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If you need any help or want me to post more guidance videos or activities, then complete the guestbook at the bottom of the page - remember internet safety and only use your first name.  I can't reply to you but I can post on the web page to help you. This is the only way currently for you to contact us Y5 teachers at the moment.

Top tips:     Have a routine to your day - have a break at our normal time of 10:30 and play in the garden or walk the dog if you have one, for 15 minutes. Have an hour lunch break and do something fun that you enjoy.  You should be spending about an hour on each task set and then do some of the extra learning such as reading, spelling and times table practise using the sites listed below.  Work in a space where you can use a table and away from distractions - so turn off the TV!  If stuck, ask an adult or go online to find the answer - but give it a go as St Patrick's children are RESILIENT!! 

Be patient and obedient to your parents - this is tough on them also.  You can do this!! You are AWESOME kids!

**You can do the lessons in any order you want, just as long as you do them all.  **

                                STAR CHALLENGE FOR THE WEEK          

Remember to keep to our living and learning statements.   

St Patrick's children are: Loving in their actions and words.

Do something kind and unexpected for someone at home sometime this week.   

In your book: record the date you did your challenge, what you did that was kind.  Explain their response and how it made you feel. 

  Monday 23rd March  Join us and others at 9am with the Body coach for PE in your house (see details below!)

Hope you liked my video above.  I have started my own Youtube channel Mrs G's lesson lockdown - more will come soon. Unfortunately, you can't leave comments on my Youtube channel so use the guestbook below but be patient as it takes time before I see them before they are released on here!   

RE: Gospel reflection    As a family share this Sunday’s Gospel.                              

John 9:1, 6-9, 13-17, 34-36 

As Jesus was walking along, he saw a man who had been born blind.  After he said this, Jesus spat on the ground and made some mud with the spittle; he rubbed the mud on the man’s eyes and said, “Go and wash your face in the Pool of Siloam.” (This name means “Sent”.) So the man went, washed his face, and came back seeing. His neighbours, then, and the people who had seen him begging before this, asked, “Isn’t this the man who used to sit and beg?” Some said, “He is the one,” but others said, “No he isn’t; he just looks like him.” So the man himself said, “I am the man.”  Then they took to the Pharisees the man who had been blind.  The day that Jesus made the mud and cured him of his blindness was a Sabbath.  The Pharisees, then, asked the man again how he had received his sight. He told them, “He put some mud on my eyes; I washed my face, and now I can see.” Some of the Pharisees said, “The man who did this cannot be from God, for he does not obey the Sabbath law.” Others, however, said, “How could a man who is a sinner perform such miracles as these?” And there was a division among them. So the Pharisees asked the man once more, “You say he cured you of your blindness – well, what do you say about him?” “He is a prophet,” the man answered. They answered, “You were born and brought up in sin – and you are trying to teach us?” And they expelled him from the synagogue. When Jesus heard what had happened, he found the man and asked him, “Do you believe in the Son of Man?” The man answered, “Tell me who he is, sir, so that I can believe in him!”  

 Response questions to discuss as a family.

1. Consider how Jesus treated this man. Compare this with the Pharisees’ response. What can we learn from this? 

2. The Pharisees thought they were doing what God wanted but ended up working against God. How can we avoid doing this ourselves? 

3. Does the Gospel remind you of any other stories from The Bible? 

 Choose one of the reflection questions above and provide a written response in your home learning journal. 

Literacy: Writing an incident report.

Using the annotated example given on Friday of a police incident report about Titanium, write your own version as though you are the reporting police officer. Remember to include all of the features and use some of your Y5 objectives.   For those of you who were off on Friday already, the given example is below.

You can have your name as the officer's name if you wish.

Click here for Titanium video


Maths: Decimals and Place value.   Use your Khan Academy login and complete the 3 assignments sent to you Friday about decimals and the place value.  This is a recap of what we started in class last week and for those of you who were absent, it is a chance for you to catch up.  Remember that we can see your performance scores.  In your book write the date and title and write a reflection of what you learned and how well you did answering the questions.

Independent project: Planning   

See the information at the bottom of the page for more details, this was shared with you in school. 

Today, decide on your project subject.  Discuss with people at home and make a plan of what your project will cover.  Decide on what activities you’ll do during your project, see examples at the bottom to help.  Remember that this is an on-going project to last a few weeks and you’ll be presenting it when back at school.

In your book, write out a plan detailing what your project is about; what you will find out through your research; how you will present this (activities you'll do).   


Tuesday 24th March     Join us and others at 9am with the Body coach for PE in your house (see details below!)

Please use the links below for videos on Mrs G's lesson lockdown channel. Click on each link to be directed to that video and return here for the next link.

You will find a video for:

The new science at home video was posted yesterday (apologies that the link didn't work, I'm still learning) with an activity that takes 1-2 days as preparation for science later in the week, so have a look if you want to join in and do at home.     

