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Home Learning for the Week Beginning 27th April

Friday 1st May

We've made it to the end of another week of home learning Year 2! We have something very special for you to do today that is a little bit different from your normal activities. You've been having to spend a lot of time online recently so we've decided at school that we are going to have a day completely offline! Below are some CARE activities that you can choose from to do at home, alongside a digital well-being document. Try to do a couple of activities from each section!

Mrs Patrick has also made us aware of a very special competition. John Lewis want children to design a superhero bear that they are going to sell to raise money for the NHS! All you need to do is design a superhero bear, take a picture of it, and email it to I've put a link to a template that is available but you don't need to use this! You can also send a picture of your bear to our new school home learning email to be shared on Facebook! I've put the email at the top of this page for you. Lastly, put your picture of your Superbear in your window for all the children of Cleator Moor to see! I can't wait to see what you all come up with. 

Superbear Template

Keep smiling and spreading kindness!

Miss Wilson and Mrs Lewthwaite xxx

Thursday 30th April

Good morning everyone! I hope you're all still working hard and helping grown ups at home. Your lessons today are Literacy, Maths and Art/DT.

Keep smiling!

Miss Wilson and Mrs Lewthwaite xxx



For today's activity you'll be using the four operations (add, subtract, multiply and divide) to answer questions about length. Again, there's a handy video link below if you are a bit stuck and need some help! Activities are below.

Four Operations and Length


I hope you enjoy this activity. Please email your pictures to Miss Wilkinson so that she can share them with the rest of the school on the facebook face. I'm sure they would love to see them. The email address is  

Come on Year Two …… we have some fabulous artists, show everyone what you can do!

Wednesday 29th April

Good morning Year 2, and well done for getting halfway through another week of home learning!

We are really proud with how hard you all are working and that you are trying hard at home. Keep it up! Make sure you keep adding to our Year 2 blog on Purple Mash when you can as well. 

Today's lessons are Literacy, Maths and Topic, and your activities are below.

Take care and keep smiling.

Miss Wilson and Mrs Lewthwaite xxx



Your activity for today is below. If you are struggling and want some help or handy tips, I've put a link below to the White Rose Maths website where there is a video explaining how to order different lengths. 

Ordering Lengths Video


Tuesday 28th April

Good morning Year 2!

I hope you've had a good start to the week and you are still working hard for your grown ups at home. Lessons today are literacy, maths and RE. 

Have a great day!

Miss Wilson and Mrs Lewthwaite xx




Monday 27th April

Welcome to another wonderful week of home learning Year 2!

We hope you've enjoyed the sunshine this weekend (I've been busy upcycling my dining room table in my garden!). Lessons for today are literacy, maths and science which can be found below!

Please be mindful of the presentation of your work, even when at home, and make sure you are proud of what you are producing. Try and say one kind thing to each person in your family today to start the week with some smiles!

Be safe,

Miss Wilson and Mrs Lewthwaite xxx


Writing: to write events from a known story

I hope you have enjoyed the work we have done so far on the Bear and the piano. Today it is time to write the story. Please take two lessons to do this. Use the pictures and words from Friday to help. Remember to :
Use adjectives to describe
Use adverbs to describe how characters do things
Use a range of punctuation – full stops, exclamation mark and question marks
Use cursive handwriting that is mainly joined.
Spell common exception words correctly – check them using your cards.

I will upload my story tomorrow!


We are moving onto our next unit of work in Maths this week, and we are going to be looking at measurement! Your activity is below.


In Science today you are going to investigate World Habitats. Please read through the powerpoint before completing the activity. 

I want you to research one of the world habitats you have learned about in the PowerPoint, and then draw a picture of the habitat. Can you label your picture with plants and animals that may live there? Write a few sentences describing what it would be like to live in that habitat.