St. Patrick's Catholic Primary School

Making learning irresistible

Home Learning Week Beginning 8th June 

We love seeing your work! Keep sending it in to

We have an important task for you to have a go at this week! A local Covid-19 group is working hard to make afternoon tea (yummy!) boxes for three care homes in the area. They want to include something in each box that can either be a prayer, card or a poem, but we need YOU to do them.

Make sure you put your first name on your creation and St Patrick's Primary School so then the people receving it know who it is from. Make sure you email them by the end of the week so we can send them to the group. 

It would be really lovely if we received one from each child in school so try your hardest to do this activity at some point this week and email it in. Thank You!

Handwriting Practise 

Please try and continue handwriting practise while you are home learning. 5 minutes a day is better than nothing!

Friday 12th June

Good morning Year 2! Well done for getting through another week of home learning. 

We are right back at another Foundation Fun Friday and this week is Science week! There's lots of exciting activities for you to have a go at, so we want you to try and give 3 different activities a go!

Have a lovely day and keep sending in your photos to our home learning email!

Miss Wilson & Mrs Lewthwaite xxx

Thursday 11th June

Good Morning Year Two

Keep going everyone. I understand that the home learning is getting harder each day but it's not forever.  




Here is your activity for today! I've included some problem solving again to challenge yourselves with!


Wednesday 10th June

Good morning Year 2!

We are halfway through another week already and today we have more exciting activities for you to do! Your lessons today are literacy, maths and science. 

Have a lovely day, and try doing something kind for someone else today.

Miss Wilson & Mrs Lewthwaite xxx



Your activities are below! I've included some problem solving activities again for anyone that finishes their activities and wants a challenge!


Tuesday 9th June

Good morning everyone! 

I've enjoyed seeing yesterday's learning on the home learning email. Keep sending your pictures through! 

I have a few children to catch up with over the next few days so I'm looking forward to talking to you! Your lessons today are literacy, maths and topic!

Have a great day, Miss Wilson xxx




 Today you are going to be focusing on researching England! Read through the PowerPoint and then I want you to try and create a poster, leaflet or fact file telling someone all about England! Try and imagine you're telling an alien about England so then you can include lots of information including food, famous landmarks and celebrations! Remember to send them through to our home learning email (including some Maypole dancing attempts!)

Monday 8th June

Good morning children

Welcome to another fabulous week of learning!

I hope you have enjoyed the weekend. I had a barbeque yesterday to celebrate my son's 19th birthday. It was lovely to sit out in the garden and enjoy the sunshine.

Today we will be doing maths, literacy and RE. Thank you for all working so hard. It was lovely to chat with some children last week. I have still to catch up with a few this week.    

Enjoy your day … Mrs Lewthwaite XX



I've included a document with video links for lessons this week. I'm also including another document each day this week solely on problem solving; if you're flying through your activities, then give them a go!

Miss Wilson xx


 Your activity this week is based on Trinity Sunday! Please read the PowerPoint below, and you will find your activity at the end. Enjoy!