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Home Learning Week Beginning 11th May

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Friday 15th May

Good morning everyone! It's Friday already!

For our Foundation Friday Fun this week we are having a Culture Day! This is something we are doing as a whole school, and Year 2 has the very special mission of finding out lots of facts and interesting things about the PACIFIC ISLANDS. Below I've put a map of the Pacific Islands up and some key words to help you with your learning. We would like you to try and do 4 activities from the grid and you can choose whichever you like!

There is going to be a Facebook post where you can post photos of what you are doing, and also send over pictures of your work to our home learning email!

Enjoy learning about the Pacific Islands and I can't wait to see what you get up to!

Miss Wilson & Mrs Lewthwaite xxx

Thursday 14th May

Good morning Year 2.

I hope you are enjoying reading books on Oxford Owl! We are nearly through another week of home learning already, so keep working hard and trying your best. Today's lessons are Literacy, Maths and Art/DT.


Miss Wilson and Mrs Lewthwaite xxx 


Handwriting practise


Design Technology

Wednesday 13th May

Good morning children

I hope everyone is ready for todays learning. Keep resilient and think of our learning toys at school. Try and earn one today for being independent and hard working. Todays lessons are Literacy, Maths and topic.



I'm sorry for the missing maths yesterday Year 2! Mrs Lewthwaite and I are baffled as it seemed to do a great disappearing act!


Tuesday 12th May

Good morning Year 2!

I hope you are feeling full of energy today. Remember to get outside, play in he garden, go for a walk or a bike ride. 

Today's lessons are Literacy, Maths and RE.


I have created a class login for each class and set some work using one of the books. I would like you to read a different book each day of this week from this website. Just go to the levels tab and choose the colour book band that you are reading. If you find these books too easy go to the next level. I have explained how to access the site below.



Monday 11th May

Good morning Year 2 and welcome to another week of home learning!

I hope you all enjoyed the sunshine over the bank holiday and enjoyed celebrating VE Day with your families! Today's lessons are Literacy, Maths and Science. I've put a link below for the White Rose Maths resources for this week where you can find handy videos to help with your activities throughout the week. Just head to Summer Term Week 3!

WRM Home Learning Resources

As you know from your RE work last week, that May is the Month of Mary and Mrs Benson-Lester is very kindly updating the webpage below with a prayer and little activity you can do for the coming week. We are inviting and encouraging you and your grown ups to pray a decade of the Rosary each day this week. Remember you can send pictures of your finished activities to the home learning email above!

Enjoy yourselves and keep working hard! We are very proud of how hard you've been working so far.

Miss Wilson & Mrs Lewthwaite xxx




Please read through the Food Chains PowerPoint before completing your activity. You could try and create a poster about all of the things you've learned about Living Things and Their Habitats and email it to us on the home learning email at the top of the page!