St. Patrick's Catholic Primary School

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This page will have all of your homework tasks. Homework is given on a Monday and should be returned on a Friday; it should be completed in your homework book. 

Week beginning 10th May, 2021



Mrs Pritchard's read Chapter 14&15

Mr Reid's read Chapters 9, 10 &11

Read the above chapters. Your task is to choose two characters and explore the relationship between them during these chapters. For example, you might explore how they have become friends, or there is competition between them. You need to write about their relationship and support it with text evidence. You might like to focus on two or three different elements of their relationship - they are friendly but competitive (for example). Please write ONE FULL page on this in your home learning book. A high standard of presentation, appropriate punctuation, and a good level of writing is expected. 


Please practise the following words for a test on Friday







Below is a code breaker sheet. Use the equations at the bottom to find what number represents each letter. then use these to decode the message from the numbers below the blank spaces.