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Home Learning Week Beginning 4th May

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Today we will be celebrating VE day. It is 75 years since Winston Churchill announced victory over Europe. We have some lovely activities to choose from and hopefully you can make this a day to remember. You may want to keep some of the activities for tomorrow, as there will be no new learning as it is a bank holiday. You also may want to try one of the recipes from the recipe book.

Please send any photos to


Mrs Lewthwaite

Miss Wilson

Wednesday 6th May

Good morning Year 2, and well done for getting halfway through another week of home learning (also, well done grown ups for all of your hard work so far!).

Your home learning tasks today are Literacy, Maths and Topic! Tomorrow, your home learning tasks are going to be based on VE Day so we will be uploading some exciting tasks and even some recipes for you very soon (keep an eye out for these!). I've been busy making some bunting and getting ingredients to make afternoon tea to drop on my Grandma's doorstep on Friday. 

I'm also going to record a video of me reading a story today which I will upload on here for you all to listen to. I miss reading a story!

Keep smiling, sharing kind words and working hard.

Miss Wilson and Mrs Lewthwaite xx



Your maths activities for today are below. I've also included links to the White Rose Maths website for a handy video and a link to a game you can play as part of your activities. It is really important that you know your addition and subtraction bonds off my heart so please keep practising!

Bonds to 20 Game

Addition and Subtraction Bonds to 20


Please enjoy this lesson and send lots of photos of you and your family playing old fashioned games.

Tuesday 5th May

Good morning Year 2! 

I hope you enjoyed your home learning tasks yesterday and you are continuing to work hard for your grown ups at home. Today's lessons are literacy, maths and RE, and all of your activities are below! Remember to keep sending examples of work you are proud of to for us to see!

Keep working hard and keep smiling!

Miss Wilson & Mrs Lewthwaite xx



Your maths activity for today is below. I have also set a problem solving activity on Khan Academy based on length so give it a go!


May is the month of Mary, so I've focused today's lesson on Mary and praying the Rosary. I've also included Pope Francis' letter for May to help you with your activities.

Monday 4th May

Good morning everyone!

Welcome back to learning

I hope you had a lovely weekend and have enjoyed the lovely sunshine yesterday.

Scroll down and see the lovely pictures I was sent last week. Lets have more this week please. I am already looking forward to VE day on Friday. Write on the purple mash blog if you are planning anything special with your family. We are hoping to have cream tea on the lawn …. very posh!

Work hard today everyone.

Mrs Lewthwaite

Miss Wilson

Todays lessons are literacy, maths and science.