St. Patrick's Catholic Primary School

Making learning irresistible


As you all know learning in reception takes in many different forms, it isn't always an end product or a piece of work. Learning happens through problem solving, interactions, imaginations, discussions, listening, exploring the outdoors, investigating, being curious, role playing, being creative and being physical to name but a few! Each week we will upload the children's learning and adventures.

Week Beginning 10th May

This week we have been................

  • Investigating if Aliens really do exist??!! We designed our own aliens and wrote about them.
  • Learning all about the importance of May and how the month is all about celebrating Our Lady, Mary. We painted lovely pictures of her using water colours and power paints.
  • Practising our number bonds to 10 in maths.
  • Enjoying tomato pasta, fruit and hot dogs.
  • Learning about ducks after a very exciting visit from 9 little ducklings that Miss Woolaghan brought in for the morning.
  • Understanding the importance of our mental health and very much enjoyed our yoga session.
  • Continuing to listen and develop our skills in gymnastics. 

Week Beginning 4th May 

This week we have been .......

  • Learning how Astronauts get t o space and making our own rockets.
  • Investigating tens and ones in maths!
  • Making jelly and talking about how the jelly changes from solid to liquid to solid. 
  • Enjoying oven baked potato, yogurts, fruit and jelly.
  • Writing facts about Guide Dogs as part of a whole school writing focus.
  • Practising how to make the sign of the cross and it's importance.
  • Trying to crack alien codes.
  • Listening well in our gymnastic sessions.
  • Learning about 'The Good Shepherd' in our Lectio time.

Week Beginning 26th April

This week we have been.....

  • Learning how many planets are in our solar system, we used the ipads and non-fiction books to find out facts and write them down.
  • Learning facts about Saturn and carrying out an experiment about the ice and rocks in it's rings.
  • Munching on crumpets, yogurt, fruit and cereal.
  • Singing songs and listening to a story about our bodies in RHE.
  • Focussing on the number 19!
  • Trying to understand Pentecost and we made a model of Jesus going to heaven to help us visualise this.
  • Spending lots of time in the outdoor area and we made a fantastic reading den!
  • Exploring all the space continuous provision and we made a space rocket and control panel in the deconstructed area.
  • Very much enjoy8ing our first gymnastic session!

Week Beginning 19th April

This week we have been....

  • Writing questions about what we want to find out in our space topic.
  • All about the number 18.
  • Recognising numerals and matching them to quantities.
  • Making toast, crackers and cereal.
  • Drawing shadows outside and discussing why shadows happen.
  • Taking part in team games in PE.
  • Learning that Christ rose from the dead.
  • Impressing the adults with our daily phonics and reading.