St. Patrick's Catholic Primary School

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Year 1

Isolation Learning

Here you will find 2 weeks worth of isolation learning. 

If you still have a book at home still, please complete your work in there. If not, loose paper will be fine- please still keep your work neat though!

If you have any problems accessing the work, please let school know and we can help sort it with you. 

Miss Cooper xxx

Maths Resources

 Y1 Spring Block 2 WO8 Count in 2s 2019.pdfDownload
 Y1 Spring Block 2 WO9 Count in 5s 2019.pdfDownload
 Y1 Summer Block 1 WO1 Count in 10s 2020.pdfDownload
 Y1 Summer Block 1 WO2 Make equal groups 2020.pdfDownload
 Y1 Summer Block 1 WO4 Make arrays 2020.pdfDownload
 Y1 Summer Block 1 WO5 Make doubles 2020.pdfDownload
 Y1 Summer Block 1 WO7 Make equal groups - sharing 2020.pdfDownload
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Literacy Resources

 Handa's Surprise Story.pdfDownload
 Handwriting Long ladders.pdfDownload
 Lesson 6- Staying Healthy Comprehension.pdfDownload
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Reading/ Phonics

Oxford Owl

Phonics Play 

 Oxford owl instructions.pdfDownload
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Afternoon Activity Resources

 LESSON 1 Science identifiying minibeasts.pdfDownload
 Lesson 2 places-of-worship-mosque-activity-sheet_.pdfDownload
 Lesson 2 RE information.pptxDownload
 Lesson 4 Art drawing.pdfDownload
 Lesson 6 Strive-for-5-Assembly-PP.pptxDownload
 LESSON 7 Classification of minibeasts.pdfDownload
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