St. Patrick's Catholic Primary School

Making learning irresistible

Week Beginning 6th July

PLEASE return any reading books that were sent home with your child back to school.

There is a red box by the school office window. Thank you. 

Friday 10th July

Well we have made it to another Friday and only one more week of home learning until the Summer holidays. Next week we are going to learn how to tell the time!

It was lovely to speak to a few of you yesterday and I will try and catch the rest of you today and next week. 

Have a lovely weekend everyone. 

Love and miss you all.

Miss Cooper 


Miss Wilkinson has organised today's Fun Friday tasks.

She would like you to think about your own 'Mindset'. In Year 1 we have worked hard at being 'resilient' and not giving up when things are tough. We can't get everything right all of the time and it is important to learn from this and improve.

There are a couple of videos for you to watch and some follow up activities for you to choose from. 

Thursday 9th July

Good morning

Today I am working from home so I am going to try and ring as many of you as I can. Remember it will come up with 'No Caller ID' on your phone. 

Have a nice day- I can't wait to speak to some of you. 

Love, Miss Cooper xxxx


Write a what am I poem?

Start each descriptive sentence with  'I have' 

Write 2 action sentences that describe how your animal moves. This sentence should start with I. (You wrote these yesterday)

 Put it all together to make your own 'what am I poem?'

(This poem doesn't have to rhyme and remember not to say the name of you animal in the poem- show not tell).

Please email them to so I can try and guess your animal. 


Here is the turtle poem example: 


Problem solving?

Today's video:

Answer the questions in your home learning book. 


Extra: Play Bond Bubbles on Purple Mash (I've set it as a 2do). 


Draw with Rob

Today, I would like you to do some drawing. I have found these videos on Youtube that I would like you to have a go at.  Pick a video and then follow the instructions. Simple as that.

Remember to be resilient and don't press too hard with your pencil in case you make a mistake!

Happy drawing!

Wednesday 8th July

Good morning everyone. 

Before next Friday I will be giving you one final phone call to see how you are and to say 'goodbye'. I can't believe we are coming to the end of the Summer Term and that your time in Year 1 is nearly finished. 

I wish we could have finished the year together but don't worry I'm sure you will all be brilliant in Year 2. 

Today I'm going to be passing on lots of information to Mrs Lewthwaite telling her all about you and what an amazing class you are. 

Have a good day. 

Missing you all, 

Love Miss Cooper xxxxx



A verb is a doing or action word. This includes 'to be' or 'to have'. 

Today I want you to think about how your animal moves? 

Do they stomp, glide or waddle?

Or do they slither, climb or swing?


 I want you to start your sentences with 'I'.

For example:

Below are some examples of verbs you could use - have a go at reading them. 

Verb word bank:

Have a go at writing 2 sentences explaining how your animal moves. 


Describe position

Today's video:

Answer the questions in your home learning book. 

Extra: Play on Numbots for 10 minutes.


My marigolds are now starting to flower.

How are your plants/ flowers? 

Seasonal Weather patterns

Can you remember all four seasons?

Which season are we in now?

Which season is your birthday in?



Today I would like you to read the PowerPoint below then complete the activities.

1.Think about how the rain affects what we do.

2. Create a seasons tree. 

Tuesday 7th July

Hello Year 1

I was back in school yesterday. We all worked hard to get our learning activities done in the morning and then we decorated little buns with icing and sprinkles for a little afternoon treat. We also enjoyed playing outside with some balloons- lots went over the fence and burst on the nettles though! 

Please, if you haven't already, return any reading books back to school to be sorted for September. There is a red box by the school office window. Thank you. 

Have a nice day. 

Love Miss Cooper 




Read the What am I poem (turtles)

Today I want you to imagine that the Turtles weren't the first animals to float past Skyman.

Pick your own animal that you think floated past before the turtles and write down some adjectives to describe your animal in your home learning book. 

I would like you to think about:






Here's an adjective word bank to help you:


(We are building up to writing your own 'what am I poem?' on Thursday so it can be any animal).


Describe turns

For the rest of this week we are looking at position and direction. 

Today's video-

Answer the questions into your home learning book. 


Extra: Play a game on Level 1 of Daily 10.


We are on our last country of the United Kingdom.... Northern Ireland. 

Can you remember the other 3 countries?

Today I would like you to finish your UK Fact Book.  Complete your final page by adding lots of information about Northern Ireland. 


Can you include:

Capital City


National symbol/ National flower

A famous landmark


Any other facts. 


It is supposed to rain today so you may like to watch this episode of Go Jetters.


Monday 6th July

Good morning everyone.

Did you all have a nice weekend?

I'm lucky enough to still have both  Grandparents so this weekend I visited them both, and went inside for a cuppa and a biscuit! You can never get away without having a biscuit or a piece of cake. 

Did you go anywhere this weekend now that lock down restrictions are starting to be eased? 

Lots of love, 

Miss Cooper 



Look at the picture from the beginning of the short animation 'Once in a Lifetime'.



I want you to write some questions about the picture above. 

Remember a question must end with a question mark.... ?

Think about how you are going to start your sentence. 

What, why, where, when, which, how, who, whose.


Suggestions (for adults): 

Who do you think the man is?

Why has he got his head in his hands?

Where is he going?

Why has he got a telescope?

Watch 'Once in a Lifetime' by clicking the link below to see what happens.


 Counting in coins

I want you to start by playing the 'coins game' on Top Marks, to check that you have remembered your learning from last week. 

Have a go at the 'sorting' and 'counting' games.

Then answer the questions from the sheet below. 

Here is the video to help if you need it.



Today I would like you to learn about a different religion- Judaism.

Judaism is the religion of Jewish people.

Please watch the story of Moses:


You can find more information about Judaism on this website:


Activity: answer these questions in your home learning book or verbally to an adult.


Why did the Jewish people pray to God and ask for a leader?

How did Moses' Mother make sure he wasn't killed?

Why do Jewish people celebrate Passover every year?

What happened to Moses and his people when they got the Red Sea?


Why was Moses a good leader?

How would you feel if you had been Moses and been asked to do a dangerous job by God?