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 lesson 1 ten more and less.pdfDownload
 lesson 10 add three 1 digit numbers.pdfDownload
 lesson 2 add and subtract tens.pdfDownload
 lesson 3 add a 2-digit and a 1-digit number.pdfDownload
 lesson 4 subtract a 1 -digit number from a 2 digit number crossing 10.pdfDownload
 lesson 5 add 2-digit numbers not crossing ten.pdfDownload
 lesson 6 add 2-digit numbers crossing ten.pdfDownload
 lesson 7 subtract 2-digit numbers.pdfDownload
 lesson 8 subtract 2-digit numbers crossing ten.pdfDownload
 lesson 9 bonds to 100 tens and ones.pdfDownload
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The Literacy work is based upon the book The King of Tiny Things.

Please complete one literacy lesson each day.

I hope you enjoy this unit of work.

 LESSON 2 Grammar full stops and capital letters.pdfDownload
 LESSON 3 Grammar exclamation and question sentences.pdfDownload
 LESSON 4 Writing A letter to the King of Tiny Things.pdfDownload
 LESSON 5 Handwriting.pdfDownload
 LESSON 6 Spelling common exception words.pdfDownload
 LESSON 7 Planning A character description.pdfDownload
 LESSON 8 Writing A character description .pdfDownload
 LESSON 9 AND 10 Writing A story based on The King of Tiny Things.pdfDownload
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Afternoon activity

How to Make a Minibeast Hotel | Wild Challenge - The RSPB

Please choose one of these activities each day.

 LESSON 1 Science identifiying minibeasts.pdfDownload
 LESSON 2 Reading comprehension Microhabitats.pdfDownload
 LESSON 3 Design your own minibeast.pdfDownload
 LESSON 4 Classification of minibeasts.pdfDownload
 LESSON 5 Minibeasts and their microhabitats.pdfDownload
 LESSON 6 Design your own garden.pdfDownload
 LESSON 7 Make your miniature garden.pdfDownload
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