St. Patrick's Catholic Primary School

Making learning irresistible

The Catholic Life of the School

Our Mission Statement has recently been written by the children, along with Father Paul, Miss Wilkinson, and Mrs Pritchard. The children were very keen to include what was important/ special to them. We are very proud of our Mission Statement as we feel it captures the very essence of our lovely school.


Below is a copy of our most recent Section 48 (RE inspection) document.


What do we teach in Religious Education?

In RE, we are following a new scheme called 'Come and See'. This new scheme has recently been composed in response to the changes in the Religious Education Curriculum Directory. It is split up into nine themes, of which the whole school work on at the same time. There is a large focus on Scripture, as well as a large amount of resources available to enhance the teaching of RE in school. Teachers will adapt the scheme, when necessary, for it to achieve maximum impact.

In addition to the 'Come and See' scheme, children will explore other learning linked to our faith. This could be anything from finding out about CAFOD and the impact it has on those less fortunate than us, to learning about our class saint. We also use the area around us, for example our parish church, to enhance our learning and deepen our faith. We are looking forward to having some guest speakers to enrich our curriulum.

In our school, we view the teaching of RE as a fundamental part of a child's education. At every opportunity, RE is linked with other subjects, such as writing where children might compose a persuasive leaflet for fundraising, to role playing/ discussing our role in our community, in PSHE.


Below is an overview of the themes covered by each year group over an academic year: