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Home Learning Week Beginning 1st June

Don't forget to send pictures of your work and the things you've been up to at home to our home learning email! Send them to

Friday 5th June

It's the last day of the week already …… and it's SPORTS DAY!

I now it will be very different from the sports day we had at school last year but it can still be fun. Go and put on some sporty wear and choose three of the activities from the ones below. I would love to see some pictures of you and your family enjoying some races together. Please email them to us!

Have fun everyone!!

Enjoy your weekend and we will see you again on Monday morning for some more learning.

Mrs Lewthwaite

Miss Wilson

Thursday 4th June

Good morning everyone! We are over halfway through our first week back already!

Your lessons today are Literacy, Maths and Art. Make sure to send pictures of your work into our home learning email because we are loving what you're sending so far!

Miss Wilson and Mrs Lewthwaite xx





If you finish your learning a little early today please practise this handwriting in your book.

Wednesday 3rd June

I hope everybody is full of energy this morning! Have a go at the Joe Wicks work out this morning before you start your learning. 

Todays lessons are Literacy, Maths and Science




Tuesday 2nd June

Good morning Year Two!

Keep putting on the sun cream and enjoying the sunshine. Todays lessons are literacy, Maths and topic.




We are starting our new topic this week focusing on The United Kingdom (Four Nations). You can find your Topic Organiser below! Please read through the PowerPoint before completing the activity. 

Monday 1st June

Welcome to the last half term of this school year! Hopefully we will get up to lots of fun things during this half term and we will get to see lots of pictures of your work. Your lessons today are Literacy, Maths and RE (which is an exciting competition!).

Enjoy and keep working hard! You are doing such an amazing job (that goes for you as well grown ups!) and we couldn't be prouder.

Let's hope this sunshine is here to stay!

Love Miss Wilson and Mrs Lewthwaite xxx



This week we are focusing on Multiplication and Division! Your activity for today is below along with links to handy videos to help if you get stuck!


Below are the details of this week's activity which is an exciting competition thinking about life after lockdown! See the details below and don't forget to email your entries in to our home learning email by Thursday 4th June!