St. Patrick's Catholic Primary School

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Week Beginning 29th June


Vendredi 3rd Juillet

Bonjour mes petits enfants,

ça va?

As you have probably guessed today is French Day. 

Mrs Reid has sorted lots of fun activities for you today. I can't wait to see what you all decide to learn today so remember to add to the Facebook post.

I wonder if you can learn some french phrases.

Can you say:



I am called... 

I am ... years old

Greetings and Number

Food and Drink  

Bon weekend

Au revoir!

 Miss Cooper 



Thursday 2nd July

Good morning.

I hope everyone is ok. 

I have been at school the last couple of days so today I am working from home. 

Enjoy your home learning tasks. 

Love Miss Cooper xxxxx


Back to poetry today. 

Please choose a poem or two. Complete the poems by adding a rhyming word. 

Write the poems into your home learning book using your best handwriting!


Recognising Notes

Discuss together the different bank notes that we use. 

Which is the highest value? Which is the lowest value?

What is the same/ different about each note? 

How many __ pounds are equivalent to a __ pound note?

Explain that a five pound note is equivalent to five pound coins. 


Please go to Purple Mash where I have set 3 activities for you to complete. You will find them in the 2do section. 

You will need to use your number bond skills and addition to help you!


Change 4 Life have teamed up with Disney to create some fun games and activities to keep fit and healthy! Best suited to KS1, there are '10 minute shake up' activities inspired by The Lion King, The Incredibles, Toy Story and of course, Frozen! 
Take a look and get active!
You could also follow this fun routine:
Complete a Yoga sessions:
or go for a bike ride, a walk or maybe a play a game outside with your family. 

Wednesday 1st July

Today is  the start of a new month. Let's hope the sun comes back soon!

Have a good day. 

Lots of love

Miss Cooper



Please read the text below all about trees with your child. There are some words within the text that your child may find tricky but don't worry you can read it to them. 

Answer the questions in your home learning book. You don't need to draw and label a tree because you did this last week!

(The answers are at the end for when you have finished).


 Recognising Coins


I know we are supposed to be avoiding using cash because of Covid-19 but if you have any in the house it would help your child to be able to physically look and recognise the different coins. 

1. Answer this question verbally or by using coins that you have in your house. 




Following on from the Literacy lesson. I want you to do some research an Evergreen and Deciduous trees.

Firstly, remind yourself what the words 'evergreen' and deciduous' mean. 

Then, in your home learning books make a list of 5 Evergreen trees and 5 Deciduous trees. 

If you are out for a walk today have a look and see what trees you can find. Use the identification sheet below to help you. 

Tuesday 30th June

Good morning Year One. 

I hope you are all well. I was at school yesterday and I joined in with a little game of penalty shoot out.

Guess who was in goals? Yes me! It's a wonder you didn't hear me screaming as there are lots of good football players in Year 1 and 2 who kick the ball really hard! Anyway I did manage to save a few. But it was lots of fun. 

Have a good day. 

Lots of love, 

Miss Cooper 



All about Poems-

Today I would like you to read some rhyming poems with/ to your family.  

Choose your favourite poem to copy into your home learning book, with your neatest handwriting. Then highlight, colour in or underline the rhyming words.

Is there a pattern? 

What rhyming words can you find? 


Comparing Numbers 

Video -

Complete the sheet in your home learning book. 

Geography- Wales

Get your UK fact books out.. we are moving on to Wales.

Before reading the information below.

Can you remember:

The four countries that make up the United Kingdom?

What is the Capital City of England?

What is the Capital City of Scotland?


Read the information below and add to your fact book. 


Capital City

Flag/ National symbol/ National flower

A famous landmark

Patron Saint

Any other good facts


Watch this episode of Go Jetters if you have time.


Monday 29th June

Good morning everyone. 

I hope you all had a lovely weekend even though it did rain for most of it. This did mean I completed all of your school reports though. 

Also, if you have any school reading books please can you return these when you have the chance. This will allow us to sort them for September! Thank you. 

Have a lovely day. 

Love Miss Cooper xxxx


Rhyming Words

In order for words to rhyme they need to have the same sound. 

For example: 

cheese and peas 

jug and rug

Please complete the rhyming words activity in your home learning book. 


Numbers to 100

Today we are focusing on numbers to 100. Please play helicopter rescue - direct - 1-100.

 Then complete the maths sheet in your home learning book. 


Today is the feast of St Peter and St Paul.

Please read the powerpoint below and think about the prayer and how you could be like St Peter and St Paul.


-How can you show courage?

-What do you find hard?

-How do you follow God?