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Week Beginning 22nd June


Friday 26th June

Happy Friday everyone. 

How hot was it yesterday? My car's thermometer said it was 30 degrees! I hope you all enjoyed the weather and had plenty of sun tan cream on. 

Have a lovely weekend everyone. 

See you here on Monday. 

Love Miss Cooper 


Today's Friday Focus is.....

Music Day

Mrs Bell came up with today's activities so I think Emilia is going to have a fantastic day! I hope you all enjoy it too. 

Remember to add pictures to the Facebook post. We love seeing what you have done.

Thursday 25th June

Hello everyone. 

What gorgeous weather we had yesterday and today is supposed to be even hotter.

Today I'm going to write some of your school reports!!! But I'm sure I will find some time to enjoy the weather as well so make sure you do too. I bet you will all be getting your paddling pools back out. 

Have a nice day everyone. 

Love and miss you all. 

Miss Cooper 



Log on to Purple Mash and complete the Tricky Word activity. (You will find the activity in the 2Do section).

After playing the game I would like you to practise writing the words in sentences. 

Get an adult to read you the sentences below for you to write down. The words in red are the spellings you have just been practising on Purple Mash. 

Her mum was nice. 

There was only one sweet left.

Where are you going?

Some children were back at school. 

All of my shoes are black. 

Will you come to the park with us?

Who put the keys here?

Afterwards mark your work. How many spellings did you get right? Did you get 10 out of 10?


Order numbers within 50


Answer the questions from the document below in your home learning book.


Challenge question:



On Tuesday you researched and found out lots of information all about Scotland. Today I would like you to have a go at some Highland Games. Have a go at some of the activities below and enjoy today's lovely weather. 

Friday Focus

I have uploaded tomorrow's Friday Focus activities for you to have a look in case you want to prepare. 

Wednesday 24th June

Good morning everyone

I have been for a walk in the sunshine around Longlands Lake. I have been splashing my brother in my pool and squirting him with water. 

See you soon.

Love Layla xxxxxx


Today I would like you to revise or for some of you learn the split i-e digraph. 

Watch this video, it takes you through a phonics lesson. (Some of you may not need to watch the video and can complete the sheet straight away). 

Complete the sheet below (just write into your home learning book).

Suggested words to spell -children should sound these words out and not copy them!!

shine, fine, mine, invite, inside, prize, nice, time, slide, pine


Then play buried treasure. Click Phase 5 and then 'i-e'.  (You have to read the word and decide if it is a real or fake word.)


 Compare numbers within 50

Here is the video if you want to watch it otherwise complete the questions below in your home learning book.


2. Verbally discuss with an adult which statements are true and which are false. 




Knowledge: to draw and label parts of a tree.

Look at the diagram below of my labelled tree. Please copy it into your book. 

Then I would like you research what each part does and write a sentence to explain.

E.g- The trunk supports the tree and caries water around the tree.

Tuesday 23rd June

Good morning everyone. 

I have been busy having fun in my hot tub and I have been on a bike ride.. it was very tiring!

I am missing you all. See you soon. 

Love Lottie xxxxx


Grammar: Prefix 'un'

A prefix comes at the start of a word. For example unhappy, unkind.


Read the powerpoint together to find out more.


Then in your home learning book. Add the prefix 'un' to these words:

1. cover


3. certain

4. wrap


6. safe

7. zip

8. well



Use some of the words from above to write sentences. 


Tens and Ones

Today in Maths I would like you to revisit tens and ones of numbers.

Partition the numbers below by writing and drawing the tens and ones. (Example below).


Partition the following numbers:










Challenge Question:

Play Daily 10- Level 2- Partitioning- Tens and Ones

Geography: Scotland

Today you are going to add to your 'UK Fact Book'.

The country we are going to focus on today is... Scotland.

 Please read the powerpoint, use google, read books and write some facts in your booklets.


Try and include these things:

-Capital city

-Flag/ National Symbol/ National Flower

-Patron Saint

-A famous landmark

-Something traditionally eaten in Scotland

-A traditional celebration held in Scotland (Highland games/ Burns Night)


If it is raining like yesterday, you might like to watch this episode of Go Jetter's.


Monday 22nd June

Good morning everyone

Welcome to a new week of home learning. 

I walked up Sale fell on Saturday. We took a little picnic to have a the top but, it was quite windy so we ate them further down where it was warmer and sunnier. 

I hope everyone had a nice weekend too. If you would like to write tomorrow's daily message please send it to 

Love Miss Cooper xxxx


Today I would like you to do some reading on the Oxford Owl website.

I have chosen 3 books for you to choose from. They are different levels so please pick the book which is closest to what your child was reading before school closed. If you look on the back of a book that your child was sent home with, you will find the colour band there.

(You may want to chose a harder book for an extra challenge)


For example- your child may have been on yellow so choose the blue book to read today.


Book choices

The Stinky Plant- Blue band

Paris Adventure- Orange band

East of the Sun, West of the Moon- Gold band


Please go to


Click My Class Login at the top of the page.


Username- StPatsYear1

Password- Reading


Click my bookshelf

Type in the title of the book. (Choose from above)


After reading the book, download the document from below to answer questions about your story. Answer the questions in your home learning book.

 East of the Sun.pdfDownload
 Paris Adventure.pdfDownload
 The Stinky Plant.pdfDownload
Showing 1-3 of 3


One more and one less to 50

Please answer the questions into your home learning book. Remember to use your hundred square if you need to. 

You can also watch this video if you would like to.


Beliefs and Values: Being sorry

Jesus was gathering a group of people to help him spread the Good News. He did not choose people who did nothing wrong but those who would follow him faithfully and would be sorry for what they had done. Levi the tax collector was one of those people. This is what happened:


Imagine that you are Levi. Write a sorry prayer to Jesus, giving reasons why Levi was sorry.




Dear Jesus 

I am sorry for the times that I have taken things from others.

Help me to stay on the right path and to be a better person from now on.

Help me to be loving, kind and generous to others.

Thank you for forgiving me and giving me a second chance.


PE with Joe

Joe Wicks has been doing daily live workouts for the past 13 weeks. If you took part you can now download a certificate (which I have uploaded for you below).

Well done if you took part! 

It's not too late to join in. He is still doing them live every Monday, Wednesday and Saturdays!