Click here for science part 1 video

Maths task 1

1). 456.79  Expanded form = (4 x 100) + (5 x 10) + (6 x 1) + (7 x 1/10 ) + (9 x 1/100 )    N.b / is fraction line, you write as you'd normally would
                    Word form = Four hundred fifty-six and seventy-nine hundredths
2). 312.11   Expanded form =
                    Word form = 
3). 109.06   Expanded form =
                    Word form = 
4). 45.92     Expanded form =
                    Word form =
5). 32.9       Expanded form =
                   Word form =
6). 818.7    Expanded form =
                   Word form =

Maths task 2 - just write out in word form as given followed by the standard numerical form (in digits).

1). Three hundred and twenty-nine and fifty-five hundredths
2). Eighteen and four tenths
3). Two thousand, six hundred and thirty and eighty-six hundredths
4). Twenty-one and six tenths
5). Five thousand, three hundred and seventy-eight and thirteen hundredths
6). One hundred and sixty-nine and fifty-four hundredths
7). Forty-eight and eighty-six hundredths
8). Five hundred and ninety-seven and two tenths
9). Sixty-seven and nine tenths
10). Six thousand and sixty-one and seven tenths

Guided reading Class 10 only - Superheroes for Tuesday

Click on the link below and you'll be directed the text tab 1 and questions tab 2.  Please write the date and text title Superheros and answer the questions in your book.

Click here:



Guided reading Class 9 only - Harriet the spy for Tuesday

Read chapter 2, and answer the questions below in your book.

  1. How does Harriet describe her mother?
  2. Write an expanded noun phrase to describe Ole Golly's bedroom.
  3. What advice does Ole Golly give to Harriet? P27-28
  4. What type of sandwich has Harriet taken to school for the past five years.
  5. What is the name of Harriet's school? Where is it?
  6. How does Harriet describe Miss Whitehead?
  7. Write an expanded noun phrase to describe Harriet's bedroom. Remember to use part of the question, as part of the answer.

 An Expanded noun phrase provides extra information about the noun.

Remember to include a determiner, adjective and a prepositional phrase.

Enjoy!     Miss Harrison xxxx


Wednesday 25th March Join us and others at 9am with the Body coach for PE in your house (see details below!)        

Please use the links below for videos.  Click on each link to be directed to that video and return here for the next link.

Videos for:

Additional tasks for Wednesday without videos that you need to do:

Project work:  Writing an introduction. 

Using your plan, write an introduction in your book.   Decide what you need to research first and write some questions that you want to find the answers to so you are prepared when you start your research.

Reading:     You should be reading for at least 20 minutes every day.  This will help you develop your knowledge of vocabulary and is a means to escape to a different place (where ever your book setting is).  You should have a book from school or read a book of your choice but it must be Y5 level - Roald Dahl Charlie's chocolate factory is NOT Y5 level.  

 If you like David Walliams, why not join in at 11am to listen to him read a different book each day.

   Click here for


Thursday 26th March     

Daily message Video:   Washing hands is so, so, so important... even if you are a chameleon.  Inspired by Chloe, here is a video showing how it should be done... Click here to see the handwashing chameleon.     Wonder what it was singing as it did so?


Don't forget to send me your song requests - only 1 and it has to suitable and relevant.

Only message once please as I am getting them, but I will not share your requests out on the comment feature below.


Science part 2 with the egg - Click here for video about what to do next!!

9am The Body coach for PE in your house   


11am David Walliams daily read - please use the link above from Wed. Wonder what the book is today?

Literacy: Writing a prequel

Read the prequel below (the story of what happened before the start of the video story).  Look at how the author uses different sentence types and openers to make it interesting to read.  Find an example of show not tell.   

