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Early Years- Home Learning

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Hellooooooooo our lovely reception children and families! We hope you've had a fantastic Christmas holidays, we are SO SO sad not to be seeing you this week but we want everyone to be safe! Below are some activities for today's home learning and we will give more information in the next few days. Parents and Carers DO NOT WORRY you will enjoy being a teacher because you are already your child's first educator anyways! We are going to have LOTS of FUN together!


We've all enjoyed the Christmas holidays with our families going on walks, opening presents from Santa, celebrating birthdays, eating too much food and relaxing in front of the telly! 



  • Each day your child will have 3 activities to complete and these activities will be here on this web page.
  • Each week please upload 2 completed activities to 'Learningbook'.
  • Your child has been assigned a member of our early years team who will check the 'Learningbook' and respond to your child's work twice a week once you have uploaded it. 
  • Your child will receive a weekly phone call from their assigned adult, these will begin week beginning 11th January.
  • We will be having weekly class zoom calls, so the children can see each other. These zoom calls will vary in days and times and we will inform you on them in advance via learning book, it will appear as an observation for your child (below is an EXAMPLE of how it will look).

Learning Book App

It will be much easier if you haven't already got the Learningbook app from the app store to get it, as you will receive notifications and can upload photos quicker and easier. Below are some brief instructions to remind you how to upload onto your child's learningbook using the app on your phone. You will need to upload 2 complete activities each week for us to respond to. THANK YOU xxx

Letter Map

Use and or print to help aid your child when writing.

Super Power Tricky Word Maps

Use these on a regular basis to help your child independently read and write their super power tricky words. Remember these words can't be sounded out, they simply need to remember them!

Marking Stamps

Keep in mind the writing stamps when writing to achieve good sentences. 


Ive Got Mt Friday Smile On | Funny good morning memes, Morning quotes  funny, Friday humor

Well we made it everyone! It's Mrs Patrick here for your LAST DAY of homeschooling! Firstly thank you to all you children and your adults, you've done a great job of learning, keeping happy and staying safe during this lockdown. We are so proud of the activities you have completed and the photos you have put on Learning Book.



Please watch our 'Whole School Assembly' from Miss Wilkinson based on John and Peter being courageous

Then today as a treat we just want you to read a book from oxford reading owl and then start at 0 and write to the highest number you know. - Username: StPatsYear1   Password: Reading

Why not try reading a harder book to challenge yourself today, if you have been on pink try red, if you have been on red try yellow

Then spend the rest of your day doing an activity that you love AND get your things ready for Monday, the list is below.



Bring your reading books( please hunt the house as we have quite A LOT missing, thank you) and all your resources in your green book bag.

ALL the work you have been doing, in a book, paper, WHATEVER just bring it in, we have the Learning Book photos but we would like to see your work to see how best to support you in school going forward. 

Bring your PE kit.

Bring in spare socks to keep in school in case yours get wet in the outdoor area.

Order your dinners if you normally choose at home, this does ensure your child gets something they like.

Get to bed early on Sunday night.



The 'Return to School Handbook' has been put onto the school jotter app, so please read this over the weekend so you can be informed of how school will be organised. 

Enter school at the far gate near to the church path like before Christmas and children will enter through the same doors also. Please wear a mask while in the school grounds and keep to social distancing measures.

School times are as normal again 8.50-3.10.

Thank you as always. Mrs Patrick and Mrs Bell. 


We are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited to see you and i'm sure you can't wait to see all your friends too! Have a great weekend and we will see you all on Monday at 8.50am.


Thursday 4th March

Helloooo everyone, Mrs Bell here today! It was so nice to see you yesterday on zoom, if you weren't on zoom we will be ringing you today or tomorrow just to catch up and give you some reminders for Monday.

Do you all know what day it is? It is WORLD BOOK DAY! So all of our work today will be based around our favourite books. This is one of my favourite days! First things first, if you have some dressing up clothes at home go and get dressed up as someone or something from a story book. I have been reading lots of books during this lockdown, there is nothing better than curling up with a good book so enjoy today and see where the books take you! Love Mrs Bell xxx

 See the source image


Here are some pictures of Emilia and Nate from past world book days- can you tell what their favourite books have been over the years?


Mrs Pritchard has planned today's amazing activities please click the link to take you to today's learning.


