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This page showcases some of the fantastic work we have produced in Year 4! 

Year 4 

We have made a collaborative piece of art work together. We each painted a plastic bottle flower and created our class rainbow. 

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This is what we are learning this term in year 4. 


We will be writing our own dream giver stories about a creature who gives dreams to children but an accident happens and a children gets sucked into a nightmare. Can the dream giver help save the child from the nightmare creature.

                                  The Dream Giver

Brigham-Young University - The Dream Giver | SideFX

We  are writing Haiku Poems about the different seasons.


Explanation Texts

We are writing explanations about how the water cycle works and about the mummification process.       


             The mummification process | Steps of Mummification process | How the mummification  process took place

Power of Reading 

We will be reading the fairy tale 'The Tinder Box' and creating our own version of the story. 

The Tinderbox by Andersen, Hans Christian Paperback Book The Cheap Fast Free

Newspaper Reports

We will be writing a newspaper report about Howard Carter's discovery of Tutankhamun. 

 A newspaper article about Tutankhamun | Teaching Resources


Mathematics Display Banner (SB31) - SparkleBox

This term we will be learning about place value (numbers to 1000) , addition and subtraction and multiplication and division. 


Ancient Egypt Display Banner (SB4983) - SparkleBox

This term we are learning about Ancient Egypt. We will be learning about the time line of the main events during this period, the discovery of Tutankhamun , mummification, who built the pyramids, daily life and so much more. 


State of Matter - Changing State Posters | Teaching Resources

In science this term we will be learning about the different states of matter and how they can be changed. We are going to investigate how quickly different sizes of ice lollies melt, what material is the best insulator, the water cycle and about the famous scientist Joseph Priestley. 

Guided Reading

 This term we will be reading the book 'Iron Man' written by Ted Hughes and comparing it to the poem and the film. 

We will also be reading the 'Iron Women'.

Religious Education Display Banner (SB2602) - SparkleBox

This term we are learning about the different parts of mass, reading the gospel and our class saint St Francis.

Catholic Mass ~ The Four Parts of The Liturgy ~ Interactive Template |  Catholic mass, Parts of the mass, Mass activitiesBeautiful St. Francis of Assisi Prayer Cards Saint Francis | Etsy

Lectio Divina : St Austell ParishLectio Divina | St. Theresa Catholic Church | Gladewater, Texas

French Display Banner (SB2405) - SparkleBox

We have been learning the different parts of our bodies in French. 

Art Display Banner (SB2449) - SparkleBox

This term we will be learning the art skill of collage. We will looking at the collage artist Megan Coyle and using her work to inspire our own collage pictures of Ancient Egypt. 

The Daydreaming Fish (5″x7″) – Megan Coyle: Artist & IllustratorMegan Coyle: Collage artist and illustrator from the Washington | Work  InspirationSwan Series – Light Orange Swan (9″x12″) – Megan Coyle: Artist & Illustrator