It was a cold February morning, and nerves gnawed at my stomach as I walked to school that day: it was the day of the science test I had been dreading. Snow fell from the grey sky, tingling my nose and cheeks as I pulled my hat over my ears and wrapped my coat around me. The walk was quieter than usual, almost eerie, and even the birds hadn’t seemed to have woken up yet. The ominous silence served only to intensify my growing anxiety about the tests. Onwards I trudged, kicking the fresh powder up with my old hiking boots and wishing that Mum had the money to order me the new ones when I’d asked her last week; these had holes in the soles and my socks were starting to soak. Since it was so quiet, I decided to take the short cut through Bertram’s Woods. Tree trunks were heavy with snow, their limbs almost bowing under the weight, and the light gradually disappeared the further in I ventured. Then suddenly, I stopped in my tracks. Up ahead, slightly off to the right, there was a sound. I knew the noise I had heard was not snow falling from branches and there wouldn’t be a car for miles. There it was again...a bang, followed by a bright flash of light. As my eyes struggled to adjust to the intense brightness, a piercing, high-pitched noise that made my ears ring surged at me like a weapon, and within moments, it forced me to collapse to the ground in a cold, wet heap. I looked up, blinking and dazed, and could just about make out a shape, something like the silhouette of a figure, as it leapt upwards high into the trees and out of sight. Sweat poured from my brow and my heart beat faster than it ever had before. Then it began. I felt a tingling sensation in the palms of my hands, itchy at first but then more like a fizzing under my skin, and it felt as though my skin was too tight. Dizziness and nausea took over. I tried to scream but no sound came out: I was crippled by fear. Without warning, I felt a surge like an electric shock shooting through my body. A flash of light suddenly shot from my hands and cut through a nearby oak tree, severing it in half and sending it tumbling towards me. I summoned up all of my strength and staggered to my feet. I leaned forwards to run, but my legs felt as though volts had been passed through them and I lurched into an oddly rapid pace. Usually, it would take twenty minutes to complete that track back through the forest to the road, but I had just done it in less than one. How? What had happened to me? How had I run that fast yet couldn’t remember a single step of my path? What on earth had I seen in the woods? I knew, whatever it was, it wasn’t human and I knew it had done something to me. 


Your task is to write your own prequel story - different to mine!  It must end with the boy in the school corridor (you are telling the story before the video begins and you could include how he got his powers - thanks Ruby for the query).  Plan your ideas first and thinking about how you will:  

  • Use descriptive language and similes 
  • Use show not tell and emotive words to show his feelings 
  • Make sure you give your reader the answers to 5W questions (who, what, where, when, why) within your story
  • Write in 1st person as the boy 
  • Use Y5 objectives - you have the sheet from school with examples.

Remember to read and edit.  Then share it with someone at home by reading it to them or phone each other or a family member who lives in another house e.g. grandparents!  

Maths: Rounding decimals to the nearest whole number

  1. Make sure you've completed yesterday's Khan Academy tasks - some of you haven't done them all.  Deadline 8pm today.          Shout out on Friday to all of those of you who have.   

***Problem identified - if you do not click show summary and done at the end of a task and let it take you back to the list it doesn't register as completed.  Instead some of you are using the list of tasks on the left side of screen -DON'T.

If this is you then sorry but - You'll have to do them AGAIN.  ***

     2. Watch the following video on rounding decimal numbers to the next whole number. Pause the video and have a go at the questions he gives before proceeding on to the answers.  Click here for rounding decimal numbers

     3.  Can you remember our rounding rhyme from class?  See if you can write it out in your book.  Then try these in your books -           a) 8 . 2       b) 4 . 3        c) 8 . 6       d) 9 . 7       e) 2 . 8     f) 5 . 7    g) 4 .7       h) 0 . 2    i) 7 . 6     j) 2 . 9


RE: Sacrifices made in the name of Jesus

Read the news article on the following link.  It mentions Kolbe Maximillian, a priest we studied in before in RE lessons. 

Click here for news article   DO NOT DONATE MONEY ON THE ADVERT AT THE TOP!! Your parents wouldn't be happy. 

In your books, answer the following questions:

1. Why do you think Father Giuseppe Berardelli did what he did?  Reflect on our RE lessons to help you give a detailed answer.

2. Explain why parishioners (church goers) compare him to Kolbe?

3. Write a prayer for Father Giuseppe Berardelli, thanking him for his service, faith, belief, generosity, and courage.  Pray for those who are grieving him, for God's love and comfort.  Pray for the person he helped and their family.  Pray for our health services and those who are lonely, scared, sick or bereaved.  Consider lighting a candle (only with an adult) and praying together as a family - we all need it right now.  


Friday 27th March

Daily message video:   Please watch to the end for Friday celebration for Khan Academy completion.

New video below - apologies for earlier error!

Click here for today's message video  


Today is my birthday and I am feeling blessed with a loving family after receiving many cards and messages.  Currently, my husband and 2teenage sons are destroying my kitchen (or at least it sounds like they are) to make me a cake.  They don't have a clue how to bake and I no doubt will spend tomorrow cleaning - you know how fastidious I am! 

Going off-line to spend quality time with my family and be on stand by with one of these:

Have some family fun together watch this video clip with your parents - and NO Alix I am not old enough to have been around when the original was first released!! 

Click here with parents for a treat song and have a boogie 

Maths: Nothing set today other than practice times tables using soundcheck on TTR so I can get an up to date score.  Remember that you need to take responsibility for learning and you can practice as much as necessary to improve. You can do the Arena and Studio as well.  Why not challenge your friends.

Literacy: Comprehension on The Listeners.

Read the text below called the Listeners.  Then in your book complete the questions that follow the text.

The Listeners. Based on the poem by Walter de la Mare
“Is there anybody there?” The Traveller rapped the heavy iron ring against the dark oak door at
the entrance to an unknown place. Pale moonlight cast dappled shadows across the frame. Thick
ferns blanketed the ground, their heavy dew soaking into the Traveller’s boots. The only noise was
a soft crunch as the Traveller’s horse chewed on the grass. All other sounds seemed insignificant as
if heard through a thick mist.
A sleek, blackbird streaked from a stone turret that towered overhead. The Traveller stepped back,
startled. With anger in his fist, he leapt forwards and rapped again on the door. “Is there anybody
there?” he asked.
Nobody answered. He pressed his ear to the door and listened. There was nothing but endless,
eerie silence. He glanced up at a window-lined with ivy. He half-expected to see somebody staring
down into his perplexed, grey eyes. Yet there was nothing. The icy fingers of terror sneaked
between the layers of his coats and played about his beating heart.
Perhaps if he had known the truth of the manner, he would have been more scared still. For he
was being listened to on the other side of the door. Beyond the dark oak and the ivy-lined sill, the
Listeners listened. They stood and listened to the voice of the Traveller, as though it had travelled
itself through a thick mist.
Along the empty hallways of the house, they drift ed. Were they there before they hearkened the
strange voice from the world of men? Or did they only exist in the air stirred and shaken by the
Traveller’s loud calls? Whatever their reasons, the Listeners listened, beyond the oak and the ivy lined sill.
Their presence hadn’t gone unnoticed. The Traveller’s skin prickled at something he couldn’t
explain. Somewhere in his icy heart, he felt a strangeness; their stillness an answer to his call.
Once more, he smote the door; louder this time, more urgent. He lift ed his head and shouted, “Tell
them I came.” He waited a while for their absent answer. “Tell them that I kept my word,” he cried.
Beyond the oak, the Listeners listened but never stirred. Every word the Traveller spoke fell like
iron echoes in the shadowy stillness of the house. Though they knew that he was the last man left
awake, they remained silent.

They remained silent and listened to the sound of a foot being slipped into a stirrup. They heard
the rasp of iron shoes on cobblestones and heeded the silence that surged softly over them as the
last man left awake departed.

Questions for books: Answers posted on Monday

1. What are “dappled shadows”?
2. What does the phrase “with anger in his fist” tell you about how he knocked the door?
3. Find an example of personification within the text.
4. The author has used examples of alliteration within the text. What impact does this have?
5. What does the word “absent” tell you about the Listener’s answer?
1. The attitude of the Traveller changes over the story. Explain how.
2.  How many times does he knock on the door?
3.  What do you think the Listeners are?
4.  What do you think it means when it says “the last man left awake”?
5. Why was the Traveller desperate for the Listeners to know he kept his word? Who do you
think “them” is?

Science: How are nutrients transported around the body?

Video lesson with task.  Watch to the end to find out more about the eggsperiment! :-) Click here for the science lesson

Monday 30th March to Friday 3rd April

  1. I will post a science video to explain the egg experiment on Monday.
  2. I will post other things, links and videos that I find that I think you might be interested in, so please check on this page occasionally.
  3. I will leave this week's work on just in case you haven't finished or if you've been ill and need to catch up. 
  4. Miss Wilkinson has asked us to give you a project to do over the 2-week "holidays".  You have your project to work on - be creative and do as much as you possibly can.  Below are some suggestions for what activities you could do, but try to do more than1.  I could have given you all a project to do, but I thought that I'd let you choose a subject that you are interested in instead so that you'd be more enthused about doing it.  I am disappointed that some are saying this is an optional task - you should do this so that you are developing your skills in researching, planning, creating, explaining and presenting.  You need these skills next year and beyond!  Besides, it'll stop you from getting bored. Don't stress over it and don't stress your parents over it. 

    Independent Project

    We would like you to work on a project of your choice.  Think of something that you are interested in, for example, your favourite animal, space or a historical event. It can not be about a person!! If you're stuck thinking about a project, then you could continue your learning about the Vikings or China.  It has to be factual and worked on regularly.

    Your project could be made up of a combination of: 

    • Diagrams 
    • Art 
    • Model making 
    • Powerpoints 
    • Drama videos 
    • Podcasts 
    • Stories or written explanations  
    • Other ideas you may have - be innovative (create ideas and new ways!)

    Make sure that you use a range of these to make it interesting for your audience.  You will be sharing when you are back at school.

    Have fun and be a detective to find out as much as you can.  Be creative in how you present this and take photos as you progress through your project

  5. Miss Wilkinson would like photos of you and your rainbow pictures sent to this email address below:

Take care and have some fun and return during the week -especially Holy week.


Once completed you can do some of the learning activities below, particularly spelling and TTR.

If you are still bored, why not check out some of these websites or activities below:

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