St. Patrick's Catholic Primary School

Making learning irresistible

Spring 2019-20


Week Beginning 20th January 

  •  This week we have been transported into the cultures and traditions of Chinese New Year! We learnt how Chinese people celebrate Chinese New Year not just in China but all around the world by cleaning their homes, putting up decorations, buying new clothes, receiving red envelopes with money in, watching lion dancers and fireworks, eating special food and spending time with their families.
  • We have made decorations and lanterns for the classroom, dressed up in traditional Chinese clothes and made rat masks because it is the year of the rat.
  • We learnt the story about the zodiac animals and how they raced for the Jade Emperor. The 12 animals now rotate every 12 years in the order that they came in the race. 
  • We compared 'The Runaway Rice Cake' story to the story of the 'Gingerbread Man' looking at the similarities and the differences. We began to write our own stories after being inspired by them. 
  • On Thursday we dressed up and had a day of celebrations, including a trip to Jasmine Palace to enjoy a beautiful Chinese banquet. We tried lots of foods and we will make some of the new foods to enjoy in our snack area! On Friday we all did some fantastic writing about our trip to Jasmine Palace! 

Week Beginning 13th January 

  • We are back into the swing of normal school life after art weeks! We started off our new topic about China, looking where we live and comparing it to China.
  • We have learnt the story of 'The Runaway Ricecake' and wrote about some of the characters in it. 
  • Our maths work has been based on recognising numerals and being able to match numerals to quantity. Everyone worked really hard in their maths mastery pairs to complete their challenges.
  • During RE we learnt about Epiphany, we thought about what we would have given Jesus' as a present and how the three wise kings might have felt when they visited him.
  • We also reflected on this half terms 'Living and Learning' statement of Hope and Resilience. We watched an animated short film based on a little paper boat that hoped for all his dreams to come true and then tried to make them happen. Everyone attempted to make their own boat from a piece of paper and thought about what they hoped for in the future.
  • We made playdough and painted bricks on boxes for the deconstructed role play.
  • We munched our way through, toast, crackers with jam and Friday's treat of crisps. 
  • We played with the new doll house that Mrs Woodburn kindly donated to us.

Week Beginning 6th Jan - ARTS WEEK

  • What a fun and exciting way to start 2020! Arts Week has been so creative and interesting, we have learnt new skills and gained a greater understanding of our 'Living and Learning' statements through art. 
  • We mixed within KS1 classes and we rotated around different classrooms to have a go at various activities. Through the art work we learnt more about the key values of our 'Living and Learning' statements and what they mean to us and our school.
  • Reception had the Living and Learning Statement - RESPECT - We made crosses for all the worship areas in school using recyled materials. 
  • We are very much looking forward to the next Arts Week!