St. Patrick's Catholic Primary School

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What is PSHE?

In St Patrick’s Primary School we define PSHE as the aspects of our school's provision through which pupils acquire the knowledge, skills and understanding that they need to manage their lives, now and in the future as they become adults. PSHE develops the qualities and attributes that our pupils need to thrive as individuals, family members and members of society.


How is PSHE taught?

PSHE is a top priority in our school. We place great emphasis upon the personal and academic development of our pupils and believe that they will not achieve their full potential academically unless we meet their personal and social needs. PSHE does not exist in isolation here, it is part of our culture and ethos.

All pupils at St Patrick's get to take part in the Kidsafe prgram run by our trained practioner Mrs E McDowell. This program helps them learn to recognise the signs of abuse and potentially harmful situations and develop the confidence and self worth to know what to do to keep themselves safe. We also cover kidsafe topics such as;

  • Private Places
  • Trusted Grownups
  • Keeping Safe Online
  • Bullying
  • Yukky Feelings
  • Self Esteem and Confidence