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Year 1- Home Learning

Week Beginning 11th January 


Friday 15th January

Well done for another amazing week everyone. I was really impressed with your story writing of Lila and the secret of the rain. If you didn't send it yesterday please make sure you email a photo of the 3 parts to me today.  


I hope you all have a restful weekend and I will see you here on Monday. 

Love Miss Cooper


Miss Wilkinson's Friday Assembly

Please follow the link to watch Friday's assembly. 

However, there is a slight issue with the video of the Parable of the Good Samaritan at the end of the assembly. So, please follow this link to be able to watch it properly!

Afterwards discuss:

-Who is the Pope? 

-How can you show love to everyone?

-What can you do at home to show love to one another?

-How can we all come together to live in peace?


Addition: to add by making 10.

Warning... today's objective is a slightly tricky one for the children because there are quite a few steps that they need to follow and understand.

I have recorded a video for the children to follow along with which you can access below. Please then answer the questions from the worksheet and email a photo to me. 

Thank you. 


Here is the Whiterose video link explaining the method too. 


Phonics and Reading

I have sent you a pre-recorded phonics lesson to your email.


I would also like you to choose 1 book to read from the Oxford Owl website. 

Oxford Owl - 

Username: StPatsYear1

Password: Reading


Today's art lesson is linked to our new topic of Africa. Mrs Lewthwaite will read you a story called 'Masai and I'. It is a story set in a Kenyan village. After listening to the story, I would like you to draw your own interpretation of a rural African village. There is an example for you to look at below. 

Thursday 14th January

Good morning Year 1. 

It was wonderful to see all of you on our zoom call yesterday. Thank you to those children that sent work in yesterday- keep up the good work. 

Love Miss Cooper 



Writing: the end of a story.

Today you will be writing the end of your story. 

Please write about:

-It starting to rain

-Lila celebrating with the village.


Read your work back at the end to check it makes sense.

Have you got finger spaces, full stops, and capital letters?


Please could you email a photo of the whole story (beginning, middle and end) to me either today or tomorrow. Thank you.


Addition: Add ones using number bonds.

Please use the following video to help you with today's lesson. 

Followed by answering the questions from the worksheet.


I have sent you a pre-recorded phonics lesson to your email.

My phonics group will need to choose a bingo sheet from below- just copy the words into your home learning book.

PE/ Exercise

PE Lessons & Cross-Curricular Active Learning in Schools | imoves

Login at using your class ID: 35984 & password: puppy

I have chosen 3 activities for you to choose from. Pick one and have a go. 

Wednesday 13th January 

Good morning... don't forget our zoom call today. You will find the link in your emails. 

Please email your Maths, Phonics and Topic work to me today. Thank you. 

See you all soon. 

Miss Cooper and Mrs Tunstall 



Writing: to write the middle of the story.

How did you get on yesterday?

I would like you to read yesterday's work back to see where you left off. 

Today, you are going to write the middle part of Lila and the secret of rain (the blue boxes from your story map). 

You will be writing about:

-Lila climbing the mountain

-Explaining some of the sad things she told the sky

-How the sky became dark and angry looking. 


Remember to use: 

-Finger spaces

-Full stops

-Capital letters 


(Please leave the end parts for tomorrow- how it began to rain and Lila celebrating with the village). 


Addition: Number bonds to 10

I would like you to write out your number bonds to 10. Number bonds to 10 are all the ways you can make 10 by adding two numbers together. Have a look at the worksheet below on how to set your work out in your home learning book. 

This will help you for Thursday and Friday's maths lesson. 


Then have a go at playing 'Hit the Button'. (Number bonds, Make 10)

 Can you improve your score from last week? 


Please send me your score in an email.


I have sent you a pre-recorded phonics lesson to your email.

Please take a photo of your work and send back to me.

Thank you.


Locational Knowledge: Where is Kenya?

Today we are starting our new topic of Africa; we will focus on Kenya. Please read the powerpoint below and then answer the questions in your home learning book. Remember to send a photo of your work. Thank you

1.Which continent is Kenya in?

2.What is the capital city of Kenya?

3.Which countries border Kenya?

Tuesday 12th January

Good morning Year 1. 

Today I will be emailing you all with the details for our zoom call, so please make sure you check your emails.

Have a good day. 

Love Miss Cooper xxx


Writing: to write the beginning of a story.

Yesterday, you drew a story map to help you write the story of Lila and the secret of rain.

Today I would like you to write the beginning (just the red parts of your story map). I have sent a video via email modelling the first sentence. 

You will write the middle and end part of the story over the next couple of days. 


Addition: to add by counting on. 

Today we are moving onto a new block of work- Addition and Subtraction to numbers to 20.


Watch the video- 

Then answer the questions from the worksheet. 


Mrs Tunstall and I have sent a recorded phonics lesson to your email account. 

You will need your home learning book and a pencil. 


Living and Learning statement: to recognise religious stories

Watch last week's assembly by Miss Wilkinson.

Following on from Miss Wilkinson's assembly I would like you to watch the story of the parable of Zaccheus using the link below. 

Think about: 

-Who listened in the story?

-Who showed respect?


Activity: Write a sentence to go with each picture, explaining what is happening. You should have four sentences in total. 

Monday 11th January

Good morning everyone, I hope you are all well and ready for a new week.

So, who was excited on Friday morning to see that it had snowed overnight? I hope you all managed to get outside and enjoy the snow. A few of you emailed some pictures of you making snow angels and out sledging. You looked to be having a lovely time.  I was working at school on Friday and the children certainly enjoyed throwing snowballs at me! 

Please keep up the fantastic work everyone. 

Love Miss Cooper xxxx


Planning: story map.

I would like you to discuss the main parts of the story 'Lila and the Secret of Rain'. Think about what happens at the beginning, middle and end. 

In class, we often use pictures to help us remember the story. So today I would like you to draw a story map. Please draw pictures and write a few key words per box to summarise the main points of the story. I have done the first box for you as an example.

Please read/ watch the story again to help if needed. 

I have uploaded a document below as an example of how to set it out in your home learning book. 

This will then help you write the story over the next couple of days.


Number: Order numbers


Watch video (sent via email) then complete the worksheet below.  


If you would like to have a go at this game.

Choose, order numbers,  1-20. There is an option for forwards and backwards. 



Please choose a book to read from the Oxford Owl website. 

Oxford Owl - 

Username: StPatsYear1

Password: Reading


Classifying: Which animals are vertebrates and which are invertebrates?

Please read the powerpoint below all about 'Vertebrates' and 'Invertebrates'. 

Links to videos:




-Split your page in half. 1 side for vertebrates, 1 side for invertebrates.
(If you do have a printer you can print the animals then cut and stick, you can find the worksheet below)
-Sort the animals into the correct category. You can use the internet to research if you’re not sure.

Science Worksheet