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Week Beginning 1st June


Friday 5th June

Fun Friday

Sports Day

I know today will be different to our normal sports day but I'm sure you will all still have lots of fun. 

I have uploaded the activity sheet below for you to choose your activities from. 

Don't forget to upload any pictures to our Facebook page. I love seeing what you are up to.


I enjoyed reading your writing from yesterday and there was some great imaginative sea creatures using clothes!! I have put some pictures of your work on the Our Learning  page. Well done everyone. 

Enjoy your weekend. 

Love Miss Cooper xxxx

Thursday 4th June

Good morning.

I hope everyone is OK today.

This week has gone fast (well for me anyway). We are already on the last day of home learning activities before tomorrow's Fun Friday Focus. I wonder what the focus will be???

Remember that we must have your RE competition entries by today if you want to enter. 

Have a great day 

Love Miss Cooper xxxx


Today I would like you to retell the video of 'Something Fishy' from the beginning to the end in the correct order. Here is the link to video in case you want to watch it again.

Use all the skills you have learnt this week.. adjectives and joining sentences together using 'and'.


Can you start your sentences using these words:

In the beginning...



After that...




You should have 6 sentences in total. Read your work back and check it makes sense.

Did you remember capital letters and full stops?


I would love to see your writing from today so please email a picture over to 


3D Shapes

Watch the video


Activity: Name the 3D shapes below.

Write a list of the shapes in your home learning book.


Let's be imaginative and design your own sea creature using a piece of clothing just like in the video "Something Fishy".


Choose an animal and piece of clothing and create your own hybrid creature.


For example in the video:

fish= socks

shark= trousers

turtle= hat

octopus= T-shirt and tie


Maybe you could draw:





Star fish

Wednesday 3rd June

Hello Year 1

Where has the nice weather gone... don't look at the weather forecast!

Yesterday I started to give some of you a ring. It was lovely to hear from you because it's been a while since we last spoke. Remember I will be calling with No Caller ID. 

Have a nice day everyone. 

Love Miss Cooper xxxxx


To join clauses using the word 'and'.


Use the document below to join two sentences together using the word 'and'. We do this to show the reader that there is more than one piece of information.


Measure Length using a ruler

-Watch the video

-Answer the questions from the document below or if you have a ruler at home you could measure 10 items in your house. 

Remember to read the ruler accurately and when writing the measurement down don't forget 'cm' for centimetre. 


Well it's a while since I updated you on my plants so here is a photo. The warm weather has definitely helped. 


Wild Plants

Read the powerpoint information all about Wild Plants. 

Activity: Whilst out for a walk please have a look for wild plants... they are everywhere. Make a tally chart and see which plant is the most/ least common. (If it's raining today save this activity for another time). 

Here is the tally chart for you to copy onto a piece of paper to use whilst out on your hunt. 

Tuesday 2nd June

Good morning everyone.

I hope you managed to get some work done whilst also enjoying the lovely sunny weather yesterday. 

Yesterday, I was back at school working with some children.  I will also start to give everyone a ring again over the next two weeks. It's been a while since I last spoke to you all so it will be fab to hear from you. 

Have a nice day.

Love Miss Cooper xxxx



Today we will be looking at adjectives.

Remember that adjectives are used to describe the quantity (how many), quality or opinion, size, age,  shape, colour, origin and material.


Using the document below choose one sea creature to describe. You don't have to draw the table into your book you could just write a list of adjectives.

I have done fish as an example.


Measure Length

-Watch the video

-Answer the questions from the document below into your home learning book.


Today is the start of our new topic... THE UNITED KINGDOM

Below is some information for you to read all about the UK and a sheet for you to label if you have a printer at home. If you don't have a printer please can you draw the UK and then label it. 

Labels to include:

-4 countries (Black boxes)

-4 capital cities (Red boxes)

-Surrounding Seas (Blue boxes)

Here is our new Topic Organiser. Please read to see what you are going to learn in topic lessons this term. 

Monday 1st June

Hello everyone!

Welcome back after the half term. I hope you have all had a lovely week spending time with your families and enjoying the gorgeous sunny weather. 

I will be continuing to upload Home Learning so please carry on working hard and trying your best. 

Lots of love Miss Cooper xxxx


Today I would like you to watch a short video. But before you do this please look at the title and picture and make a prediction about what you think will happen in the video. 


Follow the link below to watch the short video- 'Something Fishy'.

Was your prediction right?


After watching the video please answer these questions about the story in your home learning book. Using full sentences if possible.

(The time next to the question refers to roughly where you will find the answer on the video. Re-watch the video if you can't remember.) 

1. (14 secs)

Where is the girl? What is she doing?


2. (31 secs)

What does the girl see inside the washing machine?


3. (1min)

Do you think you would have gone inside the washing machine? Explain why or why not.


4. (1min 26 secs)

How many different sea creatures did she see in total?


5. (1 min 56 secs)

How do you think the girl felt when she saw the shark? How do you know?

Spellings/ Phonics Work

Below is a document with your spellings/ phonics work for this week. Try and practise 3 times this week for around 5/10 minutes. 

Thank you 


Compare Length and Height 

-Watch the video for this lesson by following the link below.


For today's activity I would like you to complete two Purple Mash activities. 

1. Longer or Shorter

2. Tallest and Shortest

Follow the link below to take you to Purple Mash. 

Tip: For the Longer/ Shorter activity make sure the objects are inside the 'longer or shorter' boxes otherwise it marks it as incorrect.  



We have been invited to enter a local competition being run by Rev Nicki Pennington. (Priest in Charge of the Crosslacon Team).

Details are:

Children from our local schools are invited to either write a story or an acrostic poem or even a drawing entitled  'Life after Lockdown....How we could make the world a better place...'

The winning entry will be published in the  June Crosslacon Parish Newsletter.

We would also like to send the stories, poems and drawings to residents in our older adults homes in this let them know that we are thinking of them in these difficult times.


There will be a prize for the best drawing, the best poem and/or the best story in Key stage 1 and Key stage 2. Final entry date will be Friday 5th June.

Entries need to be sent to: no later than Thursday 5th June. Thank you.