Wednesday 3rd March

Good morning my darlings, Mrs Patrick here today! How is your week going? I know some of you are maybe taking a week off because we are back at school next week but please try and do one activity a day so that next week isn't such a shock! I've been in school and we've begun having a good sort out in the outdoor area ready for you coming back! Wellies might not fit now, so we'll check them with you next week! After school i went to read my favourite book to someone special and then went for a long walk with my friend Kerri, it feels so good to be outside with the sun shining. 




Phonics - Tricky words

Today we want you to read as many of the tricky words as you can from the photos below and then use 5 tricky words to make 5 sentences. For example:

The cat was fat.

I went to the park.

It was hot on the beach.

Maths - One less and one more

Last week we practise finding one less and more practically and on a number line. Today we would like you to write the numbers that are one less and one more on the sheets below. You can write these out if you can't print them, so don't worry. There are a few sheets so please choose what is appropriate for your child and try a harder one if they need a challenge. 

Topic - Dinosaurs

With an adult look at the fact cards and choose the dinosaur that most interests you and have a go at drawing it. Can you teach someone else in your house the facts that you have learnt about your dinosaur?

End of the Day Story 

This story is a simple one but it reminds me of when my Matilda was little and we went to see the Author Neil Stickland read this story at Reghed. Enjoy!


Tuesday 2nd March

Hello lovelies, it's Mrs Bell here today. Can you believe we are in March already?! The weather has been so much nicer and we have spent lots of time outdoors this week. In school, Mrs Patrick and I have been busy trying to get the outdoor area sorted for when you all return so hopefully all your wellies still fit!  Over the weekend we did a doorstep visit to Emilia, Nate and Theo's grandparents who we haven't seen since before Christmas as they live in a place called Skelton so they are not local. We had lots of fun climbing the trees and playing on the toy tractors they have at their house. We have also been on the cycle track and walked and walked and walked! It still didn't make Nate sleep though! I hope you've managed to get out and about this week and are enjoying the weather too! Have a brilliant day of learning, not long to go until next week! Love Mrs Bell xx


Morning song and dance-  

Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun | Kids Songs | Super Simple Songs - YouTube

( Emilia had to dance to this song for one of her dancing medals, do you know it?)


Today you will be practising your reading and all of the tricky words we have learnt. See if you can read them and write them. These words are very important, remember they can't be sounded out you just need to know them!

the I no go to

he she we me be

was my you they all

If you can read and write the ones above with no problems try the next ones...

are said so how like

some were come little



1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 ....... Which means the number of the week is......
See the source image

Today's task for the number 14

Go for a walk- See how many times you can see the number 14. Can you find it on a door number? Or a car registration? Make a tally to show the amount of times you see it!

What is one less/ one more than 14?

Can you show 14 in different ways? ( numicon/ counters/ buttons/ coins) 

What numbers make 14? Can you find more than one way to make the number 14?

Can you write the number 14? Practice writing it in sand/ water/ in the air

Count backwards from 14

Count 14 different objects

Watch numberblocks Numberblocks - Edgy Fourteen! | Learn to Count - YouTube

Push its- Can you write some addition sentences to make 14? Can you write a subtraction sentence? How many more do you need to make the number 20 number bond? Is 14 an odd or even number? Can you explain why?


Well, who is enjoying our dinosaur topic so far?! I have learnt so much already, who knew that there was so many different types and so many different names! Today we are going to look at Tilly's questions-

When were dinosaurs alive? Where did they live?

Use books or the internet to see if you can answer the questions. Remember to sound out carefully, see if you can remember a capital letter and a full stop.  You could then have a go at making one of the dinosaur small world below. Please send your work into learning book.  

See the source imageSee the source image

See the source image

End of the day story

It is nearly time for World book day!!!! What are your favourite books to read? Nate loves books about dinosaurs, especially fact books so he has chosen todays. It is a fact video all about the T-REX

T-REX FACTS! |Fun & Educational | Dinosaurs For Kids | Best Dinosaur Facts - YouTube



Monday 1st March 

Hello March photos, royalty-free images, graphics, vectors & videos | Adobe  Stock

Good morning my darling and welcome to March and sunnier days! You've got me, Mrs Patrick today! Well what a fab weekend out in the sunshine, we spent lots of time out on the fells, in the park and at the beach! We did a door step visit to Great Grandad and did lots of jobs around the house, so i'm feeling ready for a busy week ahead! I hope you all managed to get out in the sunshine and feel refreshed for your last week on home learning! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Whole School Focus Day

I hope you enjoy the day I have planned for the whole school, it is based on my favourite book, The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse. You guys don't need to listen to the whole book if you think it's to long adults, just pick a few pages that interest you! Have fun and we can't wait to see what you do on learning book!

