St. Patrick's Catholic Primary School

Making learning irresistible


As you all know learning in reception takes in many different forms, it isn't always an end product or a piece of work. Learning happens through problem solving, interactions, imaginations, discussions, listening, exploring the outdoors, investigating, being curious, role playing, being creative and being physical to name but a few! Each week we will upload the children's learning and adventures.


WOW what a fun and quick week! We just wanted to say how proud we are of everyone and that we've LOVED teaching you. Thank you for all the kind words, cards and gifts, we are VERY LUCKY! Have a great Summer. We love you all, Mrs Patrick, Mrs Bell, Mrs Hartley, Mrs Huddart, Miss Woolaghan and Mrs Robinson xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Week Beginning 28th June

This week we have been......

  • Working SO HARD to write our own stories and they have been fabulous!
  • Going football mad, face painting, nail painting and playing football, which resembled a swarm of bees around a honey pot!
  • Practising our PE skills ready for sports day next week.
  • Predicting which items in the outdoor area would sink or float, following our topic question "How do boats float?".
  • Learning the story of 'David and Goliath'. 
  • Learning about 'yukky' feelings in Kidsafe and who our trusted adults are.
  • Developing our doubling skills in maths mastery. 

Week Beginning 21st June

This week we have been.....

  • Finding out the answer to Oliver's question "Why do puffer fish blow up?".
  • Exploring characters, settings, problems and solutions ready to create our own stories next week.
  • Exploring halving, it's crazy how we can be good at maths when it involves halving sweets!
  • Practising for sports day in PE.
  • Thinking about how and why we are good friends to others, like the disciples were to Jesus. 
  • Enjoying making a camp fire and tents in the outdoor area in between all the rain!
  • Learning about bullying in 'Kidsafe' and how we can get help if we ever felt bullied.  
  • ROCKINGGGGGG out for 'World Music Day' in our amazing costumes!

Week Beginning 14th June

This week we have been.....

  • Going seaside mad!!! We created a range of role play areas following our trip to Seascale, including a ice-cream shop, an outdoor café and a seaside small world area. 
  • Revamping our stage area and experimenting with instruments.
  • Learning a story about five bears who went to the seaside.
  • We learnt about sharks and wrote down facts.
  • We made a 3D shape museum using recycled items. 
  • Enjoy our athletics PE session outdoor.
  • Chomping our way through crumpets, toast and jam, fruit and crackers. 
  • Learning the importance of Jesus' disciples. 
  • Enjoying ice-cream that was delivered from Hartley's.
  • Surprised with Miss Palmer new puppy, Carter. He arrived white and after all the stroking with muddy hands he left............ brown.

Week Beginning 7th June

This week we have been....

  • Having the best week!!! It has been packed full of art and the seaside!!! The Seascale beach pictures are in the drop down tab in 'Our Learning' if you haven't seen them already.
  • Busy every afternoon creating pieces for our arts week exhibition in the community; including painted pebbles, wind chimes, bunting, plastic flowers and landscape collages.
  • Investigating 3D shapes.
  • Munching on hot dogs, fruit, biscuits and crackers.
  • Doing AMAZING recounts of our school trip in our literacy books, I can't even begin to tell you how proud I am of you all!!! WELL DONE

Week Beginning 24th May

This week we have been.......

  • Learning how to estimate, making guesses and then checking our answers.
  • Learning about Islam in our 'World Religions' topic in RE.
  • Enjoying our last gymnastics sessions.
  • Writing about famous astronauts Neil Armstrong, Mae Jemison and Tim Peake.
  • We discussed multicultural Britain, looking at people from all over the world that live in Britain. We talked about some of the different nationalities within our class, we have children who or who's family are from Peru, Poland and China.
  • We have baked more cupcakes and munched our way through crackers, hot dogs and fruit.
  • Enjoying the story of Whatever Next and making rockets outside with cardboard boxes.

Week Beginning 17th May

This week we have been....

  • Successfully recognising and using our Learning Super Hero powers.
  • Enjoying the outdoor areas in all weathers!
  • Carrying out science experiments to understand the properties of different planets. We made predictions, tested them out and wrote up the findings.
  • Making Mary puppets and items that we used in our Godly play to celebrate 'Month of Mary' in May.
  • Learning about 'Loving One Another' in Lectio.
  • Baking cupcakes and enjoying them in the snack area along with crackers, hot dogs and fruit.
  • Enjoying the new computer area in class and playing on phonics based games.
  • Continuing our daily reading and phonics with a great focus on identifying DIGRAPHS CONSISTENTLY for both reading and writing.
  • Frequently practising our tricky words.
  • Picking out alien eyes from slime.
  • Drawing star constellation and looking at the moon cycle. 

Week Beginning 10th May

This week we have been................

  • Investigating if Aliens really do exist??!! We designed our own aliens and wrote about them.
  • Learning all about the importance of May and how the month is all about celebrating Our Lady, Mary. We painted lovely pictures of her using water colours and power paints.
  • Practising our number bonds to 10 in maths.
  • Enjoying tomato pasta, fruit and hot dogs.
  • Learning about ducks after a very exciting visit from 9 little ducklings that Miss Woolaghan brought in for the morning.
  • Understanding the importance of our mental health and very much enjoyed our yoga session.
  • Continuing to listen and develop our skills in gymnastics. 

Week Beginning 4th May 

This week we have been .......

  • Learning how Astronauts get t o space and making our own rockets.
  • Investigating tens and ones in maths!
  • Making jelly and talking about how the jelly changes from solid to liquid to solid. 
  • Enjoying oven baked potato, yogurts, fruit and jelly.
  • Writing facts about Guide Dogs as part of a whole school writing focus.
  • Practising how to make the sign of the cross and it's importance.
  • Trying to crack alien codes.
  • Listening well in our gymnastic sessions.
  • Learning about 'The Good Shepherd' in our Lectio time.

Week Beginning 26th April

This week we have been.....

  • Learning how many planets are in our solar system, we used the ipads and non-fiction books to find out facts and write them down.
  • Learning facts about Saturn and carrying out an experiment about the ice and rocks in it's rings.
  • Munching on crumpets, yogurt, fruit and cereal.
  • Singing songs and listening to a story about our bodies in RHE.
  • Focussing on the number 19!
  • Trying to understand Pentecost and we made a model of Jesus going to heaven to help us visualise this.
  • Spending lots of time in the outdoor area and we made a fantastic reading den!
  • Exploring all the space continuous provision and we made a space rocket and control panel in the deconstructed area.
  • Very much enjoy8ing our first gymnastic session!

Week Beginning 19th April

This week we have been....

  • Writing questions about what we want to find out in our space topic.
  • All about the number 18.
  • Recognising numerals and matching them to quantities.
  • Making toast, crackers and cereal.
  • Drawing shadows outside and discussing why shadows happen.
  • Taking part in team games in PE.
  • Learning that Christ rose from the dead.
  • Impressing the adults with our daily phonics and reading.