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Huricane Dorian

 At the start of term, hurricane Dorian struck the Bahamas and Florida.  As this was a current event, we looked at what causes hurricanes and where they develop.  Children researched and found our that typhoons and cyclones are just different names and it's the location of the tropical storm that determines if it is a hurricane, typhoon or cyclone.  We discussed the impact that such a destructive storm will have on the local communities and created a mindmap of our ideas.  We pray that God may support those that have suffered tremendous loss at this time.




Our disasters studies have brought us to investigate the disaster of Titanic.

We have studied the social class order and looked at different sources of historical evidence (primary and secondary) and compared the differences in provision made for each class of passenger.  After analysing the data of survival and death rates, we quickly realised how better off the first class passengers really were. 


Using our geographical mapping skills, the children plotted the course that Titanic set sail on and located the wreckage using longitudinal and latitudinal co-ordinates. 

We will soon be studying how ice-bergs form and travel across the ocean.  To complete our study we will be evaluating evidence from the inquest and debate the issue of: WHO WAS REALLY TO BLAME?