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Welcome to our Year 6 Home Learning page.  #homeschooling #stayhomestaysafe        Welcome to our Year 6 Home Learning page.  #homeschooling #stayhomestaysafe

Home Learning

Each day, we will upload a task to this page that will direct what you need to do. This will include a Maths and English task, and another task linked to either Topic, RE or Science.

We really encourage you to do these as it will help to keep you learning. Below are the daily tasks, resources and websites that you need. At the bottom of this page is further information to support your home learning.


We are hoping to be able to share some of our prayers with Fr Paul over the coming weeks, so that he can read them during the regular church services.  If you would like to write a prayer for us to send then please do!  These can be emailed to school :


Daily Message

Good morning Year 6! Can you believe we have had two weeks off school! I hope you’re all doing okay and have been helpful at home. How are the Easter projects coming along? I have been doing some gardening this week, but my biggest challenge has been stopping Louis from winding Daisy up!! He is relentless! We have been having our daily walk - below is a picture of us the other day when we took Ned out. We had to take him out because he’s been feeling a bit sad because I think he’s used to having peace through the day when we’re all usually at work and school. I’ve added a picture of Ned being dramatic too (I'm not sure who he takes after???!!) 



So... the website appears to be having a bit of a meltdown (as are we after it took so long to do in the first place). We'll get it back up and running soon. I'll add it to the list Mrs Reid has for me.

Enjoy the rest of Easter!



Please take care everyone. 

I miss you all!

Lots of love, 

Mrs P xxxxx


Daily message

We know it's hard being stuck in the house, but you are being part of the national effort to protect our amazing NHS so they can work hard to care for all those that need it. Even though you're in your homes, you can still have fun and follow Zach's words....


Easter Project

You'll be pleased to hear that over the next 2 weeks, you haven't got any daily work but instead have this project. It's something a little different and we hope you enjoy exploring Easter with your families.

Monday, 23rd March 





Tuesday, 24th March







Wednesday, 25th March








Thursday, 26th March










Friday, 27th March







Useful links

Below we've put some links which you should use to support your learning whilst at home. There are also a couple of documents you might find useful.



Khan Academy

Times Tables Rockstars


Image result for english title


It is very important to continue to read every day! When you read your chosen books from school, you may want to do some follow-up tasks like we do in our guided reading sessions. Please try and do some of these a couple of times a week and record in your home-learning book. We know that all of you are more than capable of creating your own tasks - but just in case you need some ideas, here are some....

  • Explain the character's personality - support with evidence from the text. 
  • Character development - how does the character change throughout story? 
  • Character comparison - how do characters compare in different texts?
  • Making predictions - what is going to happen next in the story? 
  • Writing a sequel - write the opening chapter of the next book.




If you get bored of the Playstation...