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Monday 12th July 

Well good morningggggggggggggggggggg, I'm not sure many of you will be up this morning after watching the football last night, so good afternoon if you make it here today! Sadly England didn't win, it was a nail biting match and Matilda and I were on the edge of our seats the whole time! We hope you all managed to have a bit of fun this weekend at home! Today is our last day at home and we'll be back together TOMORROW, we are very excited for our last few days in reception with you all.

Today's Activities 


In our final week in reception we always talk about your first year at school! We can't believe how quick it has gone! We have enjoyed every second of the loud, busy, fun, exciting and challenging year, we are very proud of everyone! So today we would like you to discuss the questions below and then write some of your answers into sentences.

  • What have you enjoyed most in reception?
  • What haven't you liked about school?
  • Which learning superhero are you most like?
  • Which area of learning have you made the most progress in?
  • Which area of learning do you think you need more help with?
  • What has been your favourite thing we've done in reception?
  • How are you feeling about moving to Year 1? 


We want you to get 10 items of your choice and work out how many number bonds to 10 you can make. For each number bond you work out write the number sentence to match. Example below BUT don't copy it! As an extra challenge you could choose a teen number and work out how many ways you can make it. 

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Friday 9th July

Good morning everyone! We are nearly there! Just today and Monday to get through and then we will be back in school working hard! Did you all watch the match on Wednesday? It was VERY exciting wasn't it! I bet there were lots of tired children yesterday and some very happy Dads! Here's a picture of Emilia, Nate and Theo who were match ready with their face paints on!




Morning song- Let's get the day started with some wake up and shake up to get your brains working for todays learning- Wake Up! School Assembly Song and Dance from Songs For EVERY Assembly by Out of the Ark Music - YouTube

Strive for 5!

Just a little message to say that because we have been off there will be no strive for 5.  We are trusting you to be doing as much reading as you can at home, and you have been doing lots of reading in your phonics groups and topic work, so don't worry if you do not have reading books at home.  We will be beginning to  collect in all reading books and records ready to pass on to the year one staff for September next week, so please have a look for any school reading books/ pleasure reading books that you might have at home. Thank you x

See the source image


Mrs Patrick's group-

 Go on to phonics play  PhonicsPlay - Resources

Click on Phase 5

Buried treasure 

practice the wh and ph words  

Mrs Bell's group--

 My group, we are getting really good at phase 4 now and all the difficult blends, so well done!  Adults today I would like you to read the sentences below to your child for your child to write them- not copying them! Remind them to think carefully about the sounds. 

Help I got a bump on the leg.

A tent will get damp in the rain.

If you feel down in the dumps then jump and sing.

He put the milk in the sink. 

Then go on phonics play , phase 4 PhonicsPlay - Phase 4 Resources

Click on dragons den game and play the sets 1 to 7

Mrs Hartley's group-

 Play the game below- don't worry if you haven't got a dice I have included the link for an interactive one.

Roll a Die! Online Dice! (

Mrs Huddart's group -

Today you are going to be learning all about the oa sound. 

Please watch the video and write as many oa words as you can think of. Choose 3 and write them into sentences. Eg The boat was big.    Year 1 phonics- oa - YouTube


Wow, I was super impressed with some of your clocks that you made! Today we are going to continue with time work and we are going to keep practising 0'clock.  You will need the clock that you made or a clock or a watch for todays lesson. 

Discuss with your adult

How many numbers does a clock face have?

How many hands does a clock have?

What is different about the hands? What can you remember about the hands?

Where is 0'clock?

Watch todays video and answer the questions verbally as you watch Telling Time - Reading Clocks to the Hour! - YouTube

 Adults- here are some challenge questions you could ask about time if your child has a good understanding or what you could share/ teach them-

How many seconds are in a minute?

How many minutes are in an hour?

How long does it take for the minute hand to go right round the clock?

Practice counting in 5s to 60 - why do we do this?

Have a look at half past together

Fun activity- A huge well done to everyone that has been working hard at home, and thankyou for uploading on learning book. As a reward for all that hard work,  we would like you to choose one  activity to do from the list below. Enjoy!

  • Make a den inside your house
  • Make a model using recycling- use your imagination. You could make a boat, a robot, a house, a new invention machine, an animal absolutely anything you want!
  • Make some playdough and enjoy shaping it
  • Make a sock puppet / puppet on a stick or string
  • Play the floor is lava!
  • Play a board game/ dominos / bingo
  • Build a model using pasta and marshmallows
  • Draw/ paint a picture for someone special
  • Use items from your house to build a tower- see how high you can build one  

See the source imageSee the source imageSee the source imageSee the source image

End of the day story- Miss Woolaghan is reading todays story. Get comfortable and enjoy.

Miss Woolaghan's end of day story - YouTube


Remember to upload 1 photo to learning book from today. Have a great weekend, love Mrs Bell & Mrs Patrick xxx

Thursday 8th July 

Well good morning my little chicks, how are you all today? Mrs Bell had a lovely birthday yesterday despite being stuck as home, she enjoyed the sunshine in her new garden with lots of cake! Yesterday it was just me, henry and my laptop until Matilda came home hyper from her sports day! Well done to all your siblings in Year 1 and 2! I also have some exciting news!!!!


