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Below are details for 2 weeks of work to be done at home if you are self-isolating.

If you have a book at home then please use that to complete the work, alternatively, you could use sheets of paper or complete the work using Microsoft Word online from your email account.

If you have any problems or questions about the work, email me at or phone the school.


To access the weblinks and resources, click on the download icon (in blue)

and then you can click on the internet hyperlinks. 

Resources are in a file list - there are 2 pages so use the arrow to select the page. 

Hopefully, you will be back to join us at school soon.

 Chinese clothes .mp4Download
 Chinese clothes patterns for ideas.pdfDownload
 Day 1. Round-numbers-within-100000.pdfDownload
 Day 10. Equivalent-fractions-.pdfDownload
 Day 2. Compare-and-order-numbers-to-one-million.pdfDownload
 Day 3. Add using written method.pdfDownload
 Day 4 Subtracting using written method.pdfDownload
 DAy 5. Inverse-operations-addition-and-subtraction.pdfDownload
 Day 6. Calculate-perimeter.pdfDownload
 DAy 7. Calculate area.pdfDownload
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