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Welcome to our Year 6 Home Learning page.  #homeschooling #stayhomestaysafe        Welcome to our Year 6 Home Learning page.  #homeschooling #stayhomestaysafe

Home Learning

Each day, we will upload a task to this page that will direct what you need to do. This will include a Maths and English task, and another task linked to either Topic, RE or Science.

We really encourage you to do these as it will help to keep you learning. Below are the daily tasks, resources and websites that you need. At the bottom of this page is further information to support your home learning.


The weekly tasks are on the drop down from class pages/ Year 6/ Homelearning/ week beginning





Useful links

Below we've put some links which you should use to support your learning whilst at home. There are also a couple of documents you might find useful.



Khan Academy

Times Tables Rockstars

BBC Bitesize

 NRich : Challenges and Games


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It is very important to continue to read every day! When you read your chosen books from school, you may want to do some follow-up tasks like we do in our guided reading sessions. Please try and do some of these a couple of times a week and record in your home-learning book. We know that all of you are more than capable of creating your own tasks - but just in case you need some ideas, here are some....

  • Explain the character's personality - support with evidence from the text. 
  • Character development - how does the character change throughout story? 
  • Character comparison - how do characters compare in different texts?
  • Making predictions - what is going to happen next in the story? 
  • Writing a sequel - write the opening chapter of the next book.




If you get bored of the Playstation...