St. Patrick's Catholic Primary School

Making learning irresistible

Spring 2019-20


Week Beginning 16th March 

  •  With what has been a very surreal week, we have still managed to carry on with our normal fun and learning. 
  • We learnt about the importance of washing our hands and learnt this with a pepper experiment!
  • We wrote up our dinosaur fossil adventure from last week, the writing of all children is really developing well!
  • We learnt about volcanoes and carried out an experiment to understand how they work when they erupt using lemons, food dye, washing up liquid and bicornate of soda.
  • We have continued with developing our subtraction knowledge, both practically and with subtraction number sentences.
  • Snack has been served and washed up by an adult this week to keep everything as hygienic as possible, we have enjoyed bagels, stuffed pitta bread, cereal and fruit.

Week Beginning 9th March 

  • This week has been all things Paleontology! We learnt what paleontologist's do and all about Mary Anning who was the first female paleontologist who discovered dinosaur fossils on the beach! We turned into paleontologists, making our own compasses and binoculars. Pete the paleontologist wrote us a letter telling us that there were dinosaur fossils within the school grounds! So we went on a paleontologist dig to find them!
  • In maths we have been practicing 1 less than a given number, we did challenges and used number lines well! 
  • In RE we thought about how we can grow more like God during this time of Lent. Following on from this we thought about signs of spring and new life and painted some daffodils using water colours.
  • We read the story of 'How to Grow a Dinosaur' and planted our own seeds, watering them and keeping them on the window sill to get sunlight! We are awaiting to see what they grow into!!
  •  We tucked into toast, crackers, spaghetti hoops and pitta bread pizzas for snack this week. 

Week Beginning 2nd March 

  • We had a special delivery on Monday of 2 eggs! We decided that they needed an incubator to stay in to keep warm so we made one out of fabric, wooden bricks and cushions. We wondered what might be inside, we decided they were probably dinosaurs so we drew what we thought they might look like and wrote them special notes. 
  • We designed and made our own stencils and then used them to print scales on large dinosaurs.
  • We continued to work on adding, working out a variety of number sentences inside different dinosaur eggs. 
  • We are getting better at logging onto the PCs every week in the computer suite and completing games in Purple Mash. 
  • In RE we acted out the story of 'Jesus in the Wilderness'.
  • On Thursday we celebrated 'World Book Day' everyone made such an effort and we enjoyed a variety of activities based around the book 'Voices in the Park' by Anthony Browne. We also enjoyed cookies and hot chocolate and watched 'Room on the Broom' with the whole school in the hall. 

Week Beginning 24th February 

  • We hit the ground run into Spring 2 this week! We've been investigating dinosaurs, writing questions about what we want to find out, exploring what types of dinosaurs existed and watching clips of David Attenborough talking about them.
  • We focused on adding in maths, playing beat the timer and adding the dinosaur numbers.
  • On pancake day we shared the story of 'Mr Wolf's Pancakes' and enjoyed eating pancakes with lots of different toppings. 
  • We wrote our Lenten promises and celebrated Ash Wednesday with a special mass at school where we all received ashes from Father Paul. 
  • We had our first football session with Stuart Green on Friday and he was really impressed with the listening and participation off all children, WELL DONE! 

Week Beginning 10th February 

  • This week we got into the spirit of love leading up to Valentine's Day!!
  • We wrote love recipes, made love potions while exploring capacity, practised cutting skills to make flowers for our valentines and even finger gym had a love theme!
  • It was also 'Internet Safety Day' on Tuesday the 11th, so we spent the day learning how to be safe while on the internet in school and at home. Digiduck told us a story about not sharing our personal information to people we don't know and then we made posters to remember all his tips.
  • After not great weather this week we took the chance to get outside for PE on Thursday afternoon to practise our ball skills and team games.  


