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Home Learning Week Beginning 18th May 

Don't forget to send us pictures of what you're getting up to at home! Send them into

Friday 22nd May

Happy Friday!

Today is Art day

Please choose three activities from the Art poster below.

We also break up for half term today, so next week there will be no home learning for you to complete. Try and keep up with your reading, by choosing books from the oxford owl website, or reading your own at home.

A huge congratulations to everyone for completing a full half term of home learning!

It has been a different experience for everyone.

Enjoy your week off and recharge your batteries.


Mrs Lewthwaite

Miss Wilson

Thursday 21st May

Good morning Year Two

Keep working hard … it's almost half term!

Thank you to everyone that has made a kindness poster. Remember to pin it up somewhere in your house where everyone can see it and it remind everyone how important it is to be kind to each other and spread happiness.

I have uploaded the work for Friday today so that you can have a look at it and maybe decide which activities you are going to do. Friday is going to be …. ART DAY!!!!



Complete the activities below in your home learning books. Then click the link and try playing hit the button! You can practice your number bonds to 100 but there's lots of other options too.

Hit the Button


.Wednesday 20th May
Good morning everybody!
Welcome to Wednesday
I am hoping the sun is going to shine again today. Make sure you get outside and enjoy playing in the garden or go for a nice walk.
I am looking forward to seeing some Traction Man pictures and kindness posters. 



Kindness Posters

We have an exciting activity for you to do this afternoon! As I mentioned yesterday is week is Mental Health Awareness week and the focus this year is kindness. It was decided that due to the current situation with Coronavirus that it was important to focus on kindness and spread it to everyone! A lot of us have displayed rainbows in our windows to show hope, and we clap on our doorsteps to thank keyworkers, both of which are kind things to do. I want you this afternoon to spread some kindness and put some smiles on faces by creating a kindness poster. I've put some examples below and I am going to spend some time away from my computer doing one with you! Make sure to send your posters in to the home learning email (just like your amazing Traction Man pictures!)

Remember in a world where you can be anything, always be kind. 

Big love and hugs xxx

Tuesday 19th May

Good morning Year 2!

I hope you all enjoyed your activities yesterday! I would love to see your Traction Man drawings so please try and send them into our home learning email! I check this everyday and I would like to put some of your pictures up on here for other children to see.

Your lessons today are Literacy, Maths and Science!

This week is Mental Health Week and the focus is on Kindness so I have a mission for you lovely children! I want you to create a poster, picture or video showing a act of kindness, for example, smiling at someone or saying they look pretty/handsome today. Make sure to send it to the home learning email!

I look forward to seeing how you all do.

Miss Wilson & Mrs Lewthwaite xxx




Please read the PowerPoint before completing your activity.

Monday 18th May

Good morning everyone!

Welcome to a new week of home learning. I hope you all had a lovely weekend, and you enjoyed Culture Day on Friday! Your activities today are Literacy, Maths and Art.

Remember to produce work that you are proud of in your home learning books, I know it is strange doing learning at home but keep working hard!

Spread smiles and kind words!

Miss Wilson & Mrs Lewthwaite xxx


This week we are reading Traction Man. I have uploaded the story to read but you can also listen to it on YouTube. 

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Here is your activity for today! I've also put a document up that has all of the video links for the maths lessons for this week! Enjoy!