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This page will have all of your homework tasks. Homework is given on a Monday and should be returned on a Friday; it should be completed in your homework book. 

Week beginning: 18th October  2021


*You have written the date and underlined it with a ruler.

*Your work is neat and organised. 

*You have used a black pen (get one from school if you need one).

*It is the best work you can do!


Mrs Pritchard's class please read Chapter 10 of Why the Whales Came. 

Please answer the following questions in your homework book (in full sentences):

  • What simile is used to describe Mother? (pg 136)
  • On pg 137, what does the word 'sympathetic' mean? Why is it used? 
  • Who visits Gracie's house (pg 139) and why does he come? Find a quote to support your answer. 
  • Why does Gracie's mother think the dog has seen Gracie before?
  • Find and copy a word on pg 141 that means 'very tired'.
  • Summarise the chapter in ten words. 

Mr Reid's class please read the poem in the documents list.

Beverly Naidoo, the author of Journey to Jo'Burg, also wrote some poems. Read the poem both silently and aloud.  Please fidn the poem in the document list.

Explain your impression of the poem using these questions to help structure your response.

  • Which lines stand out most? Why? 
  • What is the poem about?
  • What is the purpose of the poem?
  • How does the poem link to the messages from journey to Jo'Burg?


You are going to be tested on five spellings. These are on:


You must complete the tasks on Spellingframe so we can monitor your progress. 


Maths this week is focused on a recap of essential skills that we have revisited this year and some from the end of Year 5. The sheet is in the document list below. (Stage 5 Check 14a)



 Stage 5 Check 14a.docDownload
 They tried to lock up freedom POEM.docxDownload
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