containing ai, ee, igh, oo digraphs.

Play flashcards- phase 2 

Complete worksheet in your home learning books.


Addition: Number bonds to 20.

Last week we revisited number bonds to 10. Today you are going to find and learn number bonds to 20. 

Watch the video by following the link below: 

 Then complete the worksheet. Remember you can use resources to help you for example; counters, pasta, buttons, pens, sweets, etc.


Knowledge: Why do we have day and night?

Read the power point explaining all about day and night; there is a video to watch too. 

Then write the sentences into your home learning book filling in the blanks. Please also draw the picture/ diagram and colour it in. 



Please read a book from the Oxford Owl website. 

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