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Home Learning


On this page are handy links to a number of websites to aid children's learning in the event of school closure and/or self-isolation. I will be updating this page daily/weekly with tasks for children to complete whilst at home. Please ensure you are in your own homes and gardens.

BBC Bitesize Primary

National Geographic Kids

Oxford Owl

Khan Academy

Spelling Frame

Purple Mash

TT Rockstars


White Rose Maths

PE with The Bodycoach

Wednesday 8th April

Morning everyone!

Hope you are enjoying your Easter holiday as best as you can. Has anyone written their prayer yet? If you have please email it to    and they will be put on the facebook page.

I have been making Easter cards and baskets this week. It would be good if you could do this too and put them up in your house to remind you of this special time. 

Take care everyone

Mrs Lewthwaite

Miss Wilson

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Monday 30th March

Morning everyone


Hopefully your weekend went well and you enjoyed being outside in the fresh air. We are enjoying walking each day and take turns to decide the route we should take. It is now much lighter at night and we have seen lots of signs of spring.

Today is the start of the Easter holiday and Miss Wilkinson wants you to have a rest from the home learning. It is important that you still read each day and even better if you practise spellings and timetables.

There is an Easter project for you to complete during the Easter holidays as well. I will still put some messages here so keep checking.

Take care

Mrs Lewthwaite and Miss Wilson  

Monday 23rd March 

Morning everybody

This is the start of something … very strange but something we will have to get used to in order to keep everybody safe from the corona virus. Please remember all of the St Patrick's living and learning statements at home. Show some kindness each day, say something to make someone else laugh, get out in the fresh air and play, stay positive and show whoever is helping you with your learning that you are independent. I will put some messages here each day to keep in touch but Miss Wilson has organised all the home learning tasks as I have a very sore eye. Please write in your home learning book in exactly the same way you would write in any book at school. Always underline the date and title and use your best handwriting.


Missing everyone already

Mrs Lewthwaite   

Tuesday 24th March

Morning everyone!!

I have just completed Joe's workout on line and I expect you to join in tomorrow. Its fun and easy to do. Let's get fit together. I hope the home learning went well yesterday and you are geared up to some more today. If you are short of something to do today design a fun game to help you learn your 2 times table. This could be a jigsaw, matching pairs or snap game. Be creative!! Eventually you could have a different game for each times table. Keep motivated, stay safe and remember to say something really kind to someone today …. it makes a big difference.   

Wednesday 25th March

Good morning Year 2!

I'm getting ready to do my PE session with Joe Wicks this morning, and I hope you are too! Hopefully you are working just as hard at home as you do in school, and you are staying at home and keeping safe. I've been thinking about what Mrs Lewthwaite said yesterday about being kind, so I wanted to share with you all a poem that was shared with me. Be safe, be kind and know that we are missing you all tremendously.

Miss Wilson & Mrs Lewthwaite x

Thursday 26th March

Good morning everyone!

We are nearly a full week into home learning already! Both Mrs Lewthwaite and I are very proud of how grown-up everyone is being, and now we have a mission for you! To help spread a bit of hope and kindness, we want you to create a rainbow (use whatever you like - paint, pencils, pens! Be creative!) and place it in your window at home for everyone to see! Mrs Jewell and Mrs Benson-Lester have kindly shared some pictures of their rainbows and I'll be creating mine later on today so watch this space for a picture. When you've done your rainbow, get your grown up to take a picture and email it to us at so we can share them onto our school website and Facebook page.

Keep being little superstars! I'm so proud of you and missing you all millions.

Miss Wilson x

Friday 27th March

Morning everyone!

I hope everyone is feeling positive today. I am looking forward to seeing all the rainbows. I have done mine and I am sharing it with you. I hope you like it! As an extra little task today I would like you to find a suitable poem online, or in a book, or write your own, to go with your rainbow. Choose your words carefully and make sure that it reminds others to stay positive, spread kindness and be hopeful. 

Keep helping out at home and make sure you enjoy the sunshine today.

Mrs Lewthwaite


Handwriting and Reading


It is really important that you carry on reading and practising your handwriting at home. You will have a school reading book and library book that you can read, and even read your books at home too!

Please try and read for 15 minutes everyday.

Handwriting can be practised for 15 minutes everyday using the handwriting book I have provided and the sheets in your home learning packs.


Here are the resources needed to complete spelling tasks, alongside the links provided.



Exercise is really important to keep our minds and bodies healthy! It's also really fun and gives us a break from learning. Joe Wicks (The Bodycoach) is doing live PE sessions Monday-Friday at 9am on his YouTube page (the link is above). Give them a go! I know I'm going to!


Lee Butterworth from Xtreme Fitness is also doing live PE sessions Monday-Friday at 11am. All you need to do is visit the Xtreme Fitness Facebook Page and join in the live stream! 

Week One

I have included the overview of tasks for Week One of home learning. Make sure you complete the tasks in your Home Learning books and try your best!

Week One Handy Documents