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Home Learning

Learning activities and messages will be uploaded here regularly.

There is a drop down tab called ‘Useful Websites’ please access this at any time to support your child’s home learning. 

To keep your child's learning going whilst school is closed there will be a maths, literacy and one other learning task to complete on a daily basis.

We encourage you to do these as they will help to keep your child's learning going.

Please use the purple exercise book (that was sent home with your child) to record the work in.

Children should write the date and subject at the top of the page just like we do in school. 


Saturday 4th April


Happy 6th Birthday Kobi. 

We hope you have a lovely birthday. 

Lots of love, 

All Year 1 staff and Children xxxx

Thursday 2nd April

Hi everyone. How are you all? 

Has anyone wrote their Easter prayer yet? 

We are hoping to be able to share some of these with Father Paul over the coming weeks, so that he can read them in church services. If you would like Father Paul to read yours please email them to: 

I have also left a message over on our Purple Mash blog. Go and check it out.

Love Miss Cooper. xxx

Monday 30th March

Good Morning everyone. I hope you managed to have a nice weekend, although different. The weather has been lovely... but cold. I don't mind as long as it doesn't rain. I have been going out on a daily walk. Yesterday, I came across lots of lambs. They were soooo cute. This was my favourite photo that I took. 

I also managed to get my Gran on Facetime. It was lovely to be able to speak and catch up with her. 

So, this would have been the start of our Easter holiday's. Below is our whole school Easter Project for you to join in with. 

You can still access the 'Useful Website' page if you want to carry on with some reading/ spellings/ maths work. But that is totally up to you.

I will still be putting up some messages on here for you to read and checking our blog. 

Take care, Miss Cooper xxxx

Friday 27th March

Well we have come to the end of our first week of home learning.

Well done to both children and adults... I know it won't have been easy as we all try to adjust to our new normal. 

I'm so proud of everyone and missing you all lots. Have a lovely weekend. Enjoy the lovely weather, spend time with your families and stay safe. 

Love Miss Cooper xxxxx


I know you can make it 5 days out of 5! 

The Body Coach



Complete the questions below in your purple book. Can you make up 2 more of your own? 

Then log on to Numbots- play for 5/10 minutes. Can you get to the next level?


Sooo.. who has done any reading this week? 

Please either log on to Oxford Owl using the details below. Choose a book suitable for your child's level and then complete the online activities. 

Or re-read your guided reading book from last week (this was sent home with you) and then complete the questions which were either put in your homework  or purple book.

Username: StPatsYear1

Password: Reading

Here is an example of an online reading activity. 


Draw a picture of Endurance, Shackleton's ship.

 I have put a picture below for you to copy.

Top tip: don' press on to hard with your pencil in case you make a mistake!


 You can draw it in your yellow craft book.

Thursday 26th March

Hello. It was nice to hear from some of you yesterday on our Purple Mash blog. Instructions are below if you want to come and say hi.

Millie told us that as well as Joe Wicks she has been following a dance class by Oti Mabuse. I thought others might want to have a go so I have included a link to the youtube channel. I will have to try it out as well- you know I love dancing and I missed our dance PE lesson this week.

I hope everyone is well and enjoying the lovely sunny weather.

If you have made a rainbow for your window, we are asking as a school for you to send a picture of you and your rainbow to

These will then be added to the school facebook page. Thank you

Love Miss Cooper xxxx


My legs were sore this morning but I'm going to power through and continue every day. 

The Body Coach


Today I would like you to practise counting in 2s. 

Practise counting in 2s out loud from 0 to 50. Use your hundred square to help or use the game below like we did in class.

Can you count forwards and backwards?


Log onto purple mash for your activity.  


Then have a go at answering the true or false question below. Write an explanation in your purple book. 


If you only wrote part of the story 'The Way Back Home' please can you finish this today. 


Well done if you did this yesterday. I did say that you would have less to do today but if you are looking for something to do...

You can do one of the following:

-Practise your sounds on phonics play.

-Practise reading and writing this week's spellings. 

- Read one of your reading books or a story book from your house.

-Handwriting- you could even write your spellings in your handwriting book.



With an adult read about Shackleton's Incredible Expedition. The document is below. 

Answer these questions in your purple book:

1. What part of Shackleton's incredible expedition do you think was the most dangerous?

2. How do you think Shackleton and his men were feeling during the journey?

Wednesday 25th March

Good morning. How is everyone today? Did anyone make a rainbow for their window? Mrs Hartley said she had seen lots on her daily walk.

