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Good morning Year Two!
I hope you have all enjoyed your weekend.

Each day Miss Wilson or Mrs Lewthwaite have written a little message for you all to read. We thought it would be a good idea for you to take over and write a daily message instead! Please send us your ideas, something positive and uplifting, that will help put everyone in a good mood and also tell everyone what things you have been up to.
Please send your message to
Each day we will upload a different message for you to read.

These are the literacy lessons and afternoon sessions for the whole week:

Friday 19th June

Good morning Year 2 and happy Friday!

We are back to another Foundation Fun Friday and this week our focus is on Design Technology! Mrs Jewell has very kindly put together some different activities you can do at home with your grown ups, so have a little look at the activities below and choose a few to do through the day! 

Remember to email your pictures in to

Have a lovely day!

Miss Wilson and Mrs Lewthwaite xxx

Thursday 18th June

Good morning Year 2!

We are almost through another week of home learning! The time is flying by! Today in literacy you'll be writing your story based on your story map from yesterday. Remember this is for a competition so make sure when you are finished to email it in to for Miss Wilkinson and Mrs Pritchard to choose a winner!

I loved reading Harry's message yesterday and it would be really lovely if some more messages could be sent in for all of you children to read! Please send a daily message you would like to be posted to our home learning email. 

Enjoy your day!

Miss Wilson and Mrs Lewthwaite xxx

Thursday Maths!

Before you start your activities for today, I want you to have a practise on Daily 10. Make sure you choose Level 2 and try starting with some addition and subtraction. If you want to practise another topic then you can!

Today's maths is all about logic and reasoning. You've got to use your brain! Below are different websites where you can practise your logic skills through different games. I've included the Tower of Hanoi, Logic Balls and also Maths Playground which has loads of logic games on! 

Tower of Hanoi

Logic Balls Game

Maths Playground

Wednesday 17th June

Good morning Year 2!

I hope you are enjoying the book! Did you come up with some predictions of what the title may be? We still don't know! I'm loving the emails that are being sent through of your work, thank you grown ups for sending those emails! I'm sure there was lots of lovely art work yesterday afternoon!

Your literacy and afternoon sessions are detailed above for you! Your maths can be found just underneath this morning's message. I've done some visualisation this morning and used my senses to help me; I can hear the birds tweeting and I can smell fresh toast while I sit on my comfy sofa watching the raindrops, thinking of sunnier times on holiday!

We have a lovely message from Harry this morning! He has been working hard growing his own sunflower as part of our science topic for this half term and has come up with a beautiful message for you all:

"The flower is like life for us all. If someone looks after us we will hopefully grow tall and bright."

Wednesday Maths

Details of your maths activity for today are below! Before starting your task remember to do 10 minutes of brain training. I want you to have a go at this Mental Maths Train Game and use your maths skills to help you answer the questions.

Tuesday 16th June

Good morning Year Two

I hope you enjoyed reading the new book yesterday. I don't even know the title yet, Mrs Pritchard is keeping it a secret from everybody! I enjoyed listening to some music yesterday. I wanted to feel happy so I listened to Best day Of My Life by American Authors. I ended up singing along …. listen to it today if you can. I was also very proud of myself as I managed to upload Xavier's video of him doing a science experiment onto our learning page. 

Hope you have a fabulous day..

Mrs Lewthwaite

Miss Wilson 


Tuesday 16th June

Good morning Year 2!

I hope you enjoyed yesterday's lessons. I've loved seeing your symmetrical maths designs, and I hope you all had a good dance around to your favourite music yesterday afternoon. Having that time to relax your mind is really good for your brain and your well-being (and also your grown-ups well-being!). 

Keep working hard and sending your work to our home learning email so we can see what you're up to! I want you to take a few minutes this morning to think about this as well from our book this week and see how you feel:

Being Thankful and Generous

Idris’ circumstances in the story were much harder than ours currently are. As a refugee, living in a camp after fleeing his home, he didn’t have any of the comforts we are used to. This can remind us how fortunate we are, even in our present situation.  Over the next week, as we concentrate on looking after our well-being, keep a journal every day and just write down something you are grateful for each day. It will help you to appreciate all of the little things.  Another way in which we can improve our own well-being is actually by doing things for others. Giving is proven to boost your mood so doing a little something for someone you love will make you both feel good! You could also record these little acts of kindness and generosity in your journal to look back on to give you a little boost!


Your maths activity for today can be found below! We are going to be doing some Tessellations in maths while focusing on shapes. You can either do these via this website or you can draw your own in your home learning book. Remember to do a bit of brain training before you start! Why don't you practise your number bonds on Hit the Button?

 Monday 15th June

This weeks learning is slightly different. The whole school are focusing on the same book in literacy. I have uploaded what you will be doing for the whole week, but I will still put on extra bits to help you with day. 



“Hope is the belief that circumstances will get better. It’s not a wish for things to get better, it’s a belief that they will.” Although circumstances aren’t at the moment how we would like them to be, we can all hold on to our hope and the knowledge that after every storm comes a rainbow."


This week, the whole school are focusing our English lessons on a new book (we cannot tell you the name of this book yet!). In the afternoons, we are going to focus on improving our mental health. There is a theme running through the book and you need to work it out and think about how it links to your life.


We will also be having a writing competition at the end of the week – we would like everyone to enter! There will be a prize for the writing that has the greatest impact upon Miss Wilkinson and Mrs Pritchard!

This is the image that you need for Monday's literacy work.

Please complete todays literacy lesson before reading the book. I have uploaded the book as I thought it would be helpful for this afternoon's music lesson. 

Monday Maths!

Mr Reid has been telling us this week that maths is a really good way to train your brain! So instead of focusing on White Rose Maths, we are going to be working on some mental maths and brain training! For the first 10 minutes of todays lesson, I want you to have a go on Numbots. See what high score you can get!

 For your activity I have set a 2Do on Purple Mash here! Just log in with your details and check your 2Do list for Rangoli Symmetry Design. I've created one for you to use for inspiration which you can see below! Make sure you save it under your class page (either 2NB or 2CL) so I can see what it looks like. 

 I also want you to check out a couple of websites which are below. You can create some really cool symmetrical designs on these and I had lots of fun creating mine below! Ask your grown ups to help you save the picture and email it to our home learning email!