Week Beginning 3rd February 

  • This week we went weighing mad! We were weighing everything any anything, inside and outside.  
  • We decided to us the mud bath to paint with and it was great fun! 
  • Finger gym was loved themed inspiring us to be being loving and caring for Valentines Day next week. 
  • As a school we are trying to improve the environment by recycling better, the school council have provided every class with recycle bins. We had a visit from a special recycled elephant, she was made out of recycled bottles and tins and she represented all the recycling that has been done in our local area recently. 

Week Beginning 27th January 

  • This week we have learnt lots of facts about Panda's, we worked in teams to write fact posters.
  • We have enjoyed exploring how measure heights and lengths. We have used non standard measures to measure things indoors and outdoors.
  • Everyone finished their stories inspired by 'The Runaway Rice Cake' and have used their phonics knowledge really well! We are very proud!
  • We created our own Chinese restaurant following our visit to Jasmine Palace and it's been a very busy restaurant. The noodles have been the most popular dish so far!
  • In RE we looked at gatherings and why we gather together for different celebrations, we focused on weddings. We shared our experiences of weddings and then watched Mrs Patrick wedding video to learn more about the ceremony.  We role played weddings in the deconstructed role play, dressing up as the bride, groom, priest and the rest of the bridal party. In the summer term we will have our own annual wedding celebration.
  • In PE we have been practising our dribbling skills for the whole school dribbling challenge.
  • For snack we have enjoyed a range of cereals and yogurt, although our tidying up after snack hasn't been up to it's usual standards! 

Week Beginning 20th January 

  •  This week we have been transported into the cultures and traditions of Chinese New Year! We learnt how Chinese people celebrate Chinese New Year not just in China but all around the world by cleaning their homes, putting up decorations, buying new clothes, receiving red envelopes with money in, watching lion dancers and fireworks, eating special food and spending time with their families.
  • We have made decorations and lanterns for the classroom, dressed up in traditional Chinese clothes and made rat masks because it is the year of the rat.
  • We learnt the story about the zodiac animals and how they raced for the Jade Emperor. The 12 animals now rotate every 12 years in the order that they came in the race. 
  • We compared 'The Runaway Rice Cake' story to the story of the 'Gingerbread Man' looking at the similarities and the differences. We began to write our own stories after being inspired by them. 
  • On Thursday we dressed up and had a day of celebrations, including a trip to Jasmine Palace to enjoy a beautiful Chinese banquet. We tried lots of foods and we will make some of the new foods to enjoy in our snack area! On Friday we all did some fantastic writing about our trip to Jasmine Palace! 

Week Beginning 13th January 

  • We are back into the swing of normal school life after art weeks! We started off our new topic about China, looking where we live and comparing it to China.
  • We have learnt the story of 'The Runaway Ricecake' and wrote about some of the characters in it. 
  • Our maths work has been based on recognising numerals and being able to match numerals to quantity. Everyone worked really hard in their maths mastery pairs to complete their challenges.
  • During RE we learnt about Epiphany, we thought about what we would have given Jesus' as a present and how the three wise kings might have felt when they visited him.
  • We also reflected on this half terms 'Living and Learning' statement of Hope and Resilience. We watched an animated short film based on a little paper boat that hoped for all his dreams to come true and then tried to make them happen. Everyone attempted to make their own boat from a piece of paper and thought about what they hoped for in the future.
  • We made playdough and painted bricks on boxes for the deconstructed role play.
  • We munched our way through, toast, crackers with jam and Friday's treat of crisps. 
  • We played with the new doll house that Mrs Woodburn kindly donated to us.

Week Beginning 6th Jan - ARTS WEEK

  • What a fun and exciting way to start 2020! Arts Week has been so creative and interesting, we have learnt new skills and gained a greater understanding of our 'Living and Learning' statements through art. 
  • We mixed within KS1 classes and we rotated around different classrooms to have a go at various activities. Through the art work we learnt more about the key values of our 'Living and Learning' statements and what they mean to us and our school.
  • Reception had the Living and Learning Statement - RESPECT - We made crosses for all the worship areas in school using recyled materials. 
  • We are very much looking forward to the next Arts Week!