Here's mine. 

I have been having a little look on Purple Mash and thought it would be nice to set up a blog where you are able to communicate with me and your Year 1 friends. See if you can find it on Purple Mash. I will upload some instructions to help you find it. I look forward to hearing from you. xxx



Let's keep going everyday with the Body Coach. It really helps motivate me at the beginning of the day! 

The Body Coach


Today your maths work is set on Purple Mash. 

Please log on to purple mash following the link below. Your login details are at the front of your purple book.

Once you have logged in go to '2dos' at the top left of your screen to find the work. I've left you a voice recording of what to do! Remember to 'hand in' your work once you have completed it.

Please complete the two tasks on one more/ one less than a number. 


Re-watch the clip from yesterday. 'The Way Back Home' 

After watching the clip, write a short story about what happens in the video. Think about what happens at the beginning, middle and the end.

For this task you can split it up over 2 days. So you might want to write a couple of sentences today and then finish it tomorrow. Or you might want to write all of it today and have less to do tomorrow!

Can you include:

- Capital letters

-Full stops

- Finger spaces

-Time openers (first, next, after that and finally)

-Cursive handwriting



Find a teddy (that you don't mind getting wet and also not too big). You are going to find out which material will be best to use as an umbrella for your teddy. 

With an adult look for some materials around your house (try and find 4). e.g newspaper, plastic bag, cotton, fleece, cling film 

Make a prediction with your family about which material you think will be the best to keep your teddy dry. 

Place the material (one by one) over your teddy and use a spoon/ cup/ jug to pour some water over the material. Check to see if your teddy is still dry after each material. 

Which material would be the best material to make an umbrella for Teddy with? Explain which material would be the best and why in your purple book.  

Have fun. 

Tuesday 24th March

Hello everyone. I hope your first day of home learning went well and you managed to fit some learning into your day. Well done to those who managed to log on to Khan Academy. Yesterday I got up early so that I keep in a routine then I joined in with the Body Coach. It was great wasn’t it? I also went for a walk and noticed lots of rainbows in peoples windows. Maybe you could draw or paint a rainbow and put it in your window to cheer people up. 

Below are today’s activities. Take care, love Miss Cooper xxx


Join us and others at 9am everyday with the Body coach for PE in your house.  I loved it yesterday but must remember some water today! They also save straight to his channel so you can always catch up with it later in the day. 


The Body Coach


Use the link below to log onto Khan Academy. You will find your login details at the front of your purple book.

Please complete the task - comparing numbers. 



Please spend 10 minutes practising the letter ‘d’ in your handwriting books. Please see the document below for example words for you to practise. 


Remember to start from the line and that ‘d’ is a long ladder letter so goes above the grey line towards the red line.


I have a found a small video which is similar to the story we made up in class last week.

Follow the link to watch 'The Way Back Home'. 

After watching the clip, write a character description for either the boy or the alien.

 Remember to write in full sentences. Using capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. 

Here is an example sentence to get you started.

The strange looking alien is blue with large black eyes. 


Read and find out some information about who Ernest Shackleton was?

Write some information/ facts about him in your purple book. Remember to write in full sentences- Capital letter, finger spaces, full stop. Oh and don't forget your lovely cursive handwriting!

Use the knowledge organiser/ document/ links below to help.

Monday 23rd March

 Good morning and welcome to our first day of home learning. It’s very strange not being in school with you all but we need to stay at home to stay safe. I hope you have had a good weekend at home and in your gardens. This weekend I have been for a walk on the cycle path and FaceTimed my gran- she was very good at it. 
Enjoy your first day at home. I miss you already. Xx


Join us and others at 9am everyday with the Body coach for PE in your house.  

The Body Coach



Use the link below to log on to Khan Academy. You will find your login details at the front of your purple exercise book

Please complete the 'tens and ones' activities that have been set for you.

We have done lots of work on place value but I will still be looking tonight to see how you have got on.


Literacy/ Phonics

Please only do the task according to which phonics group you are in. If you are unsure of your phonics group please look in the front of your purple book. 


Click here to find phonics tasks for Monday 23rd



Please share the 2nd Sunday of Lent Gospel reading (John 9:1, 6-9, 13-17, 34-36) as a family and discuss the questions. Please write a reflection in your purple book answering one of the questions.

Please find the Gospel and reflection questions on the link below.

Remember to the write the date and RE on the top line just like in school. 

Monday 23rd March - RE