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Year 1

Home Learning


Week beginning 11th January

I have moved this week's learning to it's own page so that this page doesn't get too full/slow to load.

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Thank you xxx

Friday 8th January

Morning Year 1.

Well done for your first week back at "home school".

Please can you email your Maths and Art work today. I will then email with feedback. 

I hope you all have a lovely weekend. Stay safe. 

Miss Cooper xxx


Vocabulary: to find adjectives within a text. 

Please ask an adult to read the story of Lila and the Secret of Rain to you. You will find the story below. 

Today I would like you to look for adjectives in the story. An adjective is a word that describes a thing or place (a noun).

Use this link to watch a video about adjectives (we've have watched this before in class but might be useful to watch again). 

Please write down in your home learning book some adjectives from the text. For example:

-the burning sun


PV: Compare numbers.

Please log on to your child's email to find the video link to today's recorded lesson. 

Then answer the questions on the worksheet below or into your home learning book. 

Please email a photo to me of your child's work. Thank you.

Phonics/ Reading

Spelling: tricky words.

Read the sentences below then write your own sentences using was and my.  


Drawing: to draw a llama.

We started our culture work on Wednesday all about Peru. Today I would like you to draw a llama using the video link below. It is a step by step guide. 

 The llamas have become so synonymous with Peruvian culture that you can find some sort of llama trinket or stuffed animal anywhere in Peru. 


Maybe you could find some facts about llamas. Has anyone walked with a llama before? There are a couple of places locally. 

I've walked with an alpaca, similar to a llama, a couple of years ago. Here is a picture of me and Theo!


Thursday 7th January

Hello everyone. 

Thank you to everyone that emailed yesterday with your English and Maths work. I was very impressed and super proud that you are all working really hard at home. 

Please find today's learning tasks below. I have also emailed the link for my pre-recorded phonics lesson. Please try and access your child's email account as soon as possible if you haven't done so already. I will be sending the zoom invitation for next week via email and I don't want anyone to miss out. Thank you. 

Have a good day everyone. 

Miss Cooper xxxx


Reading: Make inferences about characters and events

Please watch the story 'Lila and the Secret of Rain'- 

Was your prediction right?


Today's activity:

Listen to the story.
Choose one of the pictures below.
Explain what is happening?
How is the character feeling? Can you explain why?

 1.                      2.           3.  

See the picture and text below for my example. 


PV: Compare groups of objects

Please watch the video ' Compare groups of objects' using the link below. 

Then complete the worksheet below. 


Phonics: To revisit sh, ch, th, ng digraphs.

Please check your child's email account to find a pre-recorded phonics lesson. Your child will need their home learning book and pencil. Children should be able to follow along with this lesson independently (they may just need to know how to pause the video).



Knowledge: What is the difference between a reptile and an amphibian?

Use the powerpoint and video links below to learn the difference between reptiles and amphibians. 


1. Draw a line down the middle of your book. One side for reptiles and the other side for amphibians.

Sort the following animals into the correct category.

Frog, snake, turtle, toad, crocodile, tortoise, salamander, lizard

2. What am I quiz on the last page of the powerpoint. 


Video links

What are reptiles? 

What are amphibians?

Wednesday 6th January

Good morning. 

I hope yesterday wasn't too much of a shock to the system and home schooling went well. Please could everyone send today's English and Maths work via email please; feedback will then be given. 

Mrs Gillson has kindly recorded a video explaining how to access your child's email account. Please find the link below. If you have lost your password for your child's email please contact myself at or phone the main office. 

Have a good day. 

Miss Cooper 



Comprehension: To make a prediction.

Look at the image below and answer the following questions in your home learning book.

What can you see on the front cover?

What do you think will happen in the story?

What does the word secret mean?

Remember to answer the questions in full sentences!


Please can you send in a photo of your work from this lesson using your email account. Thank you. Feedback will then be given. 


PV: One more and one less.

Please use the powerpoint below and answer the questions together verbally. Then complete the worksheet in your home learning books. 

Optional: try the push it question for an extra challenge.

Please can you email a photo of today's maths work. Thank you.

Maths Worksheet 


Meaning and Purpose: What gift would you have given Jesus, and why?

Today is the feast of Epiphany.

Please read through the powerpoint below with your child. Then discuss and answer the following question in your home learning book.

What gift would you have given Jesus, and why?

Phonics/ Reading

Your 4th activity everyday will be around phonics and reading which is particularly important in Year 1 and a vital life skill. Everyone made HUGE progress last term so I would really like you to keep up with your phonics work whilst at home. Today I would like you to access the two websites below. You probably used both in Lockdown 1! 

Please play 1 game on Phonics play and read 1 book on the Oxford Owl website. Thank you. 


Phonics Play-  

Username: jan21

password: home

Click on resources and play the different games. We use this website lots in school so your child will be familiar with the games and what to play.


Oxford Owl - 

Username: StPatsYear1

Password: Reading

A free website to access e-books. Once logged in you can then access the 'bookshelf' and find age/ phonic appropriate books for your child. There are also activities that you can complete after reading the book. Remember to ask your child questions to make sure they have understood the story. You all have your child's reading folder at home please look in the front cover of the yellow reading record to find the 'book band colour' that your child is on. 

You also have the green 'Phonics' booklet at home that you can use to practise reading words.  


Please see the document below for further instructions on how to use the Oxford Owl website. 

Tuesday 5th January

Good morning everyone and a happy new year to you all. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas holiday and are now ready to begin learning again although, this is going to be at home for the majority of you. All learning activities will be uploaded onto this page please record your work in your home learning book which you can collect from school today. 

You have all got your own personal email account where you will be able to contact myself and for emailing work/activities. I will let you know when you need to send in your learning for feedback. Please find Year 1's class email address below and at the top of this page.


Here is a little welcome back video from myself and Mrs Tunstall. Sorry for all the times I said ‘erm’ hopefully I will get better at these videos over the next couple of weeks!

Please stay safe and we look forward to seeing you all soon.

Lots of love, Miss Cooper.

Home Learning Books

You can collect an exercise book from school today. 

Please write the date on the top line each day and write the subject/ learning objective. (In school children normally write the date and I would write the learning objective for them so you may wish to do this too). 

Please keep your work neat and tidy- remember to use your cursive handwriting and write with a pencil. 


Please complete this lesson first before the English/reading lesson about Peru.

Locational Knowledge: to know the seven continents of the world.

I have emailed you a recorded lesson to your email account (this will come Tuesday morning).

Please also follow this link to watch a short clip.

Activity to complete in your home learning book.

Please write a list of the 7 continents then answer the following questions.

1.Which continent do we live in?

2. What is a continent?

Culture/ Reading

Country of Culture- Peru

Following on from your geography lesson we are going to learn about Year 1’s country of culture- Peru.

 To start please use google maps to find where in the World you would find Peru. Which continent is Peru in?


Please use read the powerpoint together and then write write 3 facts that you have just learnt. Please write them in your home learning book. 


PV: Tens and Ones.

Start with practising your number bonds to 10. How many can you get in 1 minute?

We played this lots altogether before Christmas now let's see how you manage playing on your own and if you can improve your score during remote learning. Write down your score for the next time you play.

Click the link below, number bonds, make 10.


Today, I would like you to revisit tens and ones in numbers up to 20. We did do some work on this practically before Christmas using the lolly sticks and numicon so hopefully you will be able to complete the worksheet below with no problems ready to move onto some new learning tomorrow.

Please watch the video and complete the worksheet.


Video: ‘Tens and Ones' the first video please.


Activity: Please complete the worksheet. Don’t worry if you don’t have a printer please just write your answers into your home learning book.