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Our Learning

Have a look below at the amazing work by Year 1 children.  Each week we will share what we have been learning in class. Enjoy! 



Easter Holiday Challenge

Over the holidays, we set you a reading challenge and asked you to email us your photos of you completing your challenge. A huge well done to the children who did this; Tilly, Penny, Charlie and Alex! Here are some photos of them completing the challenge and their reward!


Photo update!

Mrs Bell has finally sorted the classroom cameras out! Here are some lovely photos of us all .........


21st March - 1st April

Well, what a busy 2 weeks we have had!

We have been learning;

  • To solve addition and subtraction word problems- making sure we highlight the important words and numbers!
  • Completing all our Spring assessments
  • Creating super hero backdrops on the computers
  • Designing our own superheroes in art
  • We have been on a Spring walk to look for signs of Spring
  • We have attended Mass
  • Had our last football session with Stewart
  • Planted trees to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee
  • And... had loads of fun at the careers fayre and learning about lots of different careers!


14th March- 18th March

This week we have been;


  • We have attended Mass to celebrate St Patrick's day
  • We have been using the scales to measure mass
  • Written a prediction for our new story book- up and down
  • Compared South Pole exploration today to the past
  • Planned  our own stories based on up and down
  • Written the story of St Patrick and discussed what we would have done in his situation

In provision we have been;

  • Enjoying fruit and yogurts in snack
  • Reading and answering questions about the feeding of the 5000 in Goldly Play
  • Making our own rainbows, pots of gold and shamrocks in the workshop
  • In finger gym we have used tweezers to decorate a rainbow
  • Using different sized rulers to measure items around the classroom


7th March- 11th March


This week we have been;

  • Retold the story of lost and found- take a look at how good our writing is!
  • In maths we have learnt to measure using cms and explored the best way to measure small and big items.
  • We had a very 'eggciting' science lesson this week. We planned our own investigations to find the best material to keep the egg warm.
  • In our RE lesson, we learned about Lombeh's story and we thought about our own beliefs and values and how that made us want to help.

In provision;

  • We have been counting in 2s, 5s and 10s.
  • We have munched on birthday cake for Mrs Casson's birthday
  • In our Godly play area, we read Jesus in the wilderness and answered comprehension questions. 



21st- 26th February

This week we have been;

  • learning about Robert Scott and why he wanted to be the first to get to the North Pole
  • Making predictions about our new literacy book ' Lost and Found' by Oliver Jeffers.
  • Ordering numbers to 50 from greatest to smallest and smallest to greatest
  • Investigating if different materials have different properties
  • Writing the parable of the Good Samaritan which is linked to our Living and Learning statement

In provision we have been;

  • Munching on carrot sticks and cucumber and dipping it into humous! Yummy!
  • Reading Daniel and the lions and completing comprehension in the Godly play area
  • Making bracelets in finger gym
  • Using the computers to create an Arctic scene
  • Writing diary entries in the writing area and lots more!


We also took part in burning our own palms to make ash for ash Wednesday


Week beginning 31st January-4th February

  • This week we have been learning about numbers to 50 and consolidating our number bonds to 10 and 20.
  • We have been looking at fiction and non fiction books and their features.
  • Learning about Captain James Scott and what he discovered.
  • We have identified musical instruments and we can't wait to have a play on them next week!
  • We have learnt about the earth and the sun and what they do.

In provision we have been:

  • Munching on toast and using the microwave to warm spaghetti
  • Sorting spaghetti in funky fingers
  • Playing hit the button on the computers
  • Making alters in the Worship area
  • Creating small worlds of 'Antarctica.'
  • Answering comprehension questions in the reading area


Mrs Casson also brought her new pup Belle into school for us to meet!



 Photos from September to December.............