St. Patrick's Catholic Primary School

Making learning irresistible

Autumn Term 2


Week 1

 This week we have...

  • Started football with Stuart
  • Learnt actions for the story 'Not Now Bernard' and in our writing we described the monster from the story.
  • We have painted the monster from Not Now Bernard
  • We went to church to celebrate 'All Saints Day'. We also learnt about our class Saint... Saint Elizabeth. 
  • Practised Number Bonds to 10 in Maths.
  • In Science we learnt about our senses. We tasted different foods, guessed different 'smells' and look at everyone's eye colour. 

Have a look below at some photos from the week. 

Week 2

This week we have...

  • Learnt about Remembrance Day 
  • Made Poppies for a display in the hall
  • Made Poppy pictures
  • Started the Plague topic
  • In Maths we learnt more about addition. 

Week 3

Our learning this week...

  • Created our own stories based on Not Now Bernard. We went around school doing 'naughty' things pretending to be our monsters. 
  • Made pictograms on the Computers about our favourite fruit
  • We went to church for a role play baptism. 
  • Wrote about what happened in the Plague, why London was a horrible place to live in and what effect the Plague had on people. 

Week 4

This week we have...

  • Took part in a yoga session after a 'Healthy Choices' assembly by a Public Health Nurse. 
  • In our technology lesson this week we rolled a die 20 times and wrote down our answers then used these numbers to make a pictogram on the computer. 
  • Wrote a message for our sorry box.
  • Worked on subtraction stories in Maths. 
  • In RE we wrote all about what happens in a Baptism. 

Week 5

A very fast week filled with lots of fun things...

  • We started our last 'Famous Events' topic- The Great Fire of London. We wrote about the events, made a fire of London picture and a wrote a diary entry pretending that we were Samuel Pepys.
  • On Friday we made bread. We followed the Phunky Foods recipe, I have attached a link so you can try it at home. We were very good bakers and they smelt lovely when they came out of the oven. Have a look at the photos below.
  • We have started numbers to 20 in maths this week. We have worked hard to work out the tens and ones in a number. We used tens frames, Base 10, lolly sticks to help us.  

Football Tournament with Stuart

The children had lots of fun playing a mini football match against each other. The children were split into 6 teams and played against each other. Some games even came down to penalties!

Christmas Activities

Thank you for all your help with our Christmas play- costumes, learning lines, presents for the hamper and for coming to support the children. 

Have a look at the photos below from Christmas Jumper day, making party hats, Christmas party day and the play. 


Have a lovely Christmas everyone.