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This page will have all of your homework tasks. Homework is given on a Monday and should be returned on a Friday; it should be completed in your homework book.

Homework should be of the same standard as in school - use a ruler and a blue or black pen. If you need any of these, please ask your teacher. 

Should you need any support, please speak to your teacher BEFORE THURSDAY. 

If homework is not completed, you will be at a disadvantage because we use it to support our learning in school. 

Week beginning Reading   Spelling Maths
 10th January, 2022

Mrs Pritchard/ Mrs Reid's Class

Read up to page 21 of 'Pegasus'. Identify three characters that you have met in this paragraph and write 5/6 lines about each of them. Include two pieces of evidence from the text to  support what you have said about each character. 

Mr Reid's Class

Read Chapters 6&7 of 'Why the Whales Came'. Focus on the character of Gracie. Identify five ways in which she has changed up up to this point in the story; for example, she might be more confident than she was earlier on. Provide evidence to support each point. 

As usual, please complete the assigned task on Spellingframe. Use your logins to access the test.  

Complete the sheet in your homework book. 
17th January, 2022

Mrs Pritchard/ Mrs Reid's Class

Please read up to page 40 of Pegasus. Compose seven questions/ answers that you would ask Paelen when he was in the hospital bed. Use evidence from the text to support you. 

Mr Reid's Class

Please read Chapters 8 & 9.

Summarise the key events of these chapters in 10 bullet points. 

As usual, please complete the assigned task on Spellingframe. Use your logins to access the test.  

Rectilinear Shapes

This week, we are recapping how to find the areas of compound shapes. There is a sheet attached in the files section to complete in your books. If you get stuck, use this website: 

24th January, 2022

Mrs Pritchard/ Mrs Reid's Class 

Read Chapter 5. 

Please think about the relationship between Emily and Pegasus in this chapter. What type of relationship have they got - do they trust each other? Are they friends? Is one of them wary of the other? 

Draw the scene of them on the roof - the way they interact/ their positions etc. should reflect their relationship. Choose five key quotes that indicate what their relationship is like - explain what each of the quotes tells us. Write the quote/ explanation around your picture. 

Mr Reid's Class

Read Chapters  10 & 11.

Who was the hero in these chapters? 

Draw a picture of the character you have chosen - the picture should reflect what they look like at this point in the story (for example, are they standing strong and proud?). Around the picture, you need to provide five points to support why they are the hero - each point requires a quote from the text to support it. 

As usual, please complete the assigned task on Spellingframe. Use your logins to access the test.  



This week's focus is a summary of the decimals work you have completed over the past fortnight.  The sheet is below.

The calculation questions need set our correctly and in a neat organised way in your book.

Once you have completed them, explain which would be easier with mental methods and explain why you think this.

Use these videos if you are stuck: 


31st January, 2022

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