St. Patrick's Catholic Primary School

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Friday 17th April

It's Friday already, and we have now all been at home for 4 weeks! I hope the learning has gone well this week, I have been busy creating a Year two blog on purple mash. I would like you to visit this page over the weekend and write a message for everyone to read about what things you are doing to fill your time and you  are feeling. To do this log on to purple mash, then go to sharing - shared blogs - and our blog is called YEAR TWO 2020. 


I have set 4 to dos on purple mash to help you with learning to tell the time. Please work through these today. If you are struggling ask an adult to help you and use the teaching clock on the top marks website that we used earlier in the week.


Today you will be using adjectives to create expanded noun phrases. Please use the document from yesterday and scroll down until you find it at the bottom. Write your phrases in your home learning book. Remember the date and learning objective at the top!


Our new topic is called 'History of toys.' We will start with looking at the toys that you play with today. Please read the information I have uploaded.

Thursday 16th April

Good morning everyone!

I hope the learning went well yesterday. Todays lessons are literacy, maths and art. I have uploaded Friday's literacy as well. 


I would like you to have a go a drawing a picture of the bear in our story. You can add some colour by painting, using felts or crayons. have fun!

I hope you are remembering to help out at home by tidying up your toys and sharing things with others in your household. 

Missing you all

Love Mrs Lewthwaite and Miss Wilson


Wednesday15th April

Good morning everyone

I hope you are all feeling happy this morning - remember to use kind words and pass on your happiness to others today. Todays lessons are Maths, Literacy and RE.

Don't forget to spend sometime walking, cycling or playing outside today.

Keep smiling

Mrs Lewthwaite and Miss Wilson


I uploaded the literacy yesterday. It is further down the page.


 14th April

Good morning everyone!

I hope you have all enjoyed your Easter weekend and I hope you are feeling positive about restarting our home learning again. The good thing is that at break time you will be able to treat yourself to some Easter chocolate. Todays lessons are literacy, maths and science. Do not spend any more than 40 minutes on each lesson and have breaks between each one.

It is still really important to keep active and go walking outside. 

Keep smiling everyone   

Mrs Lewthwaite and Miss Wilson



We will be learning to tell the time this week. Please use the topmarks website as there is a really good interactive clock that you can use. 

Today I would like you to revise telling the time to the hour and half past the hour. I have set you some work to do on Khan academy and you can complete some of the activities I have put on here as well. 

To help you with this work it would be good to make a clock face out of a paper plate and attach the hands by using paper fasteners. 



Identify: What habitats are there in our local area?
Please read the powerpoint about local habitats. Remember that a habitat can be small or large. Then go into your garden and with an adult explore other places near your home.
What habitats can you find? What animals and plants are living in these habitats?
Are the habitats sunny, shady, wet or dry?
Draw a picture of each one and write by the side of it what you find there.

Knowledge Organiser

 Our new topic is all about Toys.