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Welcome to Year 5 science!

Over the year we'll look at circulatory system, forces, properties and changes of materials and reproduction and life cycles but for now we are studying space to coincide with National space week beginning Oct 4th.


Space - The final frontier   


We have been very fortunate to have visitors from the

London Museum of Science come to visit our school on Tuesday 1st Oct . 

Pupils from KS2 were joined by Montreal Primary School children for a show that was:


Here are some photos from the day!


Here the team launched a dog astronaut strapped by a "seatbelt" to a bottle rocket.    

The photo below shows hydrogen gas being burnt to demonstrate how it is used as rocket fuel. 

All astronauts get hungry and water is very heavy to transport into space (£7,000 for 1 Litre), so food is freeze-dried.  A favourite food is ice-cream, which was made using liquid nitrogen here in this photo.


Inside our bodies we have organs that are soft.  Here is Mr Potato head with shaving foam insides. All of the air was removed from the container causing the foam to escape his body.  Astronauts need to wear protective suits to prevent this from happening to their insides.  Yuckk!

This photo shows how astronauts use a special filter to recycle water (including their own urine) into drinking water, and yes she really did drink it afterwards!!


Finally, when astronauts return to Earth they need protection against the friction caused by the shuttle re-entering Earth's atmosphere.  Scientists used their knowledge of materials to develop a protective shield to cover the shuttle in.  Here is astronaut dog (with the lady's mobile on his head to prove it works) demonstrating how a blow torch won't burn him (or the phone).




The circulatory system 

Computer generated animation of a beating human heartBy DrJanaOfficial - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link


This half term, we will be exploring the parts of the heart and the function of the valves. We'll also be using VR to dive into a blood vessel to discover what blood is actually made of.


Here is a sneak peek!


In addition to all of this, we'll be exploring how exercise affects our heart rate and health, so pack your trainers!