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As you all know learning in reception takes in many different forms, it isn't always an end product or a piece of work. Learning happens through problem solving, interactions, imaginations, discussions, listening, exploring the outdoors, investigating, being curious, role playing, being creative and being physical to name but a few! Each week we will upload the children's learning and adventures

Week Ending 20th May 

This week we have been busy:

  • Learning facts about the sun using the internet. We discussed how to be safe on the internet before we went onto Google.
  • Thinking about Mary for the 'Month of Mary', we set up a special alter to worship her and made Mary pictures using oil pastels. 
  • Visiting church for our Lectio and reflecting in our prayer journals.
  • Enjoying playing football in the sun on the big yard with Stuart.
  • Experimenting with rockets to explore forces. We made rockets out of plastic bottles and balloons.
  • OBSESSED with watching Chris Hadfield, an America astronaut, teaching us how to do pretty much anything and everything in space!
  • Eating cracker with cheese, fruit, jelly and cereal.
  • Answering comprehension questions linked to our reading books. 
  • Creating space pictures outside on the ground using chalk we grated and mixed with water to create 'paint'.
  • Learning number 13 and how to make teen numbers. We practise the skill of counting on but a lot of us found this tricky, so we will continue to be tough tortoises and keep practising.
  • On Friday afternoons we are trying out 'Plan Do Review' , we PLAN what we are going to Do, then we DO it and then we REVIEW how we think it went. This is helping us focus on tasks for longer and with purpose, while improving our self reflection.

Week Ending 13th May

This week we have been busy:

  • Exploring forest school by using the hammer to create hedgehogs, jumping in the mud kitchen, designing clay sculptures, relaxing in the hammock and making mud masks. We made the most of the last time in the mud 
  • Practicing moving around the space and having control of the ball to dribble and stop in football
  • Used our imagination to write our own stories 
  • Exploring water and rice to find the capacity of different sized containers. We created space juice and compared the amounts of water in the bottles which led to the creation of our very own space cafe! 
  • Threaded beads to create a friendship bracelet and writing about the disciples
  • Coloured our own space helmets and thought about questions to ask some astronauts 
  • Went on a very exciting adventure, we prepared our spacesuits, space boots, helmets and made our own picnics. We flew all the way to the moon in our jetpacks and talked about Mae Jemison's travel to space
  • Talked about the month of Mary
  • Year 6 came down to play their games with us too

Week Ending 6th May

This week we have been busy:

  • Practicing our ball control skills in football
  • Discovering rocket fuel in our outdoor area! Exploring 3D shapes and their faces 
  • Explored the outdoors at forest school by painting mud pictures, swinging in the hammock, printing with leaves, splashing in the mud kitchen, building a clay model and enjoying a hot chocolate
  • Reading Whatever Next story book about baby bears adventure to the moon and writing about the characters, setting, problem and solution 
  • Building teens numbers in tens and ones with numicon and straws
  • Inventing our own jet packs to fly to space
  • Heating up our spaghetti hoops for snack, we loved "cooking" and being independent 
  • Year 6 came down to read with us on Friday afternoon too!

Week Ending 29th April

This week we have been busy:

  • Exploring the natural world at forest school, we really enjoyed the hot chocolate too!
  • Writing some facts about the biggest planet, Jupiter
  • Practicing ball control skills in football 
  • Making moon sand for the tuff tray
  • Discussing faces on 3D shapes and using mathematical language to decide which shapes would roll or slide 
  • Using our senses to explore the temperatures and textures of the smallest and biggest planets 
  • Counting objects sliding down the pipes and domino numbers in the outdoor area 
  • Experimenting with different shapes and textures to print with paint
  • Making teen numbers with blocks to discover tens and ones
  • Created a holy spirit to learn about the Pentecost

Week Ending 22nd April

This week we have been busy:

  • Writing questions we would like to find the answer to about space.
  • Practising our number bonds to 10 using 10 frames and play dough.
  • Creating Earth using a range of materials.
  • Exploring the outdoor area transporting items in wheelbarrows and using the music box to make up songs.
  • Learning about Easter Sunday and Jesus' resurrection.