It will run exactly as we originally planned at Wath Brow Hornets at 1.30pm and 1 adult per household can come and watch. You can come to school in your team colours and you can go home with your adult once it is finished! HOW EXCITING!!! 


Below are a few photos from the work you've been uploading onto learning book, so I thought I would share your great work! Well done everyone!

Today's Activities


Daniel in the Lions&#39; Den - YouTube

 Today we are going to listen and learn about the story 'Daniel in the Lion's Den' watch the video below. 

(86) Daniel in the Lions' Den - YouTube

Discuss the video with an adult and talk about how Daniel trusted in God. Why did Daniel trust God? Why do you trust God? Who else do you trust and why? 

When we do our reflection work about God's teaching we discuss and talk while we colour, so if you have printer access colour the picture below or draw a picture of Daniel and The Lions.

daniel-and-the-lions-den-coloring-page | Cranleigh Community Church


Mrs Hartley's Group

 Today you have a cvc spelling challenge! Can you spell all the pictures on the I-spy game? Can you write a sentence with one of the cvc words in it.

Mrs Huddart's Group

Today you are going to practise the 'ur' digraph and your video is with Mrs Tunstall who works in Year one. After the video write two sentences with 'ur' words in. For example; Turn left to the park.

(86) Year One Phonics- ur - YouTube

Mrs Bell's Group

Today you have a ccvc spelling challenge! Can you spell all the pictures on the I-spy game? Can you use some of the ccvc words to make some sentences?

Mrs Patrick's Group 

 Today we are going to learn the 'wh' digraph with Miss Cooper. How many 'wh' words can you remember from the video? Can you write them in a list?

(86) Year One Phonics- wh - YouTube 


 Today we want you to make a poster about Jellyfish. Below are some fact cards, try to read as many of the words as you can and get an adult to support you. Then use some of the facts to make an interesting and factual poster about Jellyfish. 

End of Day Story 

Today Mrs Huddart is reading our story, enjoy! 

Thanks for another great day of learning at home. Don't forget to upload one photo of something you have done to learning book. Well done, Love Mrs Patrick and Mrs Bell xxx

Wednesday 7th July 

 Good morning lovelies, Mrs Bell here today. I hope you are all well and listening to your parents! I finally got moved into my new house on Friday which was very exciting, but I am not excited about all the unpacking I have to do! I think we might still be living out of boxes at Christmas time!

I wonder if you can tell me what is special about today from looking at my picture? ....................


See the source image

That's right it is my birthday and when we get back to school there is some cake for you all! A brilliant birthday  present would be for England to win tonight!!! What score do you think it will be? Tell your parents they have to let you stay up late and watch the match ! ' IT'S COMING HOME!' 

Have a fab day

Love Mrs Bell & Mrs Patrick xxx

Morning song- Sing this one VERY LOUD! Three Lions (Football's Coming Home) (Official Video) - YouTube


 Today I want you to look at the image below. Think about what you can see, what you could smell, taste and touch if you were there. Write some simple sentences about the picture. Remember to use capital letters, fingers spaces, good sounding out and full stops. Parents you do not need to print the attached sheet off. 

Example- It is hot at the beach. The beach is busy with lots of people.   Children are having lots of fun.  The ladies are sun bathing. 

See the source image

Phonics   Remember to only do the work for your group!

Mrs Hartley's Group

 This week you are going to be practising spelling and reading cvc words. Please practice reading the cvc words below. You do not need to print these.  Choose 2 of the cvc words and write them into sentences. Example - The hat is red.

Mrs Huddart's Group 

 Today you are going to be looking at the oa digraph.

Watch the video to learn about oa- Watch Mrs Tunstall's video from lockdown. 

 Year 1 phonics- oa - YouTube

Then have a go at writing down as many oa words that you can think of!


Mrs Bell's Group

 Today your first task will be to read lots of ccvc words. Set the timer and see how many of them you can read in 1 minute!  Do it again, see if you are quicker!

Task 2- Choose 3 of the  CCVC words and write them into sentences


Mrs Patrick's Group

Today you are going to learn the alternative sound 'ph' and watch Miss Cooper's ph video from lockdown. Practise writing the words with her and see if you can write a sentence after the video using a ph word. For example; The alphabet has 26 letters in it.

(86) Year One Phonics- ph - YouTube 


 Has everyone been enjoying the time work?!

Well today we are going to look at a clock  and learning about the parts of the clock and then have a go at making our own clock or watch

Watch the video very carefully! Learning to tell time 1 o’clock to 12 o’clock Counting Guessing Time on Clock Kids Children - Bing video  

Can you remember what the lady said? Can you tell your adult an o'clock time? Have a practice!


See the source imageSee the source imageSee the source imageSee the source image


End of the Day Story 

Today's story is from Miss Woolaghan. 

Enjoy and don't forget to send a photo to learning book. Love Mrs Bell and Mrs Patrick xxx

Tuesday 6th July 

Good morning my darlings. Well it was weird working all day at home without my Matilda doing home learning next to me like the other lockdowns! So she got LOTS of hugs when she got home! I hope you all managed to get some activities done and get use to being back at home for a week. Thanks to those who put a photo on learning book. After I worked all day on my laptop I went on my treadmill and did some meal prep, so I don't spend the next week eating lots of snacks!!!


Today's Activities


You all know which phonics group you are in, please ONLY do the work from your phonics group.

Mrs Hartley's Group

 This week you are going to be practising spelling and reading cvc words. Please spell the words for all the pictures below. You do don't need to print or draw them, just make a list of the words. 

Mrs Huddart's Group 

 Today you are going to revisit the 'ai' digraph, please watch Mrs Bell's 'ai' video from lockdown and then write 2 sentences with an 'ai' word in. For example 'The snail was big and red.'

(86) Mrs Bell's group phonics Wednesday 3rd Feb - YouTube

Mrs Bell's Group

 Today you are going to spell ccvc words, please spell the words for all the pictures below. You do not need to print or draw them, just write a list. Can you write a sentence with one of the ccvc words in? For example The crab was big and red.

Mrs Patrick's Group

Today you are going to learn the alternative 'ey' digraph. Watch the 'ey' video below that Miss Cooper recorded during lockdown. Then I want you to write 3 sentences containing some 'ey'. For example 'The donkey was small and black'. This is a good opportunity to be taught by Miss Cooper before next year!

(86) Year 1 Phonics- ey - YouTube  


 Following your great fact findings yesterday about octopuses we would like you to make an octopus. You can use whatever materials you have at home, use your imagination and have fun. We were going to make them using a plastic food bag, thread for the blood and add 3 hearts using paper but I'm sure you guys can be even more creative!

PE and Maths

So today was meant to be our sport day BUT DO NOT WORRY! We want you to do something active this afternoon and next week we will hold our sports day in whatever way we possibly can! Combining our time work in maths, we want you to time yourself doing activities this afternoon. We can measure periods of time, as well as telling us what time of the day it is.

Use a timer to time how long it takes you to do the activities below, write down your scores.

How long does it take you to:

Do 20 star jumps.

Do 15 sit ups.

Run up and down your stairs 3 times.

Skip from one end of your house to the other.

Do 10 knee tucks.

Hop 10 times on each leg.

Do 5 push ups.

Can you think of anything else you could time yourself doing?


Classroom Timers - Fun Timers ( - online timers


Have fun!

End of Day Story

Mrs Hartley is reading today's story, enjoy!

Thanks everyone, don't forget to upload one photo to learning book. love Mrs Patrick and Mrs Bell xxx

Monday 5th July

Well good morning our lovely receptions! We nearly made it to the end of term but these things happen and this week we will be learning here on this page, before our last week together in reception! Mrs Bell has just moved house and has no internet installed yet, so you could be stuck with me this week but she sends her LOVE and HUGS to you all!

I managed to have some fun this weekend before we had to stay in and went for afternoon tea with my family at Lingholm. I hope everyone managed to have some fun too!Love Mrs Patrick xxx

Today's Activities


Morning Hello Video - 


I would like you to read your whole reading book, even if you have read it, read it again for fluency. Then I want you to write all the tricky words from the back of your reading records (the page stuck into the back page). Do it like a little test and get your adult to say the words and then write them down. How many did you get correct? Can you write some sentences with the tricky words in i.e He said he was hot. I like to have cake.

I've attached some tricky words below, remember these words we can't sound out, we have to just remember them!


This week we are learning about time! What is time? How can we tell the time? What time do you go to school? How do we order our day so we don't run out of time? How do we know when to wake up?

Today we are going to think about the order in which we do things in the day to help us understand time. Before we go on to measure amounts of time and learn how to tell the time on a clock.

Watch the story below and then I want you to draw your day into 8 boxes. Starting from when you wake up until you go to bed. What order do you do things? Do you brush your teeth then get dressed? Do you go to school in your pyjamas? How do we know it's lunch time at school? How do we know when it's break time? Do you go to bed and then get up for a bath? Do you brush your teeth then go to sleep? What things to do do in the morning but not in the evening? Order your day into 8 boxes (use more if you need too) by drawing and or writing what you do (pictures below to give you some ideas). 


(85) Read Aloud - What's The Time Mr. Wolf? - YouTube


How To Make Amazing Before &amp; After School Routines [2 Free Downloads]Daily Activities online pdf worksheet




This week we are going to learning about octopuses and jelly fish! Today with an adult I would like you to find out some interesting facts about octopuses and write them down. There's a fact sheet below that you could try and read yourself with some support from an adult when you need it. You could use the internet to find out more facts too! Happy fact finding!


End of Day Story

Today Mrs Robinson is reading you 'Giraffes Can't Dance'.


Well done everyone! Please upload ONE photo to learning book from today so we can see what you did. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

Love Mrs Patrick and Mrs Bell xxxxx