The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse: Charlie Mackesy:  9781529105100: Books


Friday 26th February

And just like that it's Friday again!!!!!!!!!!! Good morning my little chicks, how are you all? Mrs Patrick here today! Well done we've made it to another Friday and only one week left before we are all back together in school again! Being in school for three days this week made me forget how hard home schooling Matilda is, so well done parents! Yesterday we both did our school work and then after our wifi stop working AGAIN and a longggggggggggggggg phone call to EE we headed to Keswick to walk the new railway path! Being outside is such a great way to feel calm and it definitely helped Matilda and I yesterday! 


Whole School Assembly 

Today's assembly is based on our 'Living and Learning' statement for this half term COURAGE.


'Courageous about the choices they make, and they are curious about the world we live in'

 The Assembly 

The Story Link 


Literacy - Reading and Writing

Today we would like you to read a book and then write some simple sentences using the words from the last page of the book.

Mrs Patrick's Phonics Group : Please read the book below called, Kim, the Bug.

Mrs Bell's Phonics Group: Please read the book below called,That's It! 

Do all the words on the last page make sense? Use the ones that do and write some simple sentences. 

RE - Lenten Promise - Jesus in the Wilderness

Jesus was led to the wilderness so he could understand and trust God's love, he proved his own love and trust in God by passing some temptation tests. During Lent we are often tempted by the things we have given up, have you given up anything? Watch the video and read the power point with an adult and discuss it. Can you make a Lenten promise? What could you give up? Will it be hard to give it up? 

Bible Fun For Kids: Jesus is Tempted

Mindfulness Activity 

We would like you to spend some time doing something that will relax you this afternoon. Maybe you could do some of the mindfulness dinosaur colouring below, go for a walk, read a book as a family or try one of these dinosaur yoga sessions. Enjoy and have a fantastic weekend xxxxxxxxxxx 


Information For Our Focus Day Next Monday
I have planned our focus day next Monday and one of the CHOICE activities will be baking! The links below are cake recipes from the 'Phunky Foods' website, so you can get the ingredients beforehand if you wish to bake! You can of course use your own recipes but why not try a new healthier recipe instead!  The phunky foods website has a great range of recipes and meal ideas, have a search through the recipe section and try some out at home!

Thursday 25th February 

Hey everyone, Mrs Bell here today. I hope you are all ok and have been good for your adults! Were you excited when we found out we were going to be learning about dinosaurs? Carter and Isaac I remember you telling me the names of all the dinosaurs when you came to look around your new classroom, so you will have to help me when you get back to school! If you have dinosaurs at home, find some time to sit and play with them today  and remember to send us some pictures! We love seeing what you get up to at home as well as your school work. 

See the source image

We will send details out tomorrow for a whole early years team zoom for next week- hopefully the last zoom we will need to do! Have a brilliant day, Love Mrs Bell xx


Mrs Bell's group-

Then have a go at reading the short oo and long oo words. 


Mrs Patrick's group-

 Mrs Patrick's group please practice reading and writing these words- 

leg,    lid,     lad,     lit,     lap,    lab,   log,   let,   lot,   lip


Yesterday you were practising to find one more and one less than an amount using toys/ counters/ numicon. We were really impressed with the work you sent us! 

Today we are going to carry on finding one more/ one less but using a number line and numbers. You can use the numberlines below or draw your own. I have included different numberlines choose which one is best for your child.  Choose a number and find less than/ more than.  Again, you could find 2 less / more than, 5 less/ more than. You can write some down if you want or you can just do it practically. See if your child can move the correct way on the numberline, this can be tricky! 



In music today we are going to be....... DINOSAURS! I want you to learn the dinosaur song below and see how well you can sing it. We will sing it altogether when we get back to school! Remember, some dinosaurs are very loud and very noisy! 

                                The big dinosaurs | Early Years - Nursery Rhymes - YouTube

When you have learnt the song, I would like you to make a dinosaur set of castanets like the ones below. If you haven't got bottle tops don't worry, you could use anything that makes a noise like coins, curtain pole rings, buttons.

See the source imageSee the source image

End of the day story

Another brilliant book for you -Crunch Munch Dinosaur Lunch Read Aloud with AHEV Library - YouTube

Wednesday 24th February 

Good morning my darlings, Mrs Patrick here! I've been in school the last 3 days and i'm feeling excited that you'll all be back with us very soon, even though it will be a lot louder and messier :) ! We have loved seeing you all this week when we've dropped your goody bags off, we hope you enjoyed them! Seen as I've been at school I have no photos to share with you, so instead I am sharing one of my favourite quotes from the author Roald Dahl.  

Why Roald Dahl Understood True Beauty – Uplift My Mind


Mrs Bell's Group:

Mrs Patrick's Group: 

Practise reading and spelling these words:

hat     hop   hip    ham   hot   hug   hut   hen   him   had


Tricky Words 

 We want you to spend 10 minutes today practicing reading and writing the tricky word set you are currently working on. The tricky work sheet is just above for you to use. Then please play tricky trucks on phonics play. 

Maths - 1 less and 1 more

 Today we want you to practically find one more and one less than a given number. We want you to practice doing this practically so it can help your 1:1 counting skills as well. Start with numbers to 10 and build up to 20 or even higher, if you are able. As a push it you could do 2 less and more, or even 5 less and more but do it practically. Below are some ideas on how you could do it. We love to see some photos on Learning book of you practising! Have fun!


PE - Dinosaur Yoga 

For today's PE we want you to enjoy the dinosaur yoga session, yoga is a fantastic way to relax and stretch your body. Taking time every day to be calm and relax away from your tablets and the television is very important for your mental health.


Tuesday 23rd February

Hey everyone, Mrs Bell here! Did all your adults watch Boris on TV last night? We can not wait to have you all back with us!

Lots of exciting things have been happening in the Bell household over half term, we finally got our house on the market ( now the task of trying to keep it clean and tidy!) Theo took his first steps, my cousin had a beautiful baby boy called Jacob and I am going to be an aunty again! It was lovely to see some of you when we dropped off a little something at your houses - don't worry if you haven't got yours yet we will be calling one day this week. Have a brilliant day of learning. Love Mrs Bell xxx

Morning song- Because I am in a happy mood and the sun is shining whilst I am uploading your work, let's all have a sing and dance to- the source image


Mrs Bell's group-

Mrs Patrick's group-

Then adults, get your child to practice spelling; bed, bat, bad, beg, bin, box, bun, bus, big, bug, bib and have a go at this sheet if you have a printer or copy into your books.


- Today we are carrying on with number of the week after all of our shape, space and measure work before the holidays. Today's number is .........

 Watch numberblocks to find out all about 13.


 Tasks you could do/ investigate- Can you draw 13 objects?

Can you count forwards and backwards to and from 13?

Can you write 13?

Can you find one more than / less than 13?

Can you show 13 in different ways?

Draw the 13 numberblock

Push it - Is there anything special about the number 13? ( Think odd/ even numbers)

What numbers make 13? How many different ways can you make 13? Can you write some addition sentences to show this? Can you make a subtraction number sentence?

Topic  Watch the video to find out what this half terms topic is all about. I don't think you will be disappointed!

Please upload your child's questions to learning book.

    See the source image

End of the day story

Today's story is all about dinosaurs, it is called ' dinosaurs in my school.' Have you ever saw a dinosaur in school? What would you do if you did! Listen to the story and see what the children did.

See the source image

Monday 22nd February

HELLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO my darlings!!!! How are you all? Mrs Patrick here today! I have missed you all so much this week can you believe?! I've managed to have some well needed rest too, along with getting out for walks, baking, crafting, eating, door step Valentine treats, watching movies, receiving an amazing drawing off my friend and actually doing my hair and make up.... well for one day anyways! It has been a great week ready to start a new half term, i hope you are all feeling the same!

Monday Whole School focus

Mr Reid has planned a fantastic day for us today.................... 'Our Earth', have a great day, we would love to see some of your activities on Learning Book!