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In literacy we are working to develop our ability to write descriptively.  We have been focusing on the use of adjectives and have developed this to include the use of similes.  Our focus book for the rest of the term is 'The Egyptian Cinderella'. 

See the source imageWe have looked at the structure of traditional fairy tales and will be creating our very  own Cinderella story which will include all the fairy tale elements that we have explored.  Here are some examples of our most recent descriptive writing, linked to the main character of our story.  Through this book we are also developing our reading skills and VIPER skills.

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This term our maths focus have been place value, we have explored the values of hundreds, tens and ones and the effects that each place value can have on the other.  This has helped us to move on to addition and subtraction - when we eventually be carrying out both operations using two 3 digit numbers and exchanging tens and ones.  We are working hard to develop mental strategies, using our knowledge of number bonds to help us do this quickly and efficiently!  We are also beginning to explore using the column method.  

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Our Living & Learning statement for this term is that we can all be:

Image.jpegWe have been learning what it means to be a 'Steward of God's Creation'.  There have been links to our own families and the wider community and world!  David Attenborough has been used as a current, positive role model and we have explored how by 'being the eyes through which Christ looks compassion into the world, by being His hands and His feet' (St Teresa of Avilia) we can bring about positive changes to the world and the lives of others.

Here are our Golden Jumper Award winners for this term.  They have shown Hope for themselves and others.

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We are absolutely loving our topic work on the ancient civilisation of Egypt!   Through our Whole Class Guided Reading sessions we are using non-fiction books and our own independent research skills to learn lots of facts related to Ancient Egypt and through topic we are applying this knowledge and developing our History and Geographical skills.

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We have learnt some amazing things in our Science topic this half term - Animals including Humans. We have learnt so much, from understanding how our muscles work, to being able to name a range of bones in our body! We found out that there are three types of skeletons and identified which animals belong to each skeleton family - we even built our own skeletons with our faces on! As well as, researching the amazing Marie Curie to find out who she was and why her Science work made